The Silvermasters, China Masters, Russia Masters, Gold Masters, Spy Masters And Subud Masters Tango

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Everything old is new, and everything new is old…..Nothing is a coincidence, and everything is connected. That little domino effect in motion.

Shall we dance ? How about a tango ? A very complicated one, so read these old posts first in order to learn a few basics beforehand :

Frank Marshall Davis connects to the Obama, Armour-Dunham, Payne, Hawaii group. He was Stanley Armour Dunham’s friend as well as a friend of Paul Robeson. See the old FBI files on Paul Robeson for more info. (Yes, they are online, very old, long, and very difficult to read). Paul’s son was educated in Russia. Helen Canfield Davis was a socialite, and was Frank’s second wife and belonged to the Paul Robison branch of the Communist Party. Her mother was married into the family of the writer of the Peck’s Bad Boys books and political family. Helen’s father was Gustav Snow per Mark Davis’s info. that he gave to me many years ago. He said Gustav Snow died and that was when Helen’s mother remarried.  This info can be found in other old posts and even dates back to 7 years of my research. Subud, the cult type religion is mentioned above too with the Loretta Fuddy mysterious plane crash in Hawaii and she was involved with the interesting cover up of Obama’s birth certificate and she is maybe hidden, not dead as conveniently reported. Look VERY CAREFULLY at the picture of the founder of Subud when he was young. Does he look familiar ? Gov. Abercrombie of Hawaii once said something to the effect that there was no birth certificate on file in Hawaii… But back to the current work and how it ties in to now. See this new work now, next. It is very well written and a very easy read :

Now after you read that link, to organize everyone a bit better, finish up with these additional links:

And for an African, swingers twist to the Armour family read about Alice :

Other Africa connections to CBS, Obama- Ndesandjo etc..can be found here :

More spy connections:

And current financial freefalls in China and the effects on our stock market NOW too which is more like the twist and not the tango, and is far from over….:

And about all those dead bankers ? The list is now up since this post to over 30 or so more now ?

Barack Obama
President Barack Obama.jpg

Subud and connections:

And the founder of Subud (he was in Hawaii at the same time as Obama”s supposed mother Stanley Ann Dunham ?) :

Subud cult founder Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo of Indonesia.

SUBUD cult founder Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo of Indonesia.
'Seven Circles' symbol of Subud.

‘Seven Circles’ symbol of SUBUD.





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(Part 3) Spinning Questions And Spicy Connections. Ndsandjo, Duke, Rogers, Baker, Simeon

Part 1 of this post can be found here:

Part 2 of this post can be found here:

We continue now with part 3:

©Renee  2015

From part 2 again:

Michigan Republican FBI Congressman Mike Rogers Aegis benghazi, Kristi rogers -UK Foreign agent?- cia blue mountain

Michigan Republican Congressman Mike Rogers Aegis benghazi, Kristi rogers -UK Foreign agent?-  cia blue mountain

A U.S. businesswoman and paid CIA and FBI informant in Libya who said she was a good friend of Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ told TheBlaze the Obama administration knew that weapons and aid were ending up in the hands of Al Qaeda-affiliated militants in the country before the deadly Benghazi attacks.
The informant, going by the pseudonym “Annie” to protect her identity, said she met with Stevens on numerous occasions during her time in Libya and gathered information for the CIA and FBI on rebel leaders and terrorist organizations operating inside the country.

Despite a carefully narrated version of events rolled out late this week by the CIA claiming agents jumped into action as soon as they were notified of calls for help in Benghazi, security officials on the ground say calls for help went out considerably earlier — and signs of an attack were mounting even before that.

The accounts, from foreign and American security officials in and around Benghazi at the time of the attack, indicate there was in fact a significant lag between when the threat started to show itself and help started to arrive….

British company Blue Mountain Group faces questions over Benghazi consulate attack

General David Petraeus is expected to give evidence to a US Senate committee today into the events that led to the death of the US Ambassador to Libya.

Questioning is expected to focus on the role of a little-known British security company, Blue Mountain Group, that provided security for the US consulate in Benghazi, where Christopher Stevens, the Ambassador, and three other Americans were killed on September 11.

The Times has also learnt that British Embassy officials were withdrawn from Benghazi hours before Mr Stevens was killed, on the advice of Garda World Security, another British private security company….

Stephan Crétier (born 8 August 1963) is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founding president and chief executive officer of GardaWorld, the largest privately held security provider in the world.

Crétier founded GardaWorld in 1995 with an investment of $25,000, which he raised by placing a second mortgage on his home. The company now generates over $2 billion in annual revenues and is one of the largest employers in the security industry, with 48,000 employees worldwide. Over the past 20 years, Crétier has pushed the expansion of his company into the security and cash services sectors, having grown the company through strategic acquisitions across Canada and into the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa.

Recognized as Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998, Growth Leader by Profit 100 magazine for 11 consecutive years, and Great Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006, Crétier was named one of Canada’s Entrepreneurs of the Decade by Profit Magazine in 2009 and recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012. He took the company private in a $1.1 billion transaction with support from private equity firmApax Partners…

Apax Partners Worldwide is the product of the combination of three firms:

  • Patricof & Co., founded in 1969 in New York by pioneering venture capitalist Alan Patricof;
  • Multinational Management Group (MMG), founded in 1972 by Sir Ronald Cohen and Maurice Tchénio;
  • Saunders Karp & Megrue, founded in 1988 by Thomas A. Saunders III and Allan W. Karp and joined by John Megrue in 1992.

Patricof & Co. and MMG


With regard to Rep. Mike Rogers’ upcoming radio career (look for it to be short-lived), one thing is increasingly certain; he will need one of the best call-screeners in the business. While he’s at it, he may want to have a five minute delay installed and a hired hand with a finger on the “dump” button at all times. Rogers, the outgoing head of the House Intelligence Committee, is entering the talk radio business at a time when the Select Committee on Benghazi could be dominating the news (especially in talk radio) and his wife should be introduced as a topic of discussion.

The same legal watchdog group that exposed the ‘Smoking gun’ Benghazi email – which was compounded by our discovery at, that one of the names on the distribution list is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood – has zeroed in on another conflict of interest with Rogers.

This time, it involves his wife, Kristi, who quietly resigned from her position at Manatt, Phelps and Phelps law firm just two weeks prior to her husband’s announcement that hewould be resigning from Congress after this year. Kristi’s time at Manatt law firm was barely more than a year:

“Her departure was not announced and her association with the firm has been scrubbed from its website.”

Perhaps even more troubling is the timing of her resignation from the company she worked for prior to Manatt – Aegis Defense Services:



Doris Duke, Bailey's Beach, Newport, Rhode Island.png

Duke entering her cabana at Bailey’s Beach in Newport, Rhode Island.
Born November 22, 1912
New York, New York
Died October 28, 1993 (aged 80)
Beverly Hills, California
Cause of death
Cardiac arrest from progressivePulmonary edema
Occupation Philanthropist, art collector,horticulturalist, socialite
Spouse(s) James H. R. Cromwell (m. 1935–43)
Porfirio Rubirosa (m. 1947–51)
Children One daughter; died after one day (1940)
Chandi Heffner Duke
Parent(s) James Buchanan Duke (father)
Nanaline Holt Inman (mother)
Relatives Washington Duke (grandfather)

He taught Doris Duke to surf in Hawaii:


Duke Kahanamoku (1915 postcard)
Personal information
Full name Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku
Nickname(s) “The Duke,” “The Big Kahuna”
National team  United States
Born August 24, 1890
Haleʻākala, Honolulu, Hawaii
Died January 22, 1968 (aged 77)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Height 6 ft (180 cm)
Weight 190 lb (86 kg)
Sport Swimming
Strokes Freestyle
Club Waikiki Beach Boys
Ashley Turton (November 25, 1973 – January 10, 2010) was a lobbyist for Progress Energy who was reportedly “likely involved with” the company’s merger with Duke Energy. She had been Special Assistant to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, chief of staff for Connecticut representative Rosa DeLauro and before that, aide to Missouri representative Dick Gephardt. She was married to Dan Turton, the Obama administration’s liaison to the House of Representatives. They had three children.

On the morning of January 10, 2011 she had planned to drive to the airport for an air trip related to her work. Instead, a neighbor telephoned at 4:49 a.m. to report Turton’s garage was on fire. Inside the garage, firefighters discovered her body in her 2008 BMW X5 SUV. Her death was investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department with assistance from the city fire department, two BMW engineers, and the ATF. The coroner’s report found “acute alcohol intoxication” and said she died from “inhalation of products of combustion and thermal burns”.According to authorities, there was no indication of foul play and there were “no obvious signs of trauma”…


Now to look at a few medical connections:

Also see more on Tim Spicer connections in part 1:

Sandline International was a private military company based in London, established in the early 1990s. It was involved in conflicts in Papua New Guinea in 1997 (having a contract with the government under the then Prime Minister Julius Chan) causing the Sandline affair, in 1998 in Sierra Leone (having a contract with ousted President Kabbah) and in Liberia in 2003 (in a rebel attempt to evict the then-president Charles Taylor near the end of the civil war). Sandline ceased all operations on 16 April 2004. On the company’s website, a reason for closure is given:

The general lack of governmental support for Private Military Companies willing to help end armed conflicts in places like Africa, in the absence of effective international intervention, is the reason for this decision. Without such support the ability of Sandline to make a positive difference in countries where there is widespread brutality and genocidal behaviour is materially diminished.

Sandline was managed by former British Army Lt Col Tim Spicer. Sandline billed itself as a “Private Military Company” (PMC) and offered military training, “operational support” (equipment and arms procurement and limited direct military activity), intelligence gathering, and public relations services to governments and corporations. While the mass media often referred to Sandline as a mercenarycompany, the company’s founders disputed that characterisation. A commercial adviser for Sandline once told the BBC that the firm saw themselves differently from mercenaries, stating that they were an established entity with “established sets of principles” and that they employed professional people. He reiterated that the firm would not accept contracts from groups or governments that would jeopardise its reputation.

Spicer recounted his experiences with Sandline in the book An Unorthodox Soldier.

~snip~ Next:,7156

The Abbott Gov’t and Aspen Medical (Part 2): Aspen, Sandline and the CIA

The Abbott Government’s outsourced Ebola response agency Aspen Medical has deep and profound links to U.S. intelligence and notorious, bloodthirsty mercenaries. Contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence reports.

[Read Part One]



US INTELLIGENCE AND ASPEN MEDICAL share a bed whose pillows are made from body bags filled with softest flesh of military down and whose satin sheets are soiled with bodily fluids of corporatised rough political sex and the congealed blood of innocent civilians.

If ever a bed was a warzone, it is within this stinking boudoir.

Like the Tardis, it appears small from the outside but its corporate bullet-proof doors open wide unto the conflict zones of the universe.

Question: why in our name is the Australian Government paying Aspen Medical, thought to be a front for the CIA and other vested interests, to set up an hospital to treat Ebola victims in West Africa’s beleaguered Sierra Leone?

Back again to Tim Spicer:



As a result of our work, 9.9 million people in the developing world have access to low-cost, high-quality HIV and AIDS treatment….

And back to that security thing:

Thinking of another Cohen again, Ellen Naomi Cohen:

And don’t forget…:

Ms. Kristi Clemens Rogers served as Managing Director of Washington Office at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP since February 2013…,_Phelps_%26_Phillips

What’s a little ARMOUR among friends right ?

And finally, from The Washington Examiner:

Rand Paul was right: Rifles, RPGs and missiles flowed from Benghazi to ISIS ports

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(Part 2) Spinning Questions And Spicy Connections. Ndesandjo, Duke, Rogers, Baker, Simeon

Part 1 of this post can be found at this link:

We continue here with part 2:

©Renee  2015

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee
In office
January 3, 2011 – January 3, 2015
Preceded by Silvestre Reyes
Succeeded by Devin Nunes
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Michigan‘s 8th district
In office
January 3, 2001 – January 3, 2015
Preceded by Debbie Stabenow
Succeeded by Mike Bishop
Member of the Michigan Senate
from the 26th district
In office
January 3, 1994 – January 3, 2001
Preceded by  ???
Succeeded by Deborah Cherry
Personal details
Born Michael J. Rogers
June 2, 1963 (age 51)
Livingston County, Michigan,U.S.
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Kristi Clemens
Alma mater Adrian College
Religion Methodism

Michael J. “Mike” Rogers (born June 2, 1963) is a CNN National Security Commentator. He was theU.S. Representative for Michigan’s 8th congressional district, serving from 2001–2015. He is a member of the Republican Party and was Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.


Rogers Connections:

*NOTE* Kristi Rogers, was CEO of Aegis Defense Services LLC, the company contracted by the State Department to provide security for the Benghazi compound…

From the link above:

Documents obtained by Judicial Watch and examined byFox News prove for all time that the administration was shipping Libyan weapons to Syrian rebels.

Note: Those are the same groups of rebels (al Qaeda, ISIS, “moderate rebels,” etc.) who are committing genocide against Christians and destroying humanity’s cultural heritage in ancient Mesopotamia.

This is also the reason why Ambassador Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi to begin with. He was working out of a CIA annex in Benghazi, overseeing a sophisticated weapons distributionsupply chain to a variety of revolutionary terrorist groups in North Africa and the Middle East.

An Endless number of Investigations – Why?

For those counting, the current Benghazi investigation is the eighth investigation on the topic.

At the core of the myriad (and stymied) investigations of Benghazi is a simple fact: the Obama administration switched sides in the war on terror, and allied the United States with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Congress, showing remarkably bad judgment, rubberstamped what Obama and Hillary demanded: arm Islamic terrorists in order to overthrow secular governments in the Middle East and North Africa.

Obama and Hillary were going to build a caliphate. Libya was their arms grab, and now it’s also an ISIS stronghold and basing ground for the Islamic invasion of Europe.

Think about why there have been so many inconclusive investigations, and apply your common sense. The truth about Benghazi implicates Obama, Hillary, and the Congressional leadership in treason. That is why there is never any resolution with respect to the ongoing Benghazi investigations. Remember that the “investigator” sent by Obama worked for George Soros at theInternational Crisis Group, and was an Iran sympathizer. Remember that the FBI’s investigation of the scene was delayed by three full weeks.

The government waited three weeks to investigate a terror scene in an American-run compound where a U.S. Ambassador and three others had just been tortured and killed by terrorists!

The Republican leadership in Congress are complicit in the chaos and genocide that define the Middle East today, including Benghazi arms running. What can you say to Obama when you’re his partner in crime?

Check out this video of a Libyan “sea of arms” that were handed to the rebels in that country.

GOP Purged of Muslim Brotherhood Critics

Of all the members of Congress, two stood out as voices against the Muslim Brotherhood: Michele Bachmann and Col. Allen West. For example, they openly questioned Hillary’s “aide” Huma Abedin. In contrast, John McCain and Lindsay Graham, among others, defended Abedin, despite numerousdocumented family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood including her parents.

Bachmann and Col. West are no longer in Congress. McCain and Graham are. Any questions?

It is plain to see that the Republican establishment (thanks especially to Thomas Donohue’s Chamber of Commerce) is on board with Obama’s agenda. This is likely why Romney couldn’t make an issue of Benghazi in 2012. It was a Republican liability, too.


Executive Profile

Kristi Clemens Rogers

Former Chief Executive Officer of Aegis Defense Services LLC and President of Aegis Defense Services LLC, Aegis Defence Services Limited

Ms. Kristi Clemens Rogers served as Managing Director of Washington Office at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP since February 2013. Ms. Rogers served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Aegis Defense Services LLC at Aegis Defence Services Limited. Ms. Rogers focused on positioning defense and security firms to successfully do business with the United States government, whether it is a new company, a company in transition or a seasoned federal contractor. She provides critical strategic positioning counsel and support to companies as they navigate the federal and international marketplaces. She also advised on issues relating to the role of business in complex and dynamic environments, including stabilization efforts and markets emerging from conflict. Her corporate and government environment is rapidly changing, requiring firms to be agile, responsive and yet comprehensive in their approach to winning business. Prior to joining Manatt, she served in multiple senior leadership roles, including as president, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chair of the board of directors at Aegis Defense Services, LLC, a risk management and private security company. She planned and executed a multiyear business strategy that led Aegis LLC’s growth from a startup office to a premier provider of security and support services to the U.S. government, including winning a task order on a five-year, $10 billion Department of State protective services contract. A proven crisis and public communicator, she served as the assistant commissioner of public affairs at U.S. Customs & Border Protection. From 2003 to 2004, she was Ambassador L. Paul Bremer’s strategic communications liaison in Baghdad, Iraq, and cabinet of senior advisors, as well as the Coalition Provisional Authority’s director of the Strategic Communications’ Press Office. She began her career in Michigan politics working for Gov. John Engler and, the state’s senate majority leader. She served as vice president of government and community affairs with the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce and subsequently joined the U.S. Small Business Administration — first at the Office of Entrepreneurial Development and as the senior legislative advisor at the Office of Congressional Affairs. She earned bachelor’s degree in political science from Michigan State University.

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips was founded by Charles Taylor Manatt, who later became chairman of the Democratic National Committee and U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, and Thomas Phelps, a banking and finance attorney. Litigation and sports lawyer Alan Rothenberg joined them soon after; Rothenberg remained a named partner in the firm until he moved to Latham & Watkins in 1990. Former U.S. Senator John V. Tunney was a named partner from 1976 until early 1987. L. Lee Phillips, an entertainment lawyer, joined the firm in 1977 and became a named partner in 1985. Democratic activist Mickey Kantor joined the firm in 1976; he was a named partner from 1991 until his departure in 1993 to become United States Trade Representative, and, later, Secretary of Commerce during the Clinton Administration

Phelps Stokes “is America’s oldest continuously operating foundation serving the needs of African Americans, Native Americans, Africans and the rural and urban poor. Phelps Stokes is a 501(c) (3), nonprofit organization whose guiding motto is Education for Human Development. The logo, four open books, symbolizes the importance of education in promoting every aspect of human capacity building.”.

“Over its nearly 100-year history, Phelps Stokes has initiated, conducted, and sponsored hallmark educational surveys and research studies that were fundamental in shaping the improvement of education for African Americans, Native Americans, and Africans. Phelps Stokes has been particularly active in Liberia taking a leadership role in the American Colonization Society. Phelps Stokes’ most notable contribution to supporting the growth of Liberian civil society was the creation of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI), Liberia’s first and largest vocational/technical training school. For over 75 years BWI has produced a master class of artisans, technicians and technologists who become teachers, community leaders and overall catalysts of development.

“Along with its policy-shaping studies and scores of human services programs, Phelps Stokes has facilitated the growth of human development by serving as an incubator to many nationally- and internationally-known programs and institutions through providing founding grants, which attracted other investments and contributions. The following organizations and programs trace their beginnings to the Phelps Stokes and are part of its great legacy.”

(We will now continue this post on part 3)
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(Part 1) Spinning Questions And Spicy Connections. Ndesandjo, Duke, Rogers, Baker, Simeon

©Renee  2015

This post is too large to fit in one place. This is part 1.

And that Simon/Simeon name again:

About Joseph Ndesandjo:

Ruth (Baker) Ndesandjo

Born Ruth Beatrice Baker in the United States around 1937, the daughter of Maurice Joseph Baker and Ida Baker of Newton, Massachusetts, who are of Lithuanian Jewish descent. Ruth Baker was a 1954 graduate of Brookline High School in Brookline, Massachusetts, and a 1958 graduate of Simmons College in Boston with a degree in business. She was a suburban elementary school teacher when she met and began dating Barack, Sr., in Cambridge in June 1964, a month before his return to Kenya in August 1964. She followed Obama, Sr., back to Kenya five weeks later, and married him in Kenya in a civil ceremony on December 24, 1964. She later became a private kindergarten director in Kenya. She had two sons with Barack Obama, Sr.: Mark and David. She and Barack Sr. separated in 1971 and divorced about 1973. Since she remarried when her sons were young, they took their stepfather’s surname, Ndesandjo, as their own. Her third son, Joseph Ndesandjo, was born c. 1980 in her second marriage….
Next :
*Note*  NEWTON is Ruth’s hometown above. It is the home of the Sandy Hook School. Ruth has a school also in Africa. Is it a fact that none of the dead at the SH school are in the Social Security death index ?

Joseph Ndesandjo

CEO at 3Sixty Integrated

San Antonio, Texas Area
Security and Investigations
Will Duke is co-owner of 3Sixty Integrated along with Joseph Ndesandjo.
Duke, Ndesandjo:
When the Investigators are also the Perps
 Ambassador Pickering is not the only suspect character who investigated Benghazi. Republican Mike Rogers was the head of the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He, with the Committee, spent months producing the House Intel Committee “report” on Benghazi.Rogers’ wife, Kristi Rogers, was CEO of Aegis Defense Services LLC, the company contracted by the State Department to provide security for the Benghazi compound. Not only was Mike Rogers’ chairing of the House Intel Committee’s investigation a clear conflict of interest; when the investigation was completed, Rogers and Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, without the other Committee membersauthored a bogus “Committee Report” on what allegedly happened Benghazi. It was a total whitewash, replete with lies and misinformation
In 2003, following the death of his father, he assumed the title of ‘Sir’ due to hisThatcher Baronetcy a year before he was arrested in South Africa in connection with the 2004 Equatorial Guinea coup d’état attempt. He pleaded guilty to breaking anti-mercenary legislation in January 2005 (details below). At this time the Sunday Times suggested that he had personal assets of £60 million, most of which was in offshore accounts….
Tim Spicer (also see more on Tim Spicer in part 3):
Aegis Defence Services is a British private military and security company with overseas offices inAfghanistan, The United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Somalia and Mozambique. It is part of the Aegis Group of companies, which includes Aegis LLC, a subsidiary private military and security company which is based in the United States. It was founded in 2002 by Tim Spicer, who was previously CEO of the private military company Sandline International; Jeffrey Day, an entrepreneur; and Mark Bullough and Dominic Armstrong, former investment bankers.It is a founding signatory of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers, inaugurated on 9 November 2010, a ‘Swiss government convened, multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to both clarify international standards for the private security industry operating in complex environments, as well as to improve oversight and accountability of these companies.’  It was a founding member of the British Association of Private Security Companies (BAPSC), a body lobbying for the regulation of the British PSC sector, which is now defunct. It is also a member of the Private Security Company Association of Iraq In 2004 the International Peace Operations Association, a US-based industry body now called the International Stabilisation Operations Association (ISOA), asked Aegis to apply for membership, but the application was rejected by a British competitor. Aegis LLC is not a member of ISOA.Since 27 July 2010 AEGIS Group Holdings AG in Basel, Switzerland, is holding 1,125,000 ordinary shares of Aegis Defence Services Limited, London..
Tim Spicer and Armour connections.
Just go ask Alice in Africa:
Alice herself became a favorite of her cousin, J. Ogden Armour. … when Alice was only eight, although biographer Paul Spicer argues that her death was ….
(Continued in part 2)
(And part 3)
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There’s Something About… American Iron Works CEO Savvas Savopoulos Murdered With Part Of His Family

The murderer(s) took 40k in cash and left (his) DNA on eaten pizza that was delivered to this family house:


Comptroller Scott Stringer today handed out checks totaling more than $900,000 to 33 mostly Guyanese immigrant workers—the proceeds of a nearly $1 million settlement with a construction firm that worked on 12 city projects and failed to pay prevailing wage.

The money redistribution followed a press conference where Mr. Stringer lambasted the Queens-based North American Iron Works Inc. for failing to pay the $42-an-hour plus benefits to its non-union employees, whom he said it had instead compensated at the rate of roughly $16 per hour. The comptroller, charged with handling the city’s finances and setting prevailing wage and benefit figures, reached a settlement deal with the subcontractor—which worked on 11 schools in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan as well as the Queens Museum—for it to reimburse to workers some $920,000 in back wages and pay a civil penalty of $46,000.



Police said Saturday night that they are seeking a person of interest in the deaths of four people in a house in an upscale neighborhood in Northwest Washington.

Police said the individual may have been operating a Porsche automobile linked to the house.

They also provided video footage that appeared to show a man wearing a hoodie moving rapidly behind a building.

The announcement came in the deaths of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos and two others, believed to be their son and one of their housekeepers.

The Savopoulos family had been having a busy week. The husband was trying to get a new martial arts center in Chantilly, Va., ready for a grand opening, and he enlisted the help of one of his housekeepers. His wife was ill, and their 10-year-old son was recovering from injuries suffered in a go-kart crash.

Before the late night police announcement, the days and hoursleading up to the deaths of the husband and wife and the two others had come into sharper focus Saturday with new details from police records. They show attempts by friends and relatives to reach the victims Thursday morning, before they were found dead that afternoon in a burning home in Northwest Washington.


At least one of the four victims found dead in suspected arson attack at million-dollar family home of CEO ‘had head injuries and smelled of gasoline’

  • Three adults and a child were found dead inside the home in Northwest D.C. on Thursday afternoon following reports of a fire
  • One of those victims had a bloody injury to the head and smelled of gasoline when they were removed from the home, according to reports
  • The house is owned by American Iron Works CEO Savvas Savopoulos who lives with his wife, two teen daughters, a son, 10, and two housekeepers
  • Mrs Savopoulos ‘told a housekeeper not to come to work on Thursday because everyone was sick; when the worker called, she did not pick up’
  • Son, 10, did not got to school Thursday. The girls were at boarding school
  • The family Porsche was discovered abandoned near the scene and investigators are asking for witnesses who saw it leave around 10.30am

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — D.C. Police are still investigating the aftermath of a quadruple homicide and fire in the Northwest part of the city.

On Monday night, police officers were still at the home of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos, 46 and 47 respectively, on Woodland Drive with bloodhounds to collect evidence.

Firefighters responded to the Savopoulos’ home for a fire on Thursday. Upon arrival, they found the pair, their 10-year-old son Philip and housekeeper Veralicia Figuaroa, 57, dead. An investigation found the four were cut or beat to death before the fire was set.

The Savopoulos’ also have two daughters, but both were away at boarding school during the murders.

Police have been sparse with details about the investigation, but did release video Saturday of a person of interest wanted in the investigation. The video shows a person running behind a building. Their face is not visible.


More on this man, this story, as well as connections:

A married couple, their son and a housekeeper were found dead in a home in an upscale Washington, DC neighborhood on Thursday after the house burned in a fire, police say.

The home’s owner, 46-year-old American Iron Works CEO Savvas Savopoulous, his 47-year-old wife Amy, his 10-year-old son Philip, and their housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa, 57, of Silver Springs, Maryland, were identified as the victims during a Friday news conference.

Three of the victims died of sharp, blunt force trauma, according to My Fox DC. Police did not say how the fourth victim was killed. The deaths of all four were ruled as homicides, police said.

Figueroa was a native of El Salvador, were her children still lived, according to WUSA-TV. She had been working for the family for four years and had recently said she wanted to retire soon and return home.

Police believe more than one person was involved in the killings.

The $2 million mansion is in the 3200 block of Woodland Drive NW, not far from Vice President Joe Biden’s residence.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Found a ‘Savage,’ Bloody & Obvious Crime Scene After the Fire

Police sources told My Fox DC that first responders found a “savage, bloody and obvious crime scene,” when they arrived at the scene.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier said at a Friday news conference that the fire was intentionally set.

“Evidence collection will go on for several days,” Lanier said. “There’s still a lot more we don’t know.”

Lanier said they haven’t found evidence of random or forced entry into the home. She said it’s hard to know if the house was ransacked because of the fire damage.

Firefighters were called to the house at about 1:15 p.m. It took about 30 minutes for the fire to be extinguished.

A neighbor, Joe Carregal, told the Washington Post he saw smoke pouring from the upper-story windows of the house and man knocking on the front door to try to get the family out. Fire trucks soon arrived and firefighters broke windows, deployed ladders and climbed onto the roof. Carregal said he saw them pull three victims from the house.

Police believe the killers accessed the home Wednesday and kept the victims bound, threatening them, until Thursday, NBC Washington reports. Investigators believe Savvas Savopoulos gave the culprits what they were looking for on Thursday.

2. The Family’s Porsche Was Abandoned & Burned in Maryland After it Was Seen Leaving the House

4. A Text Message Was Sent to Another Housekeeper Telling Her to Stay Home

The couple’s two daughters, 19-year-old Abigail, and 16-year-old Katerina, were not home because they were at boarding schools.

Abigail was set to graduate soon from Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, while Katerina is a student at Peddie School in New Jersey.

Philip Savopoulos was a fourth grader at the prestigious St. Albans School in DC.

5. The Family Moved Into the Home About 10 Years Ago & Were Active in the Community

The family was very involved in the community, friends and neighbors told the Washignton Post.

“The community where they lived really loved them,” a friend, Colo Palomeque, told the Post.

Amy Savopoulos was stay-at-home mom and was involved in her children’s schools and local charities.

Savvas Savopoulos was the CEO of American Iron Works, according to the company’s website.

The company is the “leading integrated manufacturer of highly-engineered, custom-manufactured building products and provider of installation services for specialty metals and structural steel in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan region.”

He was also the chairman of the board of Sigma Enterprises Ltd., an international trading firm, and had recently accepted a job with a Puerto Rico-based company.


More links:


This brutal home invasion, bonding of and murder of this family will resonate so far and wide. This is very deep. We will continue looking into this story in comments as it unfolds. This is a very sad story and there is much more to it. God bless these children.



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Elizabeth and Ruth

©Renee  2015

For you Alf

Let’s talk about Duke a bit, first a tv twin:

Patty Duke 1975.JPG
Duke in 1975
Born Anna Marie Duke
December 14, 1946 (age 68)
Elmhurst, Queens, New York, United States
Spouse(s) Harry Falk (1965–69; divorced)
Michael Tell (1970; annulled)
John Astin (1972–85; divorced)
Michael Pearce (1986–present)
Children Sean Astin
Mackenzie Astin
Kevin Pearce

Duke was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1982; since then, she has devoted much of her time to advocating and educating the public on mental health issues.


Photograph of Elizabeth Ann Duke, taken in 1985.

Photograph of Elizabeth Ann Duke, taken during the 1970s.

Elizabeth Anna Duke (born November 25, 1940) is a former teacher and militant fugitive best known for her involvement with a number of political organizations, and subsequent flight from prosecution. She is currently wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The criminal indictment against Duke was dismissed and the arrest warrant quashed by Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson of the U.S. District Court, District of Columbia in June 2009.

Duke was born in Beeville, Texas on November 25, 1940 but has given her date of birth as April 20, 1941. Duke was allegedly a member of a Weathermen splinter group, the May 19th Communist Movement. The group claimed responsibility for a series of bombings of U.S. government buildings between 1983 and 1985, including the bombing of the United States Capitol building in November 1983.

Duke, along with her accomplice Alan Berkman, was arrested in May 1985 and indicted on conspiracy and weapons charges by a federal grand jury, in what became known as the Resistance Conspiracy case. Also charged as co-conspirators were Marilyn Jean Buck, wanted for her role in the 1981 Brinks armored car robbery, Laura Whitehorn,Linda Sue Evans, Susan Rosenberg, and Timothy Blunk. She was released on bail in July 1985 and in October 1985 she skipped bail and has evaded recapture ever since.


*NOTE* Elizabeth Duke used different birthdays and names, one of which was BAKER*


Weather Underground connection:

Next, Ruth:

Ruth Nidesand

Ruth Nidesand also Ruth Ndesandjo (born Ruth Beatrice Baker ca. 1937)is an American Jew and the third wife of Barack Obama, Sr., the father of President Barack Obama. They meet at Harvard University in the early 1960s shortly after Barack Obama, Sr. left Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham. Barack Obama, Sr. was attracted to Ruth because she was wealthy and could support his lifestyle. They moved to Kenya and were married in 1965 where Barack Obama, Sr. worked for a U.S. oil company. Later he joined the government of Jomo Kenyatta, working for his early patron Tom Mboya in the Ministry of Economic Planning as a senior economist.

Ruth Baker and Barack Obama, Sr. would have two children. Ruth was brutally beaten by her husband when he was in his drunken rages. She eventually left him and married a Tanzanian. She has adopted the surname Ndesandjo.

Her son, Mark Ndesandjo who now lives in China, has written a semi-autobiographical novel Nairobi to Shenzhen: A Novel of Love in the East. At a press conference to promote his book he discussed his childhood having an abusive father and a defenseless mother.

My father beat me. He beat my mother. I remember in my house I would hear the screams. I would hear my mum’s pain. As a child, I could not protect her. I could not remember any good things about my father.

Her second son, David, died in a motorcycle accident. A third son third Joseph Ndesandjo (born c. 1980) was fathered by her Tanzanian husband.

Ruth Nidesand’s parents were Lithuanian Jews who immigrated to America. She currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya as a director of a private kindergarten.


  1. Obama Mystery Theater: Ruth Nidesand
  2. A father’s charm, absence
  3. Son says Obama father ‘abusive’
  4. Obama’s half brother describes abuse
  5. President’s half-brother makes novel debut

See also



*NOTE* Ruth’s name of BAKER*

Further reading / work on this group of people is below. The Mystery Theater work listed above was a joint research project. The continued work on Mr Ndesandjo, Africa and CBS Records, etc.. is here. A joint research project as well.:

In part one of Spinning, we covered Barry Gordy, CBS Records and Simeon Ndesandjo.

My continued work moves forward here:

And more spinning with the name *CARTER*:

And another story on the name*CARTER* and a tale of 2 birth certificates:

That Obama’s birth certificate lists a registrar that appears remarkably like a forger’s signature joke on the word “ukulele” is not the only peculiarity observed in comparing the president’s record with other long-form Hawaiian birth certificates that have been fully authenticated.

In the Nordyke twins’s birth certificate, the type in Box 9, “Race of Father,” Box 12b, “Kind of Business or Industry,” and Box 14, “Race of Mother,” line up to the left margin of the box (in all three boxes for Susan Elizabeth Nordyke and in two of the three boxes for Gretchen Carter Nordyke), while in the Obama birth certificate, the type in each of these three boxes is indented from the right box margin, with varying indent spacing in each line.
The Rosetta Stone for determining the authenticity of the Obama birth document is the long-form birth certificates for the Nordyke twins, which WND discovered and authenticated in July 2009.

The question is whether the Obama birth record the White House released Wednesday is an authentic photocopy of an original 1961 vital record or a modern-day forgery.


Next see more on Duke:

Smoke and power:

And Doris had an Islamic house in *HAWAII*:



Duke Kahanamoku (1915 postcard)
Personal information
Full name Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku
Nickname(s) “The Duke,” “The Big Kahuna”
National team  United States
Born August 24, 1890
Haleʻākala, Honolulu, Hawaii
Died January 22, 1968 (aged 77)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Height 6 ft (180 cm)
Weight 190 lb (86 kg)
Sport Swimming
Stroke(s) Freestyle
Club Waikiki Beach Boys

His birthplace is disputed with many sources stating Haleakalā on Maui or Waikiki on Oahu. According to Kahanamoku, he stated he was born at Honolulu at Haleʻākala, the home of Bernice Pauahi Bishop which was later converted into the Arlington Hotel. He had five brothers and three sisters, including Samuel Kahanamoku. In 1893, the family moved to Kālia, Waikiki (near the present site of the Hilton Hawaiian Village), to be closer to his mother’s parents and family. Duke grew up with his siblings and 31 Paoa cousins. Duke attended the Waikiki Grammar School, Kaahumanu School, and the Kamehameha Schools, although he never graduated because he had quit to help support the family.

“Duke” was not a title or a nickname, but a given name. He was named after his father, Duke Halapu Kahanamoku, who was christened by Bernice Pauahi Bishop in honor of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, who was visiting Hawaii at the time.


Kahanamokuwas a friend and surfing companion of heiress Doris Duke, who built a …


What are the true RELATIONS here? Further reading:



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There’s Something About…Canary Warf Stories

Sir Thomas Sutherland
Thomas Sutherland, Vanity Fair, 1887-10-22.jpg

“P and O”. Caricature by Ape published inVanity Fair in 1887.
Sir Thomas Sutherland, GCMG (Chinese: 蘇石蘭, 1834 – 1 January 1922) was a Scottish banker andLiberal Party politician. He founded The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation which was the founder member of HSBC Group and directed the P&O Company.Sutherland was the son of Robert Sutherland of Aberdeen. Educated at Aberdeen University, he got his start clerking in the London office of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O). Soon after, P&O promoted Sutherland to superintendent, assigning him to Hong Kong to manage the firm’s Asian operation.In 1863 he became the first chairman of the Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock. In order to help finance the burgeoning trade between China and Europe, and explore the potential for China–United States trade, Sutherland established The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in 1865and became its first vice-chairman. He was appointed member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong from 1865 to 1866. In 1872 he was appointed Managing Director of P & O.
Founder Thomas Sutherland
Headquarters 8 Canada Square,
Canary Wharf,
London, United Kingdom

©Renee  2015

Next see:

HSBC Holdings plc is a British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered inLondon, United Kingdom. It is the world’s second largest bank. It was founded in London in 1991 by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation to act as a new group holding companyThe origins of the bank lie in Hong Kong and Shanghai, where branches were first opened in 1865.The HSBC name is derived from the initials of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. As such, the company refers to both the United Kingdom and Hong Kong as its “home markets”.

HSBC has around 6,600 offices in 80 countries and territories across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America, and around 60 million customers.As of 2012, it was the world’s largest bank in terms of assets and sixth-largest public company, according to a composite measure by Forbesmagazine.

HSBC is organised within four business groups: Commercial Banking; Global Banking and Markets (investment banking); Retail Banking and Wealth Management; and Global Private Banking.

Next see:

The Financial Information Unit of Argentina is investigating a conspiracy between Iron Mountain and its major clients – international financial companies such as banks HSBC, BNP Paribas and JP Morgan – to destroy documentation involving economic crimes, by causing a fire in the company’s warehouses.

The TeleSUR report goes on and says that “since 2008 the local administration started to promote the setting up of technological industries in the southern areas of the city giving them tax reduction benefits. Iron Mountain’s location was not in this area, but the head of Economic Development of the City, former HSBC executive Francisco Cabrera, intervened in order to give the company these tax benefits. It turns out HSBC was the most affected company in the fire, and it is one of Iron Mountain’s biggest client globally. … An inspector of the Secretariat of Labor of the local government wanted to close down Iron Mountain’s facilities for lack of security measures, but superior officers put a stop to this closure because of the good relationship between Iron Mountain and the local administration.”

Public company
Traded as TSXABX
S&P/TSX 60 component
Industry Metals and Mining
Founded 1983
Founder Peter Munk
Headquarters Toronto, Canada
Key people
John L. Thornton, Chairman
Kelvin Dushnisky, Co-President
James (Jim) Gowans, Co-President
Ammar Al-Joundi, Senior Executive Vice President & CFO
Products Gold

Barrick Gold Corporation is the largest gold mining company in the world, with its headquarters inToronto, Ontario, Canada. Barrick is currently undertaking mining projects in Argentina, Australia,Canada, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Saudi Arabia, the United States andZambia. For 2013, it produced 7.2 million ounces of gold at all-in sustaining costs of US $915/ounce and 539 million pounds of copper at C1 cash costs of $1.92/pound. As of December 31, 2013, its proven and probable mineral reserves were 104.1 million ounces of gold, 888 million ounces of silver contained within gold reserves, and 14.0 billion pounds of copper.

On January 20, 2006, Barrick acquired a majority share of Placer Dome. The production of the combined organization moved Barrick to its current position as the largest gold producer, ahead of Newmont Mining Corporation.

snip~ And a friend offered this reading next:

If you haven’t read the following research, ‘Collateral Damage,’ please do. At least read the first few pages. it is absolutely bone-chilling and the only theory that demonstrates the means, motive, and opportunity to carry out the 9/11 attacks. It was an inside job:
And the trail leads to Arkansas — the CIA, NSA, Bushes, Clintons, and Systematics Inc/Alltel where Cecil Goeldner worked and the NSA conducted covert surveillance of bank accounts worldwide, in the 1980s and 1990s, through the fraudulent use of a software system called PROMIS.
*NOTE* Barrick Gold Records Disappeared With Enron Collapse*
Nugan Hand Bank was an Australian merchant bank that collapsed in 1980 in sensational circumstances amid rumours of involvement by the Central Intelligence Agency and organized crime. The bank was co-founded in 1973 by Australian lawyer Francis John Nugan and US ex-Green Beret Michael Jon Hand, and had connections to a range of US military and intelligence figures, including William Colby, who was CIA director from 1973 to 1976. Nugan’s apparent suicide in January 1980 precipitated the collapse of the bank, which regulators later judged never to have been solvent. Hand disappeared in mid-1980.

25th June 2000: A Brooklyn apartment

  • Atta and al-Shehhi leased an apartment at 198 12th St, Brooklyn, NY. They stayed at this apartment until July 2, 2000. (Source)

29th June – 17th September 2000: Wire transfers

Beginning of July 2000: Huffman Aviation

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