There’s Something About…Auma, Ouma, Omar, Manners And Kenya Microfinance

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Previous work on Africa:


[…] Samuel O. Onyuma and Alfred Ouma Shem Savings and Development Vol. 29, No. 2 (2005), pp. 199-222 Published by: Giordano Dell-Amore Foundation Article Stable URL:

Note above Amore, Amour, Armour, Love etc..

Additional work on Russia:

Additional reading:

Additional work on Dunham:

From wiki link below:

Habiba Akumu Obama

Also known as Akumu Nyanjoga (c. 1918–2006) Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother, and the second wife of Hussein Onyango Obama. She had three children with Onyango: daughters Sarah and Auma, and son Barack (Barack Obama’s father) Her father was named Njango, and she was born and raised in the Western Kenyan village of Karabondi In his memoir Dreams from My Father, her grandson wrote that she was miserable in her marriage and abandoned her husband and children with him. She subsequently married again and moved to present-day Tanzania. The Luo are given names related to the circumstances of their birth and Akumu means “mysterious birth,” a conception after a birth, but before resumption of a woman’s menses. She took the name Habiba upon her conversion to Islam. A photograph of her holding her son, Barack, Sr., on her lap is on the cover of her grandson’s memoir. (See image at right margin.

Sarah Obama (aunt of Barack Obama)

Aunt of U.S. President Barack Obama and elder sister of his father, born 1933 to Hussein Onyango and Habiba Akumu Obama. (She should not be confused with her stepmother Sarah Onyango Obama, also often called just Sarah Obama, the third wife of Onyango.) 

Soundex Code for auma = A500

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

Several years ago I did a post on Auma Obama. she married and divorced Ian Manners and they have a daughter. Auma is listed with her bother’s family here:

Manners. Previous work here:

Then we have uncle Omar, illegal but lucky:

Soundex Code for omar = O560

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Additional reading here:

Then we have landlord  of uncle Omar, his name is Alfred Ouma.

Soundex Code for ouma = O500

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:


Elliot was married twice, the first time in 1963 to James Hendricks, her groupmate in The Big 3 and The Mugwumps. This was reportedly a platonic arrangement to assist him in avoiding being drafted into the army during the Vietnam War; the marriage reportedly was never consummated and was annulled in 1968. In 1971, Elliot married journalistBaron Donald von Wiedenman who was heir to a Bavarian barony. Their marriage ended in divorce after a few months.

Elliot gave birth to a daughter, Owen Vanessa Elliot, on April 26, 1967. She never publicly identified the father, but many years later, Michelle Phillips helped Owen locate her biological father. After Elliot’s death, her younger sister, Leah Kunkel, received custody of Owen, then just seven years old. Owen grew up to become a singer as well and toured with Beach Boys member Al Jardine.

Dunham/Phillips/ Oklahoma:

Then I find a microfinance publication with a Samuel  Onyuma and and Alfred Ouma Shem:

And Alfred Ouma Shem and Rosemary:


Samuel O. Onyuma and Alfred Ouma Shem
Savings and Development
Vol. 29, No. 2 (2005), pp. 199-222
Published by: Giordano Dell-Amore Foundation
Article Stable URL:
Note above Amore, Amour, Armour, Love etc..
Additional work on Russia:
Additional reading:

And in U.K.:

alfred ouma

Assistant Business Analyst at Securex Agencies (K) Ltd

Security and Investigations

Soundex Code for auma = A500

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

Unlike President Barack Obama, his half-sister Auma Obama was raised in Africa. Her past includes studying German in Germany at the University of Heidelberg in the 1980s, and then going to the University of Bayreuth where she received her PhD in 1996.In 1996, while living in London, England, she married Ian Manners, an Englishman. The marriage ended in divorce. She has one daughter named Akinyi who was born in 1997.
And again the names.
Mark Manners and Arora Mgmt Svcs, Arora hotels and family trust.
Surinder Arora. :
Amey plc previously known as Amey Ltd and Amey Roadstone Construction, is a United Kingdom based infrastructure support service provider. It was once listed on the London Stock Exchange but since 2003 it has been a subsidiary of Spanish company Grupo Ferrovial, S.A.. Its head office is in the Sherard Building in Oxford.
The company was founded by Rafael del Pino y Moreno in 1952 as a railroad construction company called Ferrovial, from the Spanish word for “railroad”. Ferrovial acquired 98.27% of Agromán, another leading Spanish contractor in June 1995 and then set up Cintra in February 1998: presided over by Rafael del Pino Calvo-Sotelo, Cintra originally comprised three business lines: Car Parks, Toll Roads and Airports (the latter would eventually be separated from the other two business lines)

Sotelo ?

Soundex Code for sotelo = S340

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

It was at the East–West Center that Dunham met Lolo Soetoro, a Javanese surveyor who had come to Honolulu on September 1962 on an East–West Center grant to study geography at the University of Hawaii. Soetoro graduated from the University of Hawaii with an M.A. in geography in June 1964. In 1965, Soetoro and Dunham were married in Hawaii, and in 1966, Soetoro returned to Indonesia. After her graduation from the University of Hawaii with a B.A. in anthropology on August 6, 1967, Dunham moved with her six-year-old son to Jakarta, Indonesia, in October 1967 to rejoin her husband. In Indonesia, Soetoro worked first as a low-paid topographical surveyor for the Indonesian government, and later in the government relations office of Union Oil Company.

Soundex Code for soetoro = S360

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

So interesting no ? More on Aurora here as well:

Surinder Arora is a Punjabi English businessman whose hotel business is believed to make him worth £225 million. He concentrates on hotels near airports, making a specialty of providing rooms for aircrew, and has close links with British Airways and a strong personal interest in aviation  In 2009 he was ranked at 388 in The Times list of the richest people in the UK with a net worth of £140 million. In 2013, The Sunday Times Rich List estimated his worth to be £356 million.

snip~ Does he know them ? I did a post years ago on her mother’s pivate club…

Jemima Marcelle Khan (/ɨˈmmə/; née Goldsmith; born 30 January 1974) is a writer and campaigner.She is the Associate Editor of the New Statesman and European editor-at-large for Vanity Fair. She continues to work as a charity fundraiser, human rights campaigner, and contributing writer for British newspapers and magazines. Khan first gained notice in the United Kingdom as a young heiress, the daughter of Lady Annabel and Sir James Goldsmith. She married Pakistani cricketer and politician Imran Khan in 1995. Khan also gained worldwide media attention for her relationship with British film star Hugh Grant.

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