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Good Fortune… Trails Of Glass Slippers

Renee ©2012 To follow the complicated paths of royal women, one does find shards in the road. They ask the right questions at the right times like “Who owns this ?” or “Who is your family ?” Those are the … Continue reading

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Polish President Lech Kaczynski, A Plane Crash And Poland

Renee ©2012 I did an old post, when the President of Poland died in a plane crash. I will post the link here, but I want to take some of the information in it and go forward in this post. … Continue reading

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Subud, Sweet Dreams, Silver For Our Table And The Shoes….

Renee ©2012 Subud, a different type of religion, or cult, depending on what you read. Sutoro not Soerto, Indonesia, Dunham work boots and shoes, Dukuns, Silver, Oneida, NY, Soeharto, his spiritual advisor Sujono Humardhani, Hammond Peek (Peck again ?) that kris … Continue reading

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The Teledesic Satellite Adventure And The Pay Club

Renee Copyright 2012 In my posts titled Middle East Mystique 1 and 2 I covered this  story several years ago. Those posts were very long, detailed and covered many middle eastern connections to people here as well as around the world.. They … Continue reading

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About TRUST Again

Renee Copyright 2012 I have done several posts in the past on TRUST. They covered ENRON, Northern TRUST, global connections, Gov. Gray Davis of California as well as Joseph W. Sutton (ENRON) and all the players involved in the scandal. We … Continue reading

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Dunham, Oklahoma And The Petro Club Part 1

Renee Copyright 2012 I did a post before, called “There’s Something About… Archie Dunham” It covered his oil history, Oklahoma and the connections. Let me give you the basics about Archie here; humm…,_Princess_Royal hummm..Back … Continue reading

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Our Kitchen Table And The Best Of Our Home And Garden

Renee Copyright 2012 We have our own lavender growing outside our kitchen window with the rosemary, basil and chocolate mint. It smells so sweet. I believe that the foundation of life is home and family. Our cozy, little abode that … Continue reading

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