Traces Of Royal Lineage Games: Hawaii Connections

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Gold Stories, Black Eagle Fund, Enron, 9/11, Phillipines, Hawaii And Japan

You think Tickle ? You think HE is really STAN Dunham ?humm..

Leland Stanford Dunham

Birthdate: April 7, 1889
Birthplace: CA
Death: Died December 1975 in Oakland, Alameda, CA
Immediate Family: Son of James Skiff Dunham and Emma Bernice Bishop
Husband of Hazel Payne and Laura Warnock
Brother of Edna Lucille Dunham and Charles Bishop Dunham
Half brother of Charles Dunham l

Amy Bishop:

Tate/ Dunham:

Immediate Family

[ETA (MissTickly): Yes. I think it’s worth exploring the idea that Leland Dunham and Hazel Payne might be important links to the Stanley Dunham/Madelyn Payne families.

Below is another interesting fact about Leland Dunham’s wife, Hazel Payne:

Here she is listed in the 1940s census:

And here is her father, Fred Payne:

Make note of the race indicated for Hazel Payne and her family: Negro.]


Since we both put together this post as a team effort we will start with someone else’s post then move on from there.

First look at this work:

A recent (2002) DNA testing of one bearing the SINGLETARY surname and one bearing the DUNHAM surname proved a common ancestor…

that being Richard Singletary. Thus this SINGLETARY-DUNHAM genetic line does not match with the other DUNHAM line out of early Massachusetts.

Just why Jonathan changed his name from Singletary to Dunham is unknown, and at this time various theories, stories, & legends arise to its evolution.” 

It is the Jonathan Singletary (alias Dunham) line, that Barack Obama’s family belongs to.

Next, let’s look at this:

It is all over the internet. The Dunhams are tied to Charles Bishop — Bernice Pauahi Bishop’s husband. And Emma Bernice Bishop Dunham is named in Bernice Pauahi Bishop’s will —–> FIRST. She is named FIRST….


JAMES SKIFF DUNHAM, a rancher of this county, residing in Stockton, was born on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, October 24, 1852, a son of Shubael and Elizabeth (Dexter) Dunham. (See next sketch). He was brought to California by his mother in 1856, and was educated in the district schools of this county, closing with a few years’ course in the higher institution in Collegeville and in the Stockton high school. In 1872 he engaged in farming, being placed in charge of some of his father’s lands in Merced and San Joaquin counties, and has followed that avocation to the present time. Since the age of twenty-one he has been the owner of 320 acres, and since the fall of 1886 has been a permanent resident of this city, where he owns a very pretty and comfortable home. He has been a member of the Stockton Board of Trade, and takes a deep interest in whatever promotes the advancement of this city and county. He is a life member of the San Joaquin Agricultural Society.

  1. S. Dunham was married in Douglass Township, July 20, 1881, to Miss Berenice Bishop, born in this county April 7, 1861, a daughter of Henry Bostwick and Caroline Elizabeth (Gilliland) Bishop, both natives of New York State, married in California, and living in this county in 1890, born about 1824, came to California in 1849. The mother, born in West Fayette, New York, about 1840, came across the plains from Illinois in 1851, with her parents William and Emma (Young) Gilliland. Grandfather Gilliland died in middle life, aged about fifty, and grandmother lived to be sixty-six. Grandfather Bishop married a Miss Reed, both being probably natives of the State of New York.

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dunham have three children, all born in this city: Edna Lucille, June 27, 1883; Charles Bishop, January 28, 1886; Leland L., April 7, 1889. Mrs. Dunham is a member of Lebanon Rebekah Lodge, No. 41. Mr. Dunham is a member of Stockton Lodge, No. 11; of Parker Encampment, No. 3, and of Canton Ridgeley, I. O. O. F., being ensign of the last named in 1890. He is a member of Centennial Lodge, No. 38, Knights of Pythias, and of several social and athletic organizations; the Yo Semite Social Club, the San Joaquin Rowing Association, and the Pacific Coast Field Trial Club.

The Will:

“Know all  Men by these Presents, That I, Bernice Pauahi Bishop,the wife of Charles R. Bishop, of Honolulu, Island of Oahu, Hawaiian Islands, being of sound mind and memory, but conscious of theuncertainty of life, do make, publish and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following, hereby revoking all former wills by me made:

First. I give and  bequeath unto my namesakes, E. Bernice Bishop Dunham, niece of   myhusband, now residing in San Joaquim  County,California”…


It is James Skiff Dunham’s
Emma Bernice Bishop Dunham. PARENTS to Leland
Stanford Dunham…

Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

An Illustrated History of San Joaquin County, California, Page 619.  Lewis Pub. Co. Chicago, Illinois 1890.


AND the Bush name is in her will:

Third. I give and bequeath unto Mrs. Caroline Bush, widow of A .W. Bush, Mrs. Sarah Parmenter, wife of Gilbert Parmenter Mrs. Keomailani Taylor, wife of Mr. Wray Taylor, to their sole and separate use free from the control of their husbands, and to Mrs. Emma Barnard, widow of the late John E Barnard Esq. the sum of Five hundred dollars ($500.) each.

Fourth. I give, devise and bequeath unto H. R. H. Liliuokalani, the wife of Gov. John O. Dominis, all of those tracts of land known as the “Ahupuaa of Lumahai,” situated on the Island of Kauai, and the “Ahupuaa of Kealia”, situated in South Kona Island of Hawaii; to have and to hold for and during the term of her natural life; and after her decease to my trustees upon the trusts below expressed.


And this bit h/t Zen:

Born: Jan. 17, 1639 or 1640 in Newbury, Mass.

He is the Eldest Son… of Richard Singletary & Susannah.
Married Mary Bloomfield: …. About 1657 in Haverill, Mass.
Died: ….. Before Sept. 6, 1706 in Woodbridge, N.J.
In 1664, Obama’s great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great grandfather Jonathan Singletary ……. was found Guilty of Slander & defamation in a colonial Massachusetts court for ACCUSINGJohn Godfrey of Witchcraft.


*NOTE* All of our president but two are related. I posted this in work  5 years ago. The other two probably married in..Barack Obama is related to George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney thru  Samuel Hinckley & Sarah Soole Hinckley of 17th century ….Massachusetts.

1910. He purchases the El Granada apartments in Berkeley, California that he has lived in since moving from San Francisco after the fire in 1906. He deeds it to niece Emma Bernice Bishop Dunham. He moves to the Shattuck Hotel in Berkeley.

1911 October 9. In a letter to Trustee Samuel M. Damon, Bishop discusses how he and Mrs. Bishop decided that the lands of the Kamehamehas should be used for the education of Hawaiians.

1912 January 25. Bishop celebrates his ninetieth birthday at the El Granada Hotel in Berkeley with friends and relatives. In Honolulu, a grand celebration is held at the roof garden of the Alexander Young Hotel (the former site of Haleakala, the Bishops’ home). Speeches are given and a tribute(pdf) is printed. Hawaii schools hold their own celebrations. Bishop sends thank you letters.

Bishop/Walker/Davis/ Bush:

Bishop,Charles Reed Index (rev. 2004)
1912. In
correspondence with Annie Walker
Bishop, wife of cousin, E. Faxon Bishop,

*From link above note: Miss Jean Dunham marries Jackson Grey Dorn*


Leland Dunham married Hazel Payne, right?

Well, those links don’t list her parents, but here they are:

Here is her father, Fred Payne:

Check out the race of the family: Negro.

Interesting indeed!

Home in 1940
864 71st Avenue
Alameda, California
Household Members Age
Head FredPayne 59
Wife Gertrude Payne 50
Daughter Janice Payne 20
Daughter Betty Payne 16
Son Fred Payne 13
Daughter Payne Hazel Payne 27
Daughter Scott Midred Payne 36
…and 1 others (view record).


Stanley Armour Dunham (March 23, 1918 – February 8, 1992) was the maternal grandfather of U.S. President Barack Obama. He and his wife Madelyn Payne Dunham raised Obama from the age of 10 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Madelyn Payne Dunham:

Occupation Vice President at the Bank of Hawaii

NOTE* Emma Bernice Bishop Dunham’s son…..Leland Stanford Dunham…married to Hazel Payne* hummm..DUNHAM, PAYNE..

LELAND DUNHAM (1914-1995)


First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Birth Date:
Death Date:
Last Residence ZIP:
94558 (Napa, Napa County, California)
Birth Month:
Birth Day:
Birth Year:
Death Month:
Death Day:
Death Year:
State of SSN Issue:
New Mexico

About Leland S Dunham

Leland S Dunham was born on Saturday, April 18th, 1914 and died on Wednesday, January 18th, 1995 at the age of 80. Leland is a member of the Dunham Family. LELAND ‘s last known place of residence was 94558 (Napa, Napa County, California) .

Charles Reed Bishop:

In 1858 he founded Bishop & Co., a bank in Honolulu. Over time the bank grew and today is [{First Hawaiian Bank]], the oldest bank in Hawaii, and the second oldest bank west of the Rockies….

Ruth Luka Keanolani Kauanahoahoa Keʻelikōlani (February 9, 1826–May 24, 1883), was a member of the Kamehameha family, the founding dynasty of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. She served asRoyal Governor of the Island of Hawaiʻi. As primary heir to the Kamehameha family, Ruth became a landholder of what would become the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate funding the Kamehameha Schools.


Liliʻuokalani (Hawaiian pronunciation: [liliˌʔuokəˈlɐni]; September 2, 1838 – November 11, 1917), bornLydia Liliʻu Loloku Walania Wewehi Kamakaʻeha, was the last monarch and only queen regnant of the Kingdom of Hawaii. She was also known as Lydia Kamakaʻeha Pākī, with the chosen royal name ofLiliʻuokalani, and her married name was Lydia K. Dominis.
Sutton/Enron/9/11 etc:
Gray/Grey/Davis/Graham/Enron/ Sutton/Al-Quaeda/Isis etc..:
Full name
Antoinette Avril Gardiner (at birth)Princess Muna of Jordan (after marriage)
House Hashemite
Father Walter Percy Gardiner
Mother Doris Elizabeth Sutton
PECK/ DAVIS/  SNOW/DOWLING/ CANFIELD (Helen married Frank Marshall Davis):
  • ID: I383747
  • Name: Helen Canfield PECK
  • RELA: 9th cousin 3x removed
  • Sex: F
  • ALIA: Helen Canfield /Snow/
  • Birth: 31 OCT 1923 in Illinois
  • Census: 1930 Page 27A, Libertyville, Lake Co., IL
  • Census: 1940 Page 8A, ED 49-51, Libertyville, Lake Co., IL
  • Death: 23 MAY 1998 in Honolulu, Oahu, HI
  • Event: Pic Helen Canfield (Peck) & Frank Marshall Davis

ZTE, Iran And The Hou Weigui Beef | We the People of the …

Jul 15, 2012 His grandfather, Bo Yibo was one of Mao’s 8 immortals of the Chinese communists … Lola SHELDON and J Ogden ARMOUR had the following children : …

Spouse(s) Lola Sheldon Armour
Davis/Seldon/ Sheldon/ Goudy:
William S. and Cora (Hoover) Davis had been married six months on 31 May 1889, the day of the tragic Johnstown Flood, which claimed the lives of at least 2,200 people.10 “They moved to Braddock before the flood,” says the couple’s grandson, Cullen Davis. “My understanding is that they were not in Johnstown when the dam broke.” Davis believes his paternal grandfather’s full name was WilliamSeldon Davis.
Dunham, Davis, Skiff, Peakes, Robinson, Reed, Pierce,Seldon/ Sheldon:

Postmaster Shubael Dunham’s Post Office (1830-1835)
Capt. Shubael Dunham
(1762-1835) lived at this location in Nov. 1830, when he was appointed the postmaster of Holmes Hole. He was the son of Capt. Shubael Dunham and Lydia Chase of Edgartown, and was the husband of Charlotte Norton (1762-1821).

Postmaster George Dunham’s Post Office (1835-1858)
In March 1835, about the time of Capt. Shubael Dunham’s death, his son George Dunham (1802 – 1872) succeeded him as postmaster, an office he held for over twenty-three years. He was married to (1st) Eliza Manter (1801-1835) in 1820 and (2nd) Mary (Crowell) Luce (1795-1871; the daughter of Barzillai Crowell, and the widow of Elisha Luce).

The 1858 Walling map shows two buildings here: the post office on the corner, and George Dunham’s house, set back a little from road, southwest of the post office. George Dunham “Esq.” retired from the post office in 1858 and became a farmer.

(The post office moved from this location and was not located here again until 1903. The interim postmasters were Eliakim Norton 1858-1861; James Norton 1861-1871; James D. Peakes 1871-1881; George N. Peakes 1881-1885; John F. Robinson 1885-1896; and F. Horton Johnson 1896-1903.

Peggy C. Dunham (1832 – ?) was the daughter of George Dunham and lived with him until the early 1860s. She married Tisbury mariner James L. Skiff (c.1825-30? – ) in Fairhaven in 1854. He was the son of mariner Stephen Skiff of Chilmark and Tisbury. Peggy was listed in the 1865 census as a “mantua maker,” a mantua being a style of loose gown. She inherited this 48′ wide property after the death of her father, former Postmaster George Dunham, in 1872. The Skiffs evidently moved to California in the 1870s, perhaps following the death of Peggy’s father, and rented out the house. According to Holmes and Luce, one of the tenants was Capt. James Seldon.


Davis believes his paternal grandfather’s full name was William Seldon Davis. …Priscilla Lee (Childers) Baker Wilborn became Cullen Davis’s second wife …

Taylor/Bowman/ Jarrett/ Robinson:
Robert Robinson Taylor
Born June 8, 1868
Wilmington, North Carolina
Died December 13, 1942
Tuskegee, Alabama
Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Occupation Architect
Spouse(s) Beatrice Rochon Taylor
Nellie Chestnut Taylor
Children 5
Parents Henry Taylor
Emily Still
Relatives Valerie Jarrett (great-granddaughter)
*Remember, The house in Hawaii listed on Obama’s bc was owned by Thelma Jones Lefforge Young and Orland Scott Lefforge *FORD*

He married Ruth Pearce in early 1860 and traveled to Vancouver Island on August 26, 1860 to construct a sawmill. After a few years the two (with one child) traveled to Hawaii in February 1865. They had a total of nine surviving children.Young had operated a small foundry and machine shop in Hilo, Hawaii with William Lidgate, and business expanded with the growth of sugarcane plantations. He moved to Honolulu around 1869 and bought out Thomas Hughes’ share of the Honolulu Iron Works. In 1875 Theophilus Harris Davies refinanced the Honolulu Iron Works and hired Young as manager. The two then organized the Waiakea Mill Company. Around 1900 he formed the von Hamm-Young Company. Principals were Young’s son Archibald Alfred Young and son-in-law Conrad Carl von Hamm. An early project was the Alexander Young Hotel.


Michelle LaVaughn Robinson was born on January 17, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois, to Fraser Robinson III
As an arid island, Niʻihau was barren of trees for centuries — Captain James Cook reported it treeless in 1778.Aubrey Robinson, grandfather of current owners Bruce and Keith Robinson.
Robinson/ Rafferty/Pierce/Bush:

Pauline Pierce (Robinson)

Birthdate: April 28, 1896
Birthplace: Ohio, USA
Death: Died September 23, 1949 in Rye, New York
Immediate Family: Daughter of James Edgar Robinson and Lulu Dell Robinson
Wife of Marvin Pierce
Mother of Barbara Bush, First Lady; <private> Pierce; James R Robinson Pierce and <private> Pierce
Sister of <private> Robinson; Eloise Robinson and Sarah Robinson
 Royal dinner was given by George W. Bush for Prince Charles of England and Camilla Parker-Bowles. On the guest list online are the names Helen and Ann Sinclair…*NOTE*
Archie W. Dunham (born 1938) is the Independent Non-Executive Chairman of Chesapeake Energy inOklahoma City. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Conoco Inc. from January 1996 to August 2002, then as Chairman of ConocoPhillips, following the merger of Conoco Inc. and Phillips Petroleum Company, until his retirement on September 30, 2004.
On page 35 of Dreams, Stanley Armour makes a joke to tourists about Barack being a great grand son of King Kamehameha:
” Sometimes when Gramps saw tourists watching me play in the sand, he would come up beside them and whisper, with appropriate reverence, that I was the great-grandson of King Kamehameha, Hawaii’s first monarch. “I’m sure that your picture’s in a thousand scrapbooks, Bar,” he liked to tell me with a grin, from Idaho to…
To end this post and begin a new one we will post one last Dunham. She married a CHASE…
Hannah Dunham Chase Barrows
Hannah was the daughter of
Benjamin Chase & Keziah Pratt.
She married Edward D. Barrows on
Dec. 7, 1845 in Carver, Mass.Family links:
Benjamin Chase (1795 – 1853)
Kezia Pratt Chase (1797 – 1876)Spouse:
Edward Doten Barrows (1822 – 1892)Children:
Sarah P Barrows (1847 – 1847)*Sibling:
Hannah Dunham Chase Barrows (1823 – 1901)
Birth: Apr. 13, 1797
Plymouth County
Massachusetts, USA
Death: Nov. 2, 1876

78 years 6 mos 18 daysFamily links:
Ephraim Pratt (1756 – 1823)
Keziah Wood Pratt (1758 – 1821)Spouse:
Benjamin Chase (1795 – 1853)

Hannah Dunham Chase Barrows (1823 – 1901)*
Charles H Chase (1828 – 1897)*

Lewis Pratt (1784 – 1862)*
infant Pratt (1786 – 1786)*
Rebecca Pratt Crocker (1792 – 1857)*
David Pratt (1795 – 1859)*
Kezia Pratt Chase (1797 – 1876)

Lydia Chase Dunham:
We will continue this post here:
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13 Responses to Traces Of Royal Lineage Games: Hawaii Connections

  1. Meep says:

    I’m locked out of Yahoo mail, please tell MT.


  2. Renee says:

    Lee/ Little/ Dunham/ Payne etc..also see:
    William Bishop Dunham
    Charles Reed Bishop

    …Emma Bernice Bishop Dunham married to James Skiff Dunham

    And Leland Stanford Dunham…married to Hazel Payne….

    William Little Lee

    Also see:
    Bishop genealogy
    William Little Lee was born February 25, 1821 in Sandy Hill, New York. His father was Colonel Stephen Lee (1773–1856) and mother was Mary Little (1795–1881).[1] He graduated from Norwich University in 1842. He taught in a military school established by Alden Partridge in Portsmouth, Virginia, for one year, and then graduated from Harvard Law School.[2] One of his teachers at Harvard was Joseph Story, who was sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States at the time. He practiced law in Troy, New York, but convinced his boyhood friend Charles Reed Bishop to travel with him to the Oregon Territory in February 1846 on the ship Henry.
    Birth: Feb. 25, 1821
    Hudson Falls
    Washington County
    New York, USA
    Death: May 28, 1857
    Hawaii, USA

    Chancellor and Chief Justice of the Hawaiian Nation

    William Little Lee was the first Chief Justice of the Kingdom of Hawaii’s Supreme Court. He was on the Privy Council of King Kamehameha III, helped draft the 1852 Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and eventually became Chancellor (during which time he met with President Franklin Pierce).

    Union Cemetery
    Fort Edward
    Washington County
    New York, USA

  3. alfy says:

    Renee, In the beginning of your post I see the name Tate. Also the Dora Tate (with not ancestry mentioned). Do you remember when I checked into Madelyn’s apartment, there one or two people listed at her residence with last names Tate. I kept trying to find connections. So long ago now, but I found a Marcus Tate also that worked for O. during his capping. The guy was a student at a University in Greenville SC. Can’t think of the college right now, but I remember thinking back then all the coincidences with that Tate name…because something was also historically connected to a Tate women at that college as well. Do you remember any of this.
    WHere on earth did you find that picture. Oh yeah that’s Stanley or a twin.

  4. Renee says:

    The gallery was founded in 1897, as the National Gallery of British Art. When its role was changed to include the national collection of modern art as well as the national collection of British art, in 1932, it was renamed the Tate Gallery after sugar magnate Henry Tate of Tate & Lyle….

    *Campbell, Park*
    Francis Taylor (December 28, 1897 – November 20, 1968) was an American art dealer and father of the actress Elizabeth Taylor.

    He was born Francis Lenn Taylor in Springfield, Illinois, the son of Francis Marion Taylor (1860–1946) and Elizabeth Mary Rosemond (1869–1937). The family later moved to Arkansas City, Kansas.

    Francis began dealing in art in New York City for a wealthy in-law, Howard Young.
    Taylor married stage actress Sara Sothern (whose real name was Sara Viola Warmbrodt and was also from Arkansas City) in 1926 in New York.They were the parents of Howard Taylor (born 1929) and Elizabeth Taylor (1932–2011), who became an aclaimmed and legendary movie actress….

    Within a few years of his marriage, Taylor was transferred to Young’s art gallery in London, England, where he and Sara lived several years, and where their children were born. At the outbreak of Britain’s involvement in World War II, they returned to the United States.

    Taylor later ran an art gallery in Beverly Hills, California.

    House in Hawaii: Thelma JONES Lefforge YOUNG and Orland Scott Lefforge:

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