Subud, Sweet Dreams, Silver For Our Table And The Shoes….

Renee ©2012

Subud, a different type of religion, or cult, depending on what you read. Sutoro not Soerto, Indonesia, Dunham work boots and shoes, Dukuns, Silver, Oneida, NY, Soeharto, his spiritual advisor Sujono Humardhani, Hammond Peek (Peck again ?) that kris again too (Carys as well) the magic swords I keep finding ?

Mama Cass and Papa John, Beach Boys, Laurel Canyon again and Tate story again ? A jump goes to Roger McGuinn of the Byrds- Birds….hummm…

Then you stumble upon Dunham shoes and boots, do a twist and end up in Subud and it’s involvement with World Bank and Asian Development Banks.

Now I also found myself in this search among information on Oneida, NY as well as KENwood, (Madison County), NY. It pops up from John Humphrey Noyes and the Oneida Silver Company and John’s son Pierrepont. They seem to fit with a family of the same name.

The Subud group legally change their names and Laurel Canyon is a hot connection as well as Crosby family and a place called Christchurch…Neil, O’Neil, Young again too. It is everywhere.

Dunham shoes and boots, brothers Charles and George connect to a Jerimiah Beal as well. Too much of my old work is in this story somehow. It’s always in the shoes. Let’s set the table with the silver, and look more in comments.

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13 Responses to Subud, Sweet Dreams, Silver For Our Table And The Shoes….

  1. Renee says:
    If your home is a reflection of who you are, no more perfect example exists than the Oneida Community Mansion House. Built brick by brick in stages beginning in 1861 by the utopian Oneida Community (1848-1880), the 93,000 square foot Mansion House testifies to the Community’s core belief in the possibility of personal and social perfection. In plan and decoration it reflects popular architectural styles of the mid-19th century, but its large scale epitomizes the needs of a society that lived as one family with more than 300 members.
    For 33 years under the leadership of John Humphrey Noyes, the religiously-based Perfectionist Community challenged contemporary social views on property ownership, gender roles, child-rearing practices, monogamous marriage, and work. From their insistence on life-long learning and vigorous health, the abandonment of the self for the good of the whole, they developed a work ethic and well of industriousness so deep it flowed into one of the most impressive manufacturing companies of the 20th century.
    Succumbing to internal and external pressures, the Community disbanded in 1880 and formed a joint-stock corporation, Oneida Community Ltd. Eventually changing its name to Oneida Ltd., the company achieved world-wide recognition for the tableware it produced in Sherrill, NY.,_New_York

  2. Renee says:

    Family Facts for: Vannoy
    Vannoy Name Meaning. Americanized spelling of Dutch Van Noye, a habitational name for someone from a place named with Middle Dutch ooye, oye ‘(water) …

  3. Renee says:

    Soundex Code for Noye = N000
    Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:
    NAU | NEU | NEW | NEWE | NEY | NOAH | NOE | NOY | NYE |

    Soundex Code for Noyes = N200
    Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

  4. Renee says:

    Where is Loretta Fuddy ?

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