The Silvermasters, China Masters, Russia Masters, Gold Masters, Spy Masters And Subud Masters Tango

©Renee  2015

Everything old is new, and everything new is old…..Nothing is a coincidence, and everything is connected. That little domino effect in motion.

Shall we dance ? How about a tango ? A very complicated one, so read these old posts first in order to learn a few basics beforehand :

Frank Marshall Davis connects to the Obama, Armour-Dunham, Payne, Hawaii group. He was Stanley Armour Dunham’s friend as well as a friend of Paul Robeson. See the old FBI files on Paul Robeson for more info. (Yes, they are online, very old, long, and very difficult to read). Paul’s son was educated in Russia. Helen Canfield Davis was a socialite, and was Frank’s second wife and belonged to the Paul Robison branch of the Communist Party. Her mother was married into the family of the writer of the Peck’s Bad Boys books and political family. Helen’s father was Gustav Snow per Mark Davis’s info. that he gave to me many years ago. He said Gustav Snow died and that was when Helen’s mother remarried.  This info can be found in other old posts and even dates back to 7 years of my research. Subud, the cult type religion is mentioned above too with the Loretta Fuddy mysterious plane crash in Hawaii and she was involved with the interesting cover up of Obama’s birth certificate and she is maybe hidden, not dead as conveniently reported. Look VERY CAREFULLY at the picture of the founder of Subud when he was young. Does he look familiar ? Gov. Abercrombie of Hawaii once said something to the effect that there was no birth certificate on file in Hawaii… But back to the current work and how it ties in to now. See this new work now, next. It is very well written and a very easy read :

Now after you read that link, to organize everyone a bit better, finish up with these additional links:

And for an African, swingers twist to the Armour family read about Alice :

Other Africa connections to CBS, Obama- Ndesandjo etc..can be found here :

More spy connections:

And current financial freefalls in China and the effects on our stock market NOW too which is more like the twist and not the tango, and is far from over….:

And about all those dead bankers ? The list is now up since this post to over 30 or so more now ?

Barack Obama
President Barack Obama.jpg

Subud and connections:

And the founder of Subud (he was in Hawaii at the same time as Obama”s supposed mother Stanley Ann Dunham ?) :

Subud cult founder Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo of Indonesia.
SUBUD cult founder Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo of Indonesia.
'Seven Circles' symbol of Subud.
‘Seven Circles’ symbol of SUBUD.





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