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Christopher Tarango, James O’Keefe And Enroll America’s Dual Use Of Personal Data ?

©Renee 2013 Is this for real ? Well it just never stops. Now that horse with bad knees aka  AHA/ Obamacare is doing double duty to get personal information too ? See information at link below first: Do you … Continue reading

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Another Drill Baby Drill ?

©Renee 2013 I was following the upcoming drill/test of the east coast grid. It starts tomorrow.. Reading along and surfing the topic I kept coming upon other drills/tests and things that happened at the same time. It became a pattern … Continue reading

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©Renee 2013 From this post: Arthur Middleton Young (November 3, 1905 – May 30, 1995) was an American inventor, helicopter pioneer,cosmologist, philosopher, astrologer and author. Young was the designer of Bell Helicopter‘s first helicopter, the Model 30, and inventor of the stabilizer bar used … Continue reading

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