From Russia With Love Again ?

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I did an old post, on Russia as well as one on the Russian spy ring with Anna Chapman. Now VERY close at hand with President Putin. I have been looking around at the death of Ted Stevens in Alaska and Ambassador Chris Stevens after his death recently. I read on Gregorian chanting and Rasputin of royal family fame that had a daughter that joined the circus as did Gloria Morgan, as did a brother to Paul Robeson and his wife. So strange, all of those Russian connections to the royals and their deaths there. Paul’s wife would travel frequently to Russia to see their son, being educated there.

So now, I read of a lady telling a story that seems to fit, as I have read on the Romanoff family and Anastasia since childhood. The oldest book said she had a child with a black soldier that saved her and I later read she was on the east coast connected to the name Anna Anderson. That Anderson name has lead me to Arthur Anderson, Earnest and Young, Enron, Gray Davis, Northern Trust and Chicago, Gloria Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper…so, I look a bit at this person’s comments and take them seriously. This info she posts connects in very interesting ways, so I keep digging.

I also read up on Anna Chapman (Putin’s girl) and her Russian spy ring. I found a very interesting family with the same name here:

And more on Donham and connections here:

Note the name SINGLETARY above* The same name is here:

Jonathan Singletary Dunham

Others comment on this story here:

We will continue now in comments.

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  1. Renee says:

    Mr. McKinsey hired Tom Kearney and Marvin Bower in the early 1930s

    Sixth Generation (Great Great Great Grandparents):

    48. Jacob Mackey Dunham was born 7 May 1824 in Berkeley County, Virginia (now West Virginia). He died on 12 June 1907 in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma.

    49. Louisa Eliza STROUP was born 8 October 1837 in Madison County, Ohio and died 26 October 1901 in Wellston, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

    Jacob Dunham and Louisa Stroup married on 21 July 1853 in Tipton County, Indiana. They appear together in Tipton County, Indiana for the 1850, 1860 and 1870 federal census. The 1880 census finds them in Mt. Pleasant, Labette County, Kansas and the 1900 census in Kickapoo, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

    Jacob & Louisa had the following children: i. David H. DUNHAM born 17 May 1854 and died 28 July 1926. He married Phoebe Kearney on 17 April 1873.
    ii. Jeptha DUNHAM was born on 13 June 1857 and died 2 August 1943. He married Martha A. Kearney on 24 Aug 1876.

    iii. Martha Catherine DUNHAM was born about Feb 1860 and died before 1 June 1900.

    24. iv. Jacob William DUNHAM

    v. Joseph DUNHAM was born 15 Mar 1866 and died 28 June 1934. He married Jenny.

    vi. Samuel Lemuel DUNHAM was born 19 Mar 1871 and died 4 Aug 1950. He married Carrie about 1899.

    vii. Mary Mae DUNHAM was born 18 Oct 1882 and died 23 May 1954. She married Arthur Lay on 30 May 1900.

    50. Falmouth KEARNEY was born about 1830 in Ireland and died 21 March 1878. He immigrated to the U.S. on the ship Marmion on 20 March 1850, along with his sister Margaret Cleary and her husband, William.

    51. Charlotte HOLLOWAY was born about 1833 in Ohio and died 11 September 1877.

    Falmouth Kearney and Charlotte Holloway were married between mid-1850 and 1853. Falmouth first appears alone in the 1850 census of Wayne, Fayette County, Ohio, where he is enumerated with his aunt and uncle, William and Alice Carney (Kearney), along with his sister Margaret Cleary, and her husband William. In the 1860 census of Deerfield, Ross County, Ohio they are living next to Charlotte’s brother, Joseph Holloway. By the 1870 census the couple is living in Jefferson, Tipton County, Indiana. Falmouth and Charlotte had the following children:

    i. Phoebe KEARNEY was born 9 July 1853 and died 17 Nov 1933. She married David DUNHAM on 17 April 1873.
    ii. Elizabeth KEARNEY was born about 1855. She married Thomas SAMPSON on 29 July 1876.

    iii. Martha A. KEARNEY was born 19 April 1857 and died 7 March 1893. She married Jeptha DUNHAM on 24 August 1876.

    iv. Margaret KEARNEY was born about 1859.

    v. William KEARNEY was born about 1863.

    vi. Joseph KEARNEY was born about 1866.

    vii. Falmouth (Fullie) KEARNEY was born about 1867.

    25. viii. Mary Ann KEARNEY

    52. George ARMOUR was born about 1850 in Ohio.

    53. Ann was born about 1849 in Missouri.

    George and Ann married about 1871-1872. They first appear together in the federal census in 1880, in Ellington, Adams County, Illinois. George and Ann ARMOUR had the following children:
    i. Minnie ARMOUR
    26. ii. Harry Ellington ARMOUR

    iii. Arthur Leonard ARMOUR was born 29 November 1875 and died 19 Feb 1935.

    iv. Daisy ARMOUR was about 1879. She is, perhaps, the Daisy D. Armour who married Royal Adam Deahl in 1895 and divorced him in 1903.

    54. Christopher Columbus CLARK was born about 1846 in Missouri and died sometime after 1930.

    55. Susan C. OVERALL was born about 1849 in Kentucky and died sometime between 1900-1910.

    Christopher and Susan were married on 6 Jan 1870 in Nelson County, Kentucky. They appear together in the 1880 federal census of Linn, Audrain County, Missouri and in Canton, Lewis County, Missouri in 1900. Susan is deceased by the time Christopher appears in the 1910 census in Ottawa, LaSalle County, Illinois with son Joseph.

    In 1920, Christopher lives with daughter Gabriella and son-in-law Harry in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas. In 1930 they are all still living together, but have moved on to El Dorado, Butler County, Kansas. Christopher and Susan had the following children:
    i. Joseph CLARK was born about 1871 in Missouri.
    ii. Louisa CLARK was born about 1873 in Missouri.

    27. iii. Gabriella CLARK

    iv. Ida E. CLARK was born about 1878 in Missouri.

    Next > Sixth Generation, Continued

    Dunham, Oklahoma And The Petro Club Part 1 | The Sandy Monocle…
    Sep 19, 2012 … That Daisy, Canfield, Moreno name goes to Jake Danziger and more. It also goes to Cecil and Virginia Goeldner. Cecil’s grandma was Emma Canfield …
    Lookee Here!
    In 1945 Stanley Ann’s Aunt Eleanor (nee Dunham) and Uncle Ralph Berkebile lived in Alaska. In 1959, he was stationed/they lived in Newfoundland. Eleanor’s obit gives her death as Dec. 21, 2003 at Castle Rock, and states she had moved there 6 months previously from Washington State. It also lists some survivors: children Teresea Berkebile, Ralph D. Berkebile and his wife Jaque, and Lorrie A. Berkebile — she of Alaska.

    Additionally, she is identified as the daughter of Ralph Waldo [Emerson] Dunham — Stanley Ann’s grandfather, and Barry Obama’s great-grandfather. At “… known relatives for one Eleanor Berkebile include Lorrie Ann Berkebile, Ralph D. Berkebile, Teresa Marie Berkebile, and Jaque E. Berkebile.”

    So the identity of this listed person is confirmed to be Stanley Ann Dunham Obama’s paternal aunt. Also at the above “…” entry is a list of known addresses for Eleanor Belle Dunham Berkebile. There are no reference dates. We know she started her life in Kansas — not listed — so it’s apparently “as an adult” addresses: Maumelle, AR [ where her sister lives], Castle Rock, CO [where she was in a nursing care home when she died].

    The interesting addresses are Bellingham, Washington and Blaine, Washington. Since we know Eleanor had moved to Castle Rock, CO 6 months prior to her 2003 death, it does seem apparent that Eleanor and Ralph stayed in the Pacific Northwest after their Air Force stint was over.

    All things considered, it’s just about impossible to believe anything other than that the pregnant [and unmarried] Stanley Ann was shipped off post-haste to her father’s sister — and that Aunt Eleanor’s address at the time was Blaine, Washington.

    The AMAZING thing — the OMG! thing — of this likeliest scenario is that the northern boundary line of Blaine, WA is also the southern boundary line of White Rock, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. They are essentially the same city, along the beach — like Minneapolis-St.Paul:

  2. Renee says:

    Obama’s Saudi Cousin: Abdullah Al-Ahmadi – Page 2
    Cecil Goeldner (uncle) was a pioneer in database programming for Core ….. “Our daughter Debbie, graduated from Hutchinson Community ..
    President Obama: Republicans Are ‘Licking Their Chops’ Over …
    Feb 23, 2012 … Anonymous. Why did a blogger have to unmask Obama’s cousin: Abdullah al- Ahmadi? And be the one to publish his photo with the Saudi royal …
    Renee says:
    September 20, 2012 at 10:27 am
    McGreggor ?
    Like Daisy ?
    Like CASH registers?
    ALLYN cash registers ? NCR ? Watson-IBM ? Diebold ? Voting machines ?
    Like Daisy Canfield Moreno ? Danzinger ?
    Like Gregorios Rasputin who’s dauughter was in the circus with Gloria MORGAN ?
    Like CHANTING ?
    Like Gregory PECK ? Like Gregory PECK’s mom Bunny Ayers/ Ayres ?
    Ayershire in Ireland ?

    2012 – The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships For New Americans – 2012 – The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships For New Americans
    In his first year he won the James Howard McGregor Award, given to “the graduate student [who] shows unusual promise as a teacher of zoology.” Daniel also …

    scholarships – scholarships
    Irene and Daisy MacGregor Memorial Scholarship Contact Committee Services …. Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans 400 West 59th Street, …

    ***NOTE*** GORDON***

    That Daisy, Canfield, Moreno name goes to Jake Danziger and more. It also goes to Cecil and Virginia Goeldner. Cecil’s grandma was Emma Canfield.

    Daisy Emma CANFIELD…
    Jan 17, 2012 … Daisy C. Canfield Danziger Moreno was killed instantly in an automobile accident when her car went over the cliff up on Mulholland Drive, Los …

    Daisy Emma CANFIELD – WorldConnect Project
    Aug 1, 2012 … Daisy C. Canfield Danziger Moreno was killed instantly in an automobile accident when her car went over the cliff up on Mulholland Drive, Los …

      • Renee says:

        Gordon ?

        Alexander CROSBY Ford ?

        Kezia Hasty Ford ?

        Sutherland *,_Lady_Duff-Gordon
        Paul Johnson (April 1976–1983; divorced)
        Frank Gifford (October 18, 1986–present; 2 children)
        Children Cody Newton (b. 1990)
        Cassidy Erin (b. 1993),_Connecticut
        Born in The Bronx, Ford initially worked as a model, and her face became famous in the Elizabeth Arden 1941 advertising campaign for Victory Red lipstick, which featured a Philippe Halsman photo showing her face against the American flag. She had some success as an actress on Broadway from 1949, appearing in such productions as the musical Say Darling and Nobody Loves an Albatross.

        She began her television career in 1950, performing in live television dramas on Studio One, Armstrong Circle Theatre, Goodyear Television Playhouse, and other acclaimed series. As a Warner Brothers contract player, she had her most famous role as Sandra Dee’s heartless mother in A Summer Place (1959). In Rome Adventure (1962) she played Daisy Bronson, owner of a bookstore in Rome, opposite Suzanne Pleshette and Troy Donahue. In House of Women, she played an aggressive but ultimately sympathetic female prisoner who gets into a catfight with prison matron Jeanne Cooper. She played the tough-as-nails nurse alongside Joan Crawford in The Caretakers (1963). She also had a memorable walk-on playing a flirtatious but bored society matron who makes a play for Warren Beatty in All Fall Down.

        In 1954 she made her soap opera debut on the short-lived Woman With A Past, which aired on CBS. Her on-screen daughter Felice Camargo is ironically the sister of Ford’s long-time daughter on Another World, Victoria Wyndham. On Search For Tomorrow, Ford was Rose Peterson, an employee of the mob who was hired to discredit leading lady Joanne Tate. Her on-screen brother was played by Don Knotts. The role of Rose was also played by Lee Grant and Nita Talbot.

        Ford’s assertive style made her a favorite of TV casting directors. She made three memorable appearances on Perry Mason, including the role of a woman with split personality in the 1958 episode, “The Case of the Deadly Double.” In 1963 she appeared as Frances Walden in “The Case of the Potted Planter,” and defendant Sylvia Thompson in “The Case of the Shifty Shoebox.” She was often featured in episodes of The Kraft Television Theater, Appointment with Adventure, State Trooper, Bat Masterson, The Phil Silvers Show, Have Gun Will Travel, Rawhide, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Tombstone Territory (episode “Silver Killers”), Gunsmoke, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Target: The Corruptors!, and The Twilight Zone. She also appeared on the NBC interview program Here’s Hollywood. Her Perry Mason episode is on display as part of the introduction for jurors who serve in New York’s Criminal Courts.

        On The Edge of Night, Ford played the murderous theatre owner Eve Morris. Following that stint, she joined Another World, where from 1967 to 1992, she played the role of Ada Davis, the strong-willed mother of Rachel (Robin Strasser; Victoria Wyndham). Over the years, Ada was widowed three times and worked in a variety of professions, from hairdressing to clerk in the police station to finally a restaurant owner. In 1975, the middle-aged Ada gave birth to a daughter, Nancy. When she left the show in 1992 due to declining health, her character was said to be out of town visiting Nancy. When Ford died in Manhattan the following year from cancer, aged 69, the character of Ada also died off-screen and the show had a tribute to her that featured many vintage flashbacks.

        At the time Ford left the program, she was the longest-running performer on Another World.
        Charlotte Ford, a daughter of Henry Ford 2d of Detroit and Mrs. Deane F. Johnson of New York and Southampton, L.I., was married last evening to Edward Reynolds Downe Jr., the son of Mrs. Edward D. Lane of New York and the late Edward R. Downe. The Rev. John Twiname, a Presbyterian minister, officiated at Miss Ford’s Southampton home.

        Elena Ford was maid of honor for her mother. Hugh W. Downe was best man for his father. Hilary and Richard Hayes, daughter and son-in-law of the bridegroom, as well as Jeanne Downe, the bridegroom’s daughter-in-law, also participated in the ceremony.

        Spyros Stavros Niarchos (alternately: Spiros) (born in 1955) is the second son of the Greek shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos and Eugenia Livanos. He is a grandson of another Greek shipping giant, his mother’s father, Stavros G. Livanos.

        In 1987, while skiing in Switzerland, he met nineteen-year-old Daphne Guinness (artist, socialite and an heiress of the Guinness family) and they soon married.[1] The marriage ultimately ended in divorce, with Guinness receiving a GBP 20 million settlement in 1999.[1] The couple have three children:

        Nicolas Stavros Niarchos (born 1989)
        Alexis “Lex” Spyros Niarchos (born 1991)
        Ines Sophia Niarchos (born 1995)
        In January 1999, Niarchos was a witness at the wedding of his best friend, Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover.

        He is also the godfather of Crown Prince Pavlos’ youngest son, Prince Aristides Stavros.

        With his brother, Philip, Niarchos is Co-President and Member of the Board of Directors at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

        References^ a b Heiress apparent, The Sunday Times, October 21, 2007.

  3. Renee says:
    We all remember Obama’s Fast and Furious debacle where he was running guns to Mexican drug cartels and then invoked executive privilege to keep all the documents out of the public’s hands.

    What if Obama was at it again, except this time instead of arming Mexican drug cartels, he was arming Syrian rebels?

    (Or, more correctly, Islamic jihadists?)

    That is exactly what he was doing.

    The night Ambassador Stevens was murdered, Stevens was negotiating with the Turkish consul general for a shipment of thousands of Libyan shoulder-fired missiles to Syria, Turkey being the middle man for the nefarious enterprise.

    Now we know why Obama literally watched Americans get slaughtered in real time. Now we know why the former SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty at the CIA annex a mile away from the Libyan consulate were ordered to “stand down” and not provide help—an order they eventually ignored to save the lives of twenty people—an order that cost them their lives.

    Now we know why Obama and Hillary Clinton concocted a ridiculous story of a protest turned violent due to some obscure anti-Muslim video.

    The truth is coming out and is slowly closing around one Barack Hussein Obama.

  4. Renee says:

    Ambassador Stevens met him at compound as compound was filmed and watched. When Turkey left, all hell broke loose….see his wife’s name bugs me…
    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (IPA: [ɾeˈd͡ʒep tajˈjip ˈæɾ]; born 26 February 1954) has been Prime Minister of Turkey since 2003 and is chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Parti), which holds a majority of the seats in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Erdoğan served as Mayor of Istanbul from 1994 to 1998. He graduated in 1981 from Marmara University’s Faculty of Economics and Commercial Sciences. Erdoğan was also a semi-professional footballer from 1969 to 1982.

    Erdoğan was elected Mayor of Istanbul in the local elections of 27 March 1994. He was banned from office and sentenced to a ten-month prison term for reciting a poem during a public address in the province of Siirt in 1997. The poem was allegedly quoted from a book published by a state enterprise and one that had been recommended to teachers by the Ministry of Education.[1] After less than four months in prison, Erdoğan established the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in 2001. From its first year, the AK Party became the largest publicly-supported political movement in Turkey. In the general election of 2002 the AK Party won nearly two-thirds of the seats in parliament, forming the first single-party government for 9 years.[2]

    As prime minister, Erdoğan implemented numerous reforms. 45 years after Turkey signed an Association Agreement with the EU, the negotiations for Turkey’s accession to the EU started during Erdoğan’s tenure. Parallel to this, inflation, which had for decades adversely affected the country’s economy, was brought under control and the Turkish Lira was re-valued. Interest rates were reduced and per capita income grew significantly.[3] The AK party won the elections of 2007 making it the first time in 52 years that a party in power had increased its votes for a second term.[4] In the 2011 general election, the AK Party was re-elected for a third term and Erdoğan remained Prime Minister.
    Emine Erdoğan (born Emine Gülbaran on February 21, 1955) is the wife of twenty-fifth Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

    Emine Erdoğan was born in Siirt, and grew up in Üsküdar, Istanbul. She is of Arab descent and the youngest child of a family of five children. Erdoğan attended Mithat Paşa Akşam Art School, but left before graduation.

    Emine Erdoğan joined the “Idealist Women’s Association”. During these activities she met Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at a conference. Recep and Emine married on July 4, 1978. The couple has four children: Ahmet Burak, Necmettin Bilal, Sümeyye and Esra.[1]

    [edit] Honors and accoladesOn December 7, 2010, Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani conferred Hilal-e-Pakistan Award on Emine Erdoğan, in recognition of her personal efforts for the flood stricken people of Pakistan. In October 2010, Erdoğan visited Pakistan and the flood hit areas to personally witness the devastation caused by the floods and contributed significantly in the fund-raising campaign to help the country’s flood victims.[2]

    On February 16, 2011, Emine Erdoğan was presented with the “Prix de la Fondation” by the Crans Montana Forum at a ceremony in Brussels. “We believe that all women in the world deserve the utmost social and political opportunities. Rights of women in our geography should not be sacrificed for balance of power and security concerns of some regimes. We have seen numerous women who were left destitute after natural disasters in Pakistan, who suffered from poverty in Bangladesh, who lost their children, husbands, hope or future in Palestine, Iraq, Bosnia or in Darfur. We have seen many women who were abused both in the West and in the East. They all have one thing in common which is being a human and a woman. Therefore, I believe that our struggle for peace, democracy and freedom should continue with a great determination. I want to reiterate once again that we reject double-standards and discrimination in this struggle,” Erdoğan said after receiving the prize from the founder and chairman of the Crans Montana Forum.

    Soundex Code for Gülbaran = G416
    Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

    • Renee says:
      Gill* (Lady Diana family)

      Calbraith (usually reported as Galbraith) Perry Rodgers lived for several years in Dayton, Ohio. On September 27, 1911, Rodgers boarded his airplane, the Vin Fiz, and attempted to make the first transcontinental flight across North America. He departed from Sheepshead Bay, New York. The flight took Rodgers forty-nine days, with him eventually arriving at Pasadena, California, on November 5, 1911. Rodgers only spent eighty-two hours, two minutes in the air. He averaged just fifty-two miles per hour on the 4,321-mile flight. Most of the time, Rodgers remained on the ground repairing his aircraft. Rodgers and the Vin Fiz crashed sixteen times, but the pilot and the plane were the first ones to fly across North America.

      Rodgers�s feat was remarkable. He had been deaf from a young age due to scarlet fever. Undaunted, Rodgers pursued his dream. He secured financing for his trip from the Armour Company, which had just introduced a new soft drink known as Vin Fiz. The company paid for Rodgers�s expenses in return for the pilot advertising the company�s product on his plane. Newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst also offered a fifty thousand dollar prize to the first person who flew all of the way across North America in less than thirty days. This was the main impetus for Rodgers, but he failed to accomplish his feat in the required time.

      Rodgers continued to fly following his transcontinental flight. Unfortunately for him, he died in a plane crash on April 3, 1912. The Smithsonian Institution now owns the Vin Fiz.

      *NOTE Norman ARMOUR marries Russian Princess*
      Johnson Publishing Company, Inc. is an American publishing company founded in November 1942 by John H. Johnson. Headquartered at 200 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, The company is privately held, and its chief executive officer is Desiree Rogers.
      *NOTE* His wife is Eunice WALKER Johnson*

      Pope/ Johnson family:
      See also Anna Duke, Weather Underground, Prairie Fire etc..

      Crosby/ Cosby connections to Bill Ayers:
      Born Phylicia Ayers-Allen
      (1948-06-19) June 19, 1948 (age 64)
      Houston, Texas, U.S.
      Years active 1972–present
      Spouse(s) William Lancelot Bowles, Jr. (1972–1975)
      Victor Willis (1978–1982)
      Ahmad Rashād (1985–2001)

      Phylicia Rashād (born Phylicia Ayers-Allen; June 19, 1948) is an American Tony Award-winning actress and singer, best known for her role as Clair Huxtable on the long-running NBC sitcom The Cosby Show.

      Rashād was born in Houston, Texas. Her mother, Vivian Ayers, was a Pulitzer-prize nominated artist, poet, playwright, scholar, and publisher. Her father, Andrew Arthur Allen (d. 1984), was an orthodontist.[3][4] Rashād’s siblings are jazz-musician brother Tex (Andrew Arthur Allen, Jr., born 1945), sister Debbie Allen (1950), an actress, choreographer, and director, and brother Hugh Allen (a real estate banker in North Carolina). While Rashād was growing up, her family moved to Mexico, and as a result, Rashād speaks Spanish fluently.

      Rashād studied at Howard University, graduating magna cum laude in 1970 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.[5]

      [edit] TheatreRashād first became notable on the stage with a string of Broadway credits, including Deena Jones in Dreamgirls (she was Sheryl Lee Ralph’s understudy until she left the show in 1982 after Rashād was passed over as Ralph’s full-time replacement) and playing a Munchkin in The Wiz. In 1978, she released the album Josephine Superstar, a disco Concept album telling the life story of Josephine Baker. The album was mainly written and produced by Jacques Morali and Rashād’s second husband Victor Willis, original lead singer and lyricist of the Village People. She met Willis while they were both cast in The Wiz.

      In 2004, Rashād became the first African-American actress to win the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play, for her role in the revival of A Raisin in the Sun.[1][2] She resumed the role in the 2008 television adaptation of A Raisin in the Sun, which earned her the 2009 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Television Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special. Rashād was dubbed “The Mother” of the African-American community at the 42nd NAACP Image Awards.

  5. Renee says:

    November 12-14, 2012 — SPECIAL REPORT. Update 2x. Sex, Lies, and Audiotapes — the right-wing plot against Obama

    The Washington Post and The New York Times, America’s designated “newspapers of record” — false record, it should be added — are working overtime to spin the General David Petraeus scandal away from the actual story. There are many details that have not yet emerged and some informed speculation remains the order of the day. However, based on what we know know, a perhaps somewhat unwitting Petraeus; several Republicans, including failed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, Republican Party Svengali Karl Rove, Romney adviser Dan Senor; and the Binyamin Netanyahu government in Israel were involved behind the scenes to discredit and ensure the electoral downfall of President Barack Obama by engineering what Romney reportedly himself described as a “Jimmy Carter Strategy” in an October Surprise. The strategy was to bring about an incident in the Middle East that would result in a besieged or overrun U.S. embassy, like the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979 and 1980, that would result in charges that Obama, like Carter, was weak and ineffectual in dealing with a major crisis. Such a scenario would erase the street credentials Obama pocketed in the “raid” on Osama bin Laden. Raid is in quotes because the jury remains out on whether the U.S. Navy SEAL attack on the compound in Abbottabad actually resulted in Bin Laden’s death or was a staged event to boost Obama’s national security resumé. But that is another story for the time being.

    Romney appears to be at the center of the Jimmy Carter Strategy and it is worth noting that the involvement of Petraeus and other flag rank officers, including ousted U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) chief General Carter Ham and Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette, the commander of the Middle East-deployed USS John Stennis aircraft carrier strike force. Gaouette was sacked by the Navy for “inappropriate leadership judgment” while his carrier group was in the Pacific en route to the Indian Ocean. Although the Stennis group was in the Pacific during the U.S. consulate siege in Benghazi on September 11, Gaouette’s departure had nothing to do with personal misconduct and was very unusual during a deployment. WMR is being informed by sources throughout the military services that a number of senior military officers throughout the world were involved in the Romney campaign’s Jimmy Carter Strategy to embarrass Obama prior to the election and that the insubordinate, if not treasonous, behavior extended to Petraeus’s reported paramour, Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Paula Broadwell.

    Broadwell co-wrote Petraeus’s biography “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,” with Washington Post reporter Vernon Loeb, who, although a favored recipient for official “leaks” from the Pentagon and CIA, has been the subject of National Security Agency (NSA) wiretap surveillance as part of FIRST FRUITS, the former name of a joint NSA-CIA project designed to plug leaks of classified information. Although Loeb is the Metro editor at the Post, his continued links with U.S. intelligence community sources keeps him on the NSA radar screen. Conversations intercepted between Broadwell and Loeb, especially those using Petraeus’s classified and encrypted cell phone and e-mail system, may have been passed to the FBI by NSA. The NSA possesses all the decryption keys for encrypted government communications, including those used by the CIA director.The Petraeus biography, published by the Pearson-owned Penguin Group in London (Broadwell happens to be a PhD student at King’s College in London), was a sycophantic portrayal of the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the chief of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM). By writing a puff piece on Petraeus, Broadwell was rewarded with a high degree of access not only to Petraeus but his intelligence and, as has now been reported, his classified computer system and email account.

    Broadwell and Petraeus first met at Harvard in 2006, prior to Petraeus assuming command of allied troops in Iraq. Broadwell made several visits to Afghanistan where Petraeus was commander of U.S. and allied forces. WMR has learned from military sources that during all of his commands in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in Tampa, Petraeus was known as a “lady’s man,” and that his troops quietly grumbled about his favoritism toward certain female subordinates and women outside his chain-of-command, including journalists.

    Broadwell’s and Loeb’s book was praised by the favored literati. NBC News’ Tom Brokaw wrote: “General Petraeus is one of the most important Americans of our time, in or out of uniform. This riveting, insider’s account of his life and education is at once instructive and inspiring.” Biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote, “This majestic biography will set the standard for all future works about General Petraeus. With superb narrative skill, Broadwell simultaneously provides an intimate look at Petraeus the man, a fascinating account of modern warfare, and an elegant study of leadership.” And Washington’s bloviating pundit David Gergen wrote, “Paula Broadwell, soldier-scholar in her own right, tells the Petraeus story masterfully, providing especially rich detail and insight into his Afghanistan mission. This book helps us understand how Petraeus has become the living legend he is.”

    The plot involving “King David” was uncovered on the shores of Galilee

    It is perhaps fitting that the man referred to as “King David” by his detractors in Iraq would have seen the plot against Obama unraveled on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Petraeus’s former spokesman retired Army Colonel Steve Boylan, hired by Petraeus to deal with the media in the aftermath of Petraeus’s extramarital affair with Broadwell and revelation of a two-way spat between Broadwell, who referred to Petraeus as “Peaches,” and Arabic-speaking Lebanese-American Jill Kelley, a “close” Petraeus friend who works as an “unpaid liaison” officer between the State Department and the Joint Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force base in Tampa, may have unwittingly let the cat out of the bag by describing the time line of Petraeus’s affair with Broadwell. Boylan said Petraeus’s affair with Broadwell, with whom he appeared to fancy “sex under the desk” according to emails between the two, began nine or ten months before he ended it four months ago. Using Boylan’s math, which obviously came from his friend Petraeus, that means the affair ended in July of this year but began around October 2011. Petraeus was sworn in as CIA director on September 6, 2011.

    We also know that according to Republican Representatives Dave Reichert (R-WA) and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), an unidentified FBI agent leaked the Petraeus affair story first to Reichert. Then Reichert, instead of following up himself with FBI director Robert Mueller or Attorney General Eric Holder, informed Cantor. Cantor’s chief of staff, Steven Sombres, it is being reported, phoned the FBI on October 31 to tell them about the conversation that Cantor had with the FBI “leaker.”

    In what may be the most critical part of the Petraeus case is that the FBI “deep throat” may be a “no throat.” Sombres and Cantor’s deputy chief of staff Doug Heye have been identified as key players in the FBI leak story. However, they were also identified as FBI targets in an event that took place a little less than two moths before Petraeus became CIA director. Cantor led an 80-member House congressional delegation (CODEL) to Israel in August 2011. On the evening of August 18, members of Cantor’s staff, and some 30 Republican Representatives were involved in a skinny-dipping incident at the David Citadel Hotel in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. The CODEL was funded by the American Israel Educational Foundation, a branch of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

    Representative Kevin Yoder (R-KS) was identified as one of the skinny dippers. Also participating in the late night bathing were Sombres, Tim Berry, chief of staff for GOP Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA); Laena Fallon, Cantor’s former press aide; and Emily Murray, a top policy aide to McCarthy. Several congressmen and their aides reportedly got drunk at the hotel before they jumped into the sea. Joining the swim party were Representatives Steve Southerland (R-FL) and his daughter; Tom Reed (R-NY) and his wife; Ben Quayle (R-AZ), Jeff Denham (R-CA), and Michael Grimm (R-NY).

    The FBI agent assigned to investigate alleged threatening emails sent by Broadwell to Kelley has been reported by The Wall Street Journal to be the same FBI “employee” who leaked details of the Petraeus matter to Reichert and then to Cantor. The story of the agent is falling apart as the Journal has now reported that the FBI agent became obsessed with Kelley and sent shirtless photos of himself to her. In the world of intelligence, such extraneous information is termed “clutter” and is designed to blur the actual facts.

    The FBI investigated the Galilee incident for possible Israeli intelligence compromise of the House members and their staff. However, the FBI never revealed the outcome of its investigation. It was Heye who announced that Cantor had satisfied the FBI’s concerns. If the FBI’s investigation continued, other doors may have opened, doors that led to a planned 2012 “October Surprise” against the President — doors that led to Cantor’s involvement with the Romney campaign in staging the October Surprise. Romney’s senior foreign policy aide was Dan Senor, who is close to Netanyahu and Cantor.

    Broadwell in Israel

    Paula Broadwell is a master’s degree graduate of the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies, named after the father of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and the alma mater of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, whose mentor was Professor Korbel. The University of Denver, like the University of Chicago, has become a spawning ground for neocon academics. Broadwell’s fellowship at Harvard University reportedly included abroad in Syria and Iran. Broadwell is reportedly fluent in Arabic. Broadwell, in recent years, has been a frequent visitor to the Persian Gulf, Jordan, and, more importantly, Israel. But even as a West Point cadet, Broadwell spent time in Israel. She admitted in a July 29 interview that while at West Point, she “was exposed to the Israeli Defense Forces as well as the Palestinian Liberation Organization. I met high level politicians and officials and gained an understanding of the dynamics of life on a communal kibbutz, in a refugee camp, and in a Bedouin village, having ’embedded’ within each community.”

    Broadwell, in the same interview, stated that she conducted “surveillance on the DMZ in Korea, providing conflict resolution training in Africa . . . [participated in] document exploitation against war criminals in Bosnia, jumping out of airplanes to earn Thai, Indian, and Czech parachute wings, putting together infiltration plans for special forces commandos, serving undercover with the FBI.” In other words, if Broadwell can be believed, she was an intelligence agent, herself, and one who wrote a self-serving book about Petraeus in cahoots with a Washington Post editor. The old ties between Langley and the Post continue to flourish.

    The catalyst that set the Middle East on fire

    The suspicious deaths of two national security agents who may have had knowledge of a threat by Israel and the Romney campaign to discredit Obama add to the plot against the President. On May 10, 2012, Secret Service agent Rafael Prieto, a native of Palmdale, California, accompanied President Obama to Los Angeles where he attended the “Starmageddon” fundraiser at the home of actor George Clooney at 151 El Camino in Beverly Hills. Previously, Prieto was assigned to the security detail of former President Bill Clinton and was based out of the White Plains, New York FBI office. A member of the FBI’s national security team in Los Angeles was Stephen Ivens. Ivens’s wife Thea said that her husband was unable to sleep over something that was causing him to have anxiety attacks.

    On the evening of May 10, Ivens, the father of a two-year old son, grabbed his gun at his home on the 700 block of Scott Road in Burbank and went out on foot into the Burbank foothills. Ivens was reportedly distraught and may have been meeting someone. Prieto happened to be in Los Angeles at the same time. On July 20, after a massive search, Ivens’s body was found behind a church near his home on the 2600 block of Scott Road in Burbank after two hikers reported a strange odor. However, on the second day of their search, police and the FBI used dogs who alerted on Ivens’s scent in the foothills but never discovered his body. The Los Angeles medical examiner’s office, which over the decades, has issued findings that defy logic, concluded that Ivens’s died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the scene where his body was discovered some three months later.

    It is unusual for a Secret Service agent to be transferred from a former President’s detail to that of a current President. However, in the case of Prieto, he joined Obama’s detail from Clinton’s. After a period of frostiness, Obama and Clinton patched up past differences and Clinton became one of Obama’s chief campaign surrogates. If Obama was made aware of a plot against him by senior military and intelligence officers, he may have confided in Clinton who, after the Monica Lewinsky affair, would have asked Obama how trustworthy is Secret Service detail was. Clinton’s experience with FBI White House liaison Gary Aldrich, who, in 1996 wrote Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, which exposed Clinton to charges of national security lapses, made the ex-President a believer in trust of the security detail. If Obama expressed any reservations about his security, Clinton may have suggested Prieto and a transfer from New York to the White House may have been arranged.

    On the evening of October 27, Prieto’s body was discovered in his car in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of northwest Washington, DC. It was reported that Prieto left the engine of his car running in an alley at 19th and Kenyon Streets and that he died from carbon monoxide poisoning. WMR was informed that a DC policewoman was taking photographs of homes across the street from Prieto’s residence, which he shared with another Secret Service, on the 1900 block of Kenyon Street. The policewoman was photographing the homes after Prieto’s body was discovered. If Prieto died from what was already concluded to be a suicide, why were the DC Metropolitan Police interested in nearby homes. The DC police had also roped off the intersections of 19th and Kenyon Street and Kenyon Street and Adams Mills Road during a suicide investigation that involved a dozen DC police cars and a crime scene mobile unit and unidentified trucks.

    Prieto was said to be despondent after he was discovered to have had a six-year affair with a Mexican woman. Prieto was identified by another Secret Service agent who was under investigation for a scandal involving Secret Service agents on Obama’s detail in Cartagena, Colombia and prostitutes during the Summit of the Americas last April. WMR reported at the time that the compromising of the Secret Service agents was part of a plot by Netanyahu and Mossad operatives who run the prostitution racket in Cartagena to discredit Obama.

    A few weeks after the Cartagena scandal broke, Prieto and Ivens were in Los Angeles during the Obama fundraiser where another plot was being hatched, one that would create a firestorm in the Middle East and lead to the 9/11/12 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya by Ansar al-Sharia guerrilla forces. The U.S. compound attackers were associated with Al Qaeda, the always-reliable entity that comes to the assistance of the neocons every time American national security is on the sacrificial altar of the “Temple of Treason.”

    A 13-minute long trailer for an anti-Islamic film called “The Innocence of Muslims,” which depicted the Prophet Mohammed as a sex pervert, was ready to be released on YouTube as the match that would set alight the Middle East. The trailer was filmed the year before as “Desert Warriors” and was the project of an odd consortium of Egyptian Coptic Christians, Hollywood porn movie producers who are Jewish, including Robert Brownell, aka Alan Roberts, and a real estate developer named Jimmy Israel. Brownell, who used a number of porn actors in the movie who were told that the main character was George” and not Mohammed, has produced such “classics” as The Sexpert and The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood. Both Roberts and Israel were associated with Egyptian-American Copts named Sam Bacile, whose real name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (Screen Actors Guild name Abnob Nakoula Basseley), and Joseph Nasralla Abdelmasih, an anti-Muslim who runs Media for Christ and has connections to anti-Muslim Zionist activists Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, and David Horowitz. Other players in the film production were Steven Klein and Gary Cass, both anti-Muslim Christian fundamentalist activists. At about the same time that Cantor was hosting 80 members of the House in Israel, courtesy of AIPAC, and Petraeus and his paramour Broadwell were taking up residence at Langley, production was underway on the anti-Islamic video being filmed in front of as green screen in Duarte and on the set of what is known as “Baghdad Square,” a Middle East war setting located at the Blue Cloud Film Ranch in Santa Clarita, California. Paramount’s television division built the set. Paramount TV is part of CBS, which is owned by arch-Zionist Sumner Redstone.

    Santa Clarita is up Interstate 5 from Ivens’s home in Burbank and due southwest on Highway 14 from Prieto’s hometown of Palmdale. After the anti-Muslim video was released it was revealed that the FBI Los Angeles office, where Ivens had worked as a national security and counter-intelligence agent, was investigating the producers of the film. However, the FBI did not indicate when the investigation began and whether Ivens was part of the FBI team looking into the backers of the film.

    What could Ivens and Prieto have had in common? Prieto’s widow, with whom he was reportedly estranged at the time of his death, although there is no independent verification of that, is Hollywood film executive Ruth Pomerance, someone who would have been privy to the type of Hollywood gossip that would not normally make its way to Washington and to the Secret Service and FBI. Pomerance worked with the movers and shakers of Hollywood as the former head of Michael Ovitz’s Artists Management Group, Executive Vice President for Production and Development at USA Films, and Vice-President of Lee Rich Company in New York. Could she have discovered something about the plan to create an incident that would destroy Obama’s chances for re-election and imparted that information to her husband, who was sworn to take even a bullet for the president? Did Prieto share the information on the incendiary film with Ivens, a criminal conspiracy so wide that it caused the FBI agent to suffer from anxiety attacks?

    Bacile, who also sued the aliases Nicola Bacily and Erwin Salameh, claimed to be an Israeli-American and received funding for the project from 100 Jewish donors. After Bacile was identified as Egyptian Coptic, AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League immediately denounced the reports on Bacile’s Jewish connections with the hackneyed “anti-Semitic” refrain. However, it cannot be denied that the “Innocence of Muslims” project involved Jews long associated with Hollywood. And there is a possibility that Ivens and Prieto were both aware of the plot to release the anti-Islam trailer by circles that had been associated with the Republican and military officers’ plot against Obama.

    Benghazi: the aborted attempt to create a Jimmy Carter Strategy hostage situation

    The attempt to create what Romney called a “Jimmy Carter Strategy” at the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi was immediately seized upon by Fox News, the Romney campaign, and neocon talking heads as a demonstration of Obama’s leadership when faced with a crisis. Romney’s attempt during the second debate with Obama to claim that the president never used the term terrorism to describe the attack on the consulate that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Information Management officer Sean Smith, and ex-US Navy SEAL team and likely CIA non-official cover security contractor agents Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. The two ex-SEALs were said to work for a little-known security firm called the Blue Mountain Group. Why was Stevens being protected by contractors in a dangerous war zone? Was it because certain elements within the CIA who were loyal to Petraeus could not be trusted to ensure Stevens’s safety? Was Stevens a sacrificial lamb all along in order to embarrass Obama?

    The Benghazi compound underwent a five-hour siege that began around 9:42 pm, certainly long enough for the U.S. Navy, AFRICOM, and CIA to react in time to save the staff. The siege was after nightfall and long after normal protesters would have been gathered outside the compound for optimum television coverage. A flash precedence message called a CRITIC was sent from the compound, likely from Sean Smith, the communications specialist, that alerted the chain of command in Washington that what was being experienced was no mere protest engendered by the anti-Muslim video. Benghazi, unlike the scene at the U.S. embassy in Cairo, was a paramilitary operation by seasoned guerrillas. Stevens, before the siege, met with a Turkish envoy who was also a liaison with the Salafist-supported Libyan rebels. Stevens reportedly was trying to gather up portable shoulder-held missile launchers given by him and the CIA to Libyan rebels for use against Muammar Qaddafi’s government. The Libyans were transferring the missile launchers to allies within the ranks of the Turkish-supported Syrian rebels. The Libyan army brigade guarding the U.S. compound was said to have been totally infiltrated by Ansar al-Sharia and Omar Abdul Rahman Brigades guerrillas allied with Al Qaeda.

    In early September, Petraeus made a secretive trip to Istanbul, Turkey where he met with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish MIT intelligence chief Hakan Fidan. Unlike Petraeus’s earlier trip to Ankara in March, the CIA chose to meet Turkish officials in Istanbul, a major CIA station that has, in the past, been infiltrated by Mossad moles in the CIA.

    Defense Secretary Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey were not informed of the siege and the danger to Stevens for a full hour after the CRITIC message was sent from Stevens to the State Department, White House, Pentagon, NSA, and CIA. Broadwell, in an October 26 speech at her Denver alma mater revealed that the CIA was using the Benghazi annex to hold Libyan militants prisoner. It was from this same annex that the CIA dispatched a rescue team to assist Stevens but only 28 minutes before Panetta, Dempsey, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and, assuredly, the White House, had been informed of the attack. The CIA vehemently denied that its annex was being used as a black site. However, the CIA has never admitted to any of its black sites around the world.

    Clapper, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who had reportedly tangled with Petraeus in the past, was said to have learned of Petraeus’s extramarital affair at 5 pm on Election Day. Clapper, who oversees the CIA, demanded Petraeus resign. However, it is more likely that Clapper, who, like Panetta and Dempsey, are considered loyal to Obama, realized the nature and extent of the Jimmy Carter Strategy and decided it was important to clean house. Even Clapper was likely not aware that Obama would be re-elected at 5 pm on Tuesday.

    The relevant question is what the Turkish envoy told Stevens at their meeting prior to the attack. Did the pro-Salafist Turks demand that Stevens release the Libyan militants and did Stevens refuse? Were the militants key to the eventual embassy hostage siege that would be used to destroy Obama’s presidency? Did Stevens, like Ivens and Prieto know too much? Has Stevens become a liability that could have exposed part of all of the “Jimmy Carter Strategy” against Obama. These are the questions that congressional investigators should ask witnesses, including Petraeus, Broadwell, and Romney under oath. As for Cantor, the House Ethics Committee should begin an immediate investigation of him and his staff, seizing all emails and files and urging Speaker of the House John Boehner to suspend or fire him as Majority Leader during the ethics investigation. The question is not so much what Cantor knew and when did he know it, but why did he know?

    Cantor’s staff reporting that the initial report from an FBI “leaker” went to Reichert is dubious. Reichert, a former King’s County detective, is a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, not the House Intelligence Committee, which has overall responsibility for the CIA. Reichert was approached by Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA), now Washington governor-elect, about his mental health following a subdural hematoma after a tree branch struck him on the head in 2010. There were suggestions by his political opponents that Reichert’s memory may have been impaired. Reichert insists he is fine but Cantor and his staff would find using Reichert as an initial source for the FBI leak about Petraeus advantageous if the FBI pursues the veracity of Cantor’s and his staffs’ story.

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) was briefed on the Petraeus affair by the FBI prior to his Senate counterpart Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) being informed. Feinstein has complained about being left out initially but she, like the individual being touted as a potential replacement for Petraeus at the CIA, former Representative Jane Harman (D-CA) — who was under investigation for her links to Mossad agents at the Israeli embassy in Washington — are known to be virtual sieves of U.S. intelligence to Israeli intelligence agents and uncleared individuals heading U.S. Jewish organizations.

    General Ham was in a position to order assistance from U.S. naval units off Benghazi’s coast but failed to do so from his command post at the Pentagon. British intelligence sources in Benghazi claimed Stevens’s compound and the CIA annex were under sustained fire by attackers on two separate occasions, without help arriving from a U.S. Special Forces Commander’s In Extremis Force or CIF deployed from Stuttgart, Ham’s permanent AFRICOM headquarters, to Croatia for OPERATION JACKAL STONE, a training exercise. Information on the CIF in Croatia was leaked by Broadwell in her Denver speech but it was also suspiciously reported by Fox News around the same time.

    It is clear that whatever Stevens was involved in had to do with the arming or disarming of radical Islamist guerrillas who were active in Libya and Syria and supported by Turkey and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Concurrent with the Petraeus-Broadwell scandal, Navy Arabic linguist James Hitselberger, assigned to an unconventional warfare element that is part of the Joint Special Operations Task Force-Gulf Cooperation Council in Bahrain, was charged with violating the Espionage Act for placing classified documents in a publicly-accessible archive called the “James F. Hitselberger Collection” at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Like the University of Denver’s Korbel School the Hoover Institution is a nesting ground for neocons. The timing of the October 26 arrest and indictment of Hitselberger, just as the information about Petraeus and Broadwell began to spread among certain circles in Washington, is suspicious. Hitselberger was described as someone who could, with no money or assets, successfully blend into any environment in any country, especially Arab countries like Libya and Syria. Was Hitselberger trafficking in classified documents to aid and abet the conspirators against Obama? Was he privy to Benghazi cables sent to the U.S. embassies in the Salafist-supporting GCC countries?

    Romney’s role in treason

    It is clear why Romney hardly ever lauded the military or veterans during the campaign. Romney’s Mormon religion was founded upon treason and insurrection against the U.S. government. The day after the deadly attack on the Benghazi compound, Romney condemned Obama’s lack of an immediate response to the attack, even though the lack of a response can now be placed at the doorstep of Petraeus, Ham, and the CIA assets in Benghazi. There were reports out of Libya that U.S. assets were airborne near the compound to repel the insurgents’ attack, in what was called “Feet Dry Over Libya” but that there was an order for the forces not to land. Who gave that order? Was it Ham in Washington? Was it Petraeus? Or was it another conspirator in the military or CIA chain-of-command?

    It is also suspected that Stevens and his own background may have involved him in covert side assignments for the CIA. Stevens may have been made aware of the use of some CIA and Pentagon assets to plot with Romney against Obama. Stevens, who was said by State Department insiders to have been gay, would have naturally wanted the gay rights-supportive Obama administration to triumph over the retrogressive Republicans and Romney. The killing of Stevens would have eliminated a potential source of information that could have hanged the conspirators and an impediment to proving advanced arms to Syrian rebels from Libyan caches pursuant to the wishes of Ankara, Riyadh, and Doha.

    Washington Post fixture Bob Woodward reported that the Romney campaign offered him a “source” with detailed knowledge of the Benghazi attacks during the last week of October. Who may that source have been? A photograph has emerged of Broadwell with Romney campaign strategist Karl Rove on June 11, 2012. They were attending a meeting in Washington, DC of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). The NCSL Legislative Leadership Meeting featured as speakers political pollster Charlie Cook and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and Rove. Two things were odd about Broadwell attending the meeting. She was in her Army uniform at what was, ostensibly, a civilian gathering. And NCSL has been at the forefront of drafting legislation on enacting laws that govern the technology used for elections and the maintenance of voter rolls. Karl Rove attending such a gathering is like putting a fox in a henhouse. And what drew Broadwell to a conference partly focused on election integrity? Her background is in counter-terrorism and national security.

    Rove has long been rumored to have close links to certain CIA operations, including those in Sweden. Rove has been a political adviser to Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, a conservative who has sidled up to the CIA on issues ranging from the CIA’s rendition of Muslims from Swedish soil, CIA use of Swedish airfields for rendition activity, and the attempt by the United States to bring WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to face trial in the United States.

    The Broadwell connection to Rove is key. The death list of those with a possible connection to the Petraeus scandal does not end with Ivens, Prieto, Stevens, and the other Benghazi personnel. On November 9, mere hours before the Petraeus resignation was reported, the body of a private security guard for Reinfeldt was discovered at the Prime Minister’s waterfront Sagerska Palace in Stockholm. The guard, said to be a “familiar face” around the palace, worked for Svensk BevakningsTjänst, Sweden’s third largest security company, which is owned by the large conglomerate Axel Johnson AB. Renfeldt and his family were not home at the time of the death, which was said to have been caused by an “accidental” or “self-inflicted” gun shot. Is there a connection between the suspicious death of the private guard for Rove’s friend Reinfeldt and Obama’s Secret Service agent and the FBI agent in Los Angeles? Did one or more of them know too much?

    Petraeus girl friend with Karl Rove, June 11, 2012.

    Obama never allowed himself to be drawn into the trap laid for him over Benghazi by Romney, Rove, disloyal military officers, and some CIA elements. There are indications the conspiracy against Obama was large. The same day that Petraeus resigned, officially over an “extramarital affair,” Christopher Kubisek, the incoming CEO of America’s largest defense contractor, Lockeed Martin, was fired by the company’s board for a “close, personal relationship” with a subordinate.

    If such a series of resignations and forced retirements were to occur in other countries, the CIA would call them a government purge. Former CIA officer Robert Baer said in an interview that he knew of past CIA directors who had extramarital affairs but the FBI had never been called in to investigate. WMR has reported on a past extramarital affair involving CIA director Michael Hayden with a subordinate female Air Force Lieutenant Colonel while he was director of NSA. The FBI was never called in to investigate. Baer may have been referring to Hayden, as well as other past CIA directors.

    Petraeus may have been faced with two choices: resigning in disgrace over his “affair” or being prosecuted for treason. He and, presumably others, like Ham and Gaouette, took the easy way out and resigned. Their oath upon being commissioned is succinct:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

    Under Article 90 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, during times of war — and we are always told we are in a permanent war on terrorism — a military member who willfully disobeys a superior can be sentenced to death. Petraeus is hoping to be named President of Princeton University rather than face a firing squad.

    Petraeus has a chance to clear his name to a degree. Just as Marine Corps General Smedley Butler was approached by treasonous Republicans who wanted to oust President Franklin Roosevelt in a coup in 1934, playing along with the plotters until he could amass enough evidence to rat them out to the Congress, Petraeus is in a position to identify the treasonous plotters of 2012. They obviously include Cantor, Rove, Romney, Ham, and others who are, as yet, unidentified. If Petraeus remains silent, he will forever be known by his other handle given to him by his military subordinates: “General Betray Us.”

    Pepe Escobar the Jon Stewart of mid-east … – ……

    Aug 20, 2012… November 12-14, 2012 — SPECIAL REPORT. Update 2x. Sex, Lies, and Audiotapes — the right-wing plot against Obama · November 12-13, …

    Here is Part II – a shorter read but it looks like there may very well be more to this Jill Kelly story, the reported socialite from Tampa who sent Broadwell emails to the FBI. – h

    November 13-14, 2012 — By Dawn’s Early Light — neocon and military plot against Obama unravels

    “By Dawn’s Early Light” was the last Cold War movie about renegade Pentagon generals acting without the authorization of the President of the United States. Although the Cold War is long since over, the concept of renegade Pentagon flag rank officers defying the president appears to have become a reality. And every dawn’s early light now brings forth new revelations of what can only be described as a major conspiracy to create a foreign conflagration that would see President Obama defeated for re-election amid an engineered crisis in Libya.

    As the David Petraeus scandal and the plot against Obama by neocon flag rank officers working with the Mitt Romney campaign continues to unfold, President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning about the inherent dangers of the “military-industrial complex” to our democratic form of government becomes as clear as ever:

    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

    We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

    The attempt by senior military members working with the Romney campaign to implement what Romney called a “Jimmy Carter Strategy” to present Obama with a full-scale U.S. embassy hostage situation in Benghazi was not limited to senior military officers and Romney operatives like Dan Senor and Karl Rove but also included the “industrial” portion of Eisenhower’s dreaded military-industrial complex.

    Shortly after Petraeus announced that he was resigning over an extra-marital affair, Christoper Kubasik, the incoming chief executive officer of Lockheed-Martin, America’s largest defense contractor and which is based not far from the Pentagon in Bethesda, Maryland, was fired by the corporation’s board for having a “lengthy, close, personal relationship” with a subordinate employee. With much of the military’s functions being contracted out to companies like Lockheed-Martin, a global plot against the President by senior military commanders would have required contractor support. And Lockheed-Martin (or “Lock-Mart”) is the biggest and most powerful of them all, with its hooks inside the FBI surveillance and counter-surveillance technology through its ownership of Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico and contracts for cyber-security at the National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Meade, Maryland and the FBI at Quantico, Virginia.

    Following the Petraeus resignation and Kubasik’s firing for the exact same official reason — extramarital affairs — Microsoft’s media shy executive for Windows development, Steven Sinofsky, resigned (or as some suggest, was fired by CEO Steve Ballmer). No official reason was given. However, as the Petraeus scandal unfolded and began to involve other senior generals, it also became clear that e-mails between Petraeus and his girlfriend Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Paula Broadwell, between Broadwell and a MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa socialite named Jill Kelley, and between Kelley and commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan Marine Corps General John Allen were being leaked. It was also reported that the FBI was searching Broadwell’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina after reports surfaced that her reported access to classified information did not come from CIA director Petraeus but from another source, or, perhaps, through a backdoor in software provided by Microsoft to the military and intelligence community — a backdoor that now ex-Windows guru Mr. Sinofsky might have known about.

    Former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden, who arranged for Microsoft back doors to be installed in government and commercial software, has publicly called for Petraeus to answer questions about the siege of the U.S. embassy and the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other State Department personnel. However, Hayden, who had his own extra-marital affair with an Air Force subordinate Air Force Lieutenant Colonel named Erika Proctor, whom he met in Sarajevo before he was NSA director, was an adviser to Romney, who hoped to use the Benghazi attack as a way of diminishing Obama’s crisis reaction skills. Hayden, as NSA director, would have worked closely with Sinofsky and his staff to place back doors into Microsoft Windows e-mail and other communications systems. In fact, Microsoft maintains a full-time office at NSA headquarters to deal with surveillance issues that arise with Microsoft systems.

    FBI agents searching Broadwell’s home in Charlotte were seen carrying out a Dell PC in addition to an iMac and a printer. It was also emerged that Broadwell appeared in a commercial for a Swiss automatic weapons manufacturer, KRISS Arms, which has its U.S. headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a city that has close connections to the former Blackwater USA and which is a major base for the Navy SEALS.

    Earlier reports that Broadwell sent Kelley threatening e-mails over what Broadwell believed were Kelley’s amorous intentions toward Petraeus now appear to have been false. In fact, a mysterious and unnamed FBI agent who was in contact with Representatives Dave Reichert (D-WA) and Eric Cantor (R-VA), the latter the house Majority Leader, appears to have interjected himself into the Petraeus matter but also began sending shirtless photographs of himself to Kelley, a Lebanese-American from Philadelphia who is married to a Tampa surgeon who works at the Moffitt Cancer Center.

    It has been leaked that 30,000 pages of correspondence between Kelley and General Allen, who succeeded Petraeus as commander in Afghanistan, have been obtained by FBI investigators. Allen, who commands the International security Force in Afghanistan was slated to become the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO but that nomination is now on hold and investigators are determining the nature of the relationship between Allen and Kelley and whether Kelley obtained classified information from Allen. Kelley supposedly works as an unpaid liaison between the U.S. Central and Special Operations Commands in Tampa and the U.S. State Department and the local community. Kelley reportedly works with Vice Admiral Robert Harward, a Navy SEAL and the deputy commander of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) in Tampa. Petraeus served as chief of CENTCOM before being assigned to Afghanistan to command U.S. and NATO forces.

    Allen’s deputy commander for logistics in Afghanistan, Brigadier General Jeffrey A. Sinclair, was relieved of his duties last May. Sinclair faces charges at Fort Bragg, North Carolina that he engaged in sex crimes against five women: four subordinates and a civilian. The fact that such a case involving a flag rank officer is going to a full court-martial is considered highly unusual. In many cases, such cases involving senior officers result in an early retirement and letters of reprimand. However, in a period of disloyal flag ranks officers being discovered throughout commands around the world, what was unusual now appears to standard operating procedure.

    About the same time that Petraeus’s affir was being circulated to a few individuals in Washington, the Navy relieved Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette of his duties as commander of the USS Stennis Strike Group while it was in transit in the Pacific en route to Indian Ocean waters. No reason was given and Navy sources have told WMR that the sacking of Gaouette is shrouded in secrecy.

    Ironically, Kelley’s twin sister, Natalie Khawam, is an attorney who graduated from Georgetown Law School and specializes in protecting whistleblowers. Khawam had an acrimonious divorce from and child custody battle with Washington, DC venture capitalist Grayson Wolfe, who is a founding partner of Akkadian Private Ventures, LLC and “affiliated” companies. Akkadia is an extinct empire that existed in what is now Iraq. More interestingly, from January to August 2004, Wolfe worked as the Manager of the Private Sector Development Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq and reported to Paul “Jerry” Bremer and his communications director Dan Senor. Wolfe was in Iraq during the same time Petraeus was serving as Commanding General of the 101st Airborne Division. Senor was a chief adviser to Romney in the presidential campaign. Before being assigned to Baghdad, Wolfe was Director of Broader Middle East Initiatives and Iraqi Reconstruction and Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer at the Export-Import Bank of the United States at the same time publisher Phil Merrill served the bank as chairman. Merrill, who arranged for the type of loans to Iraq that benefited Wolfe’s job of securing contracts for oil and other companies in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan, was found in the Chesapeake Bay on June 19, 2006. His feet were wrapped in anchor chain and his body had a bullet wound. The Medical Examiner ruled Merrill’s death a suicide.

    Akkadian’s managing director is oil man and former Bechtel executive Ross Connelly. He served as Maine State Chairman for George W. Bush’s presidential campaign. Many of Akkadians principals are former officials of the Export-Import Bank but the company;’s website is blocking access to the corporate board of advisers. Akkadian is involved in projects in Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, and most interestingly, in Libya.

  6. Renee says:

    Pope *
    Emma Thetasina Garcia1
    F, #444401, b. 1996

    Emma Thetasina Garcia|b. 1996|p44441.htm#i444401|Pedro Garcia|b. 1957|p44312.htm#i443117|Saskia de Haan|b. 1969|p44280.htm#i442791|||||||Hein J. de Haan|b. 1931|p44387.htm#i443867|Ann Courage|b. 1936\nd. 1970|p44397.htm#i443963|

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Emma Thetasina Garcia was born in 1996.1 She is the daughter of Pedro Garcia and Saskia de Haan.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Jessie Allen1
    F, #444402

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Child of Jessie Allen and Dr. Thomas G. Kerans
    Arthur Kerans1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Captain Francis Richard Heywood Sutton1
    M, #444403

    Last Edited=25 Jul 2010
    Captain Francis Richard Heywood Sutton married Vera Kathleen Waldock.1
    He was decorated with the award of the Military Cross (M.C.).1
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 1394. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    Jennifer Elizabeth Pope1
    F, #444404, b. 1955

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Jennifer Elizabeth Pope was born in 1955.1
    Children of Jennifer Elizabeth Pope and Anthony Robert Fanwshawe
    Francesca Rose Fanwshawe1 b. 1988
    Harry Philip Dalrymple Fanwshawe1 b. 1990
    Robert Anthony Courage Fanwshawe1 b. 1992
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Lt.-Col. unknown Ratton1
    M, #444405

    Last Edited=20 Jul 2010
    Lt.-Col. unknown Ratton gained the rank of Lieeutenant-Colonel in the service of the Indiam Medical Service.1
    Child of Lt.-Col. unknown Ratton
    Marcus Holroyd Ratton1
    [S1605] J.N. Houterman, “re: Crosby Family,” e-mail message to Darryl Roger Lundy, 6 February 2006. Hereinafter cited as “re: Crosby Family.”

    Peter Munn1
    M, #444406, b. 1945

    Peter Munn|b. 1945|p44441.htm#i444406|William James Munn|b. 1912\nd. 1989|p44340.htm#i443392|Susan Astle Sperling|b. 1909\nd. 1994|p44446.htm#i444452|||||||St. J. V. H. Sperling|b. 1870\nd. 1948|p44377.htm#i443770|Cecily A. Courage|b. 1876\nd. 1961|p44467.htm#i444665|

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Peter Munn was born in 1945.1 He is the son of William James Munn and Susan Astle Sperling.1
    Children of Peter Munn and Susan Valerie Aldred
    Natalie Aldred Munn1 b. 1978
    Oliver Robert Munn1 b. 1980
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Cynthia Jane Olive Rowlands1
    F, #444407, b. 1951

    Cynthia Jane Olive Rowlands|b. 1951|p44441.htm#i444407|Eric Douglas Rowlands||p44230.htm#i442295|Frances Josephine Pakenham|b. 1919|p44230.htm#i442294|||||||William H. V. Pakenham|b. 2 Jun 1885\nd. 1956|p46240.htm#i462400|Alice Smith|d. 2 May 1966|p43054.htm#i430536|

    Last Edited=7 Jan 2011
    Cynthia Jane Olive Rowlands was born in 1951.1 She is the daughter of Eric Douglas Rowlands and Frances Josephine Pakenham.1 She married Andrew Fisher in 1874.1 She and Andrew Fisher were divorced.1
    From 1874, her married name became Fisher.1 She lived in 2003 at 299 Shenley Fields Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.1
    Children of Cynthia Jane Olive Rowlands and Andrew Fisher
    Daniel Andrew Fisher1 b. 1976
    Emily Jane Fisher1 b. 1980
    Sarah Elizabeth Fisher1 b. 1980
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 2, page 2393. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    Mary Covert1
    F, #444408, b. 1564, d. 1595

    Mary Covert|b. 1564\nd. 1595|p44441.htm#i444408|Richard Covert||p44439.htm#i444389||||||||||||||||

    Last Edited=31 Jul 2010
    Mary Covert was born in 1564 at Slaugham, Sussex, England.1 She was the daughter of Richard Covert.1 She married Richard Barttelot, son of Robert Barttelot and Mary Apsley, in February 1583 at Slaugham, Sussex, England.1 She died in 1595.1
    From February 1583, her married name became Barttelot.1
    Children of Mary Covert and Richard Barttelot
    William Barttelot1 b. 1588
    Edward Barttelot1 b. 1590
    Walter Barttelot+1 b. 1591, d. Jan 1640
    John Barttelot1 b. c 1592
    William Barttelot+1 b. c 1593, d. 1666
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Muriel Milly Michell Courage1
    F, #444409, b. 1879, d. 1961

    Muriel Milly Michell Courage|b. 1879\nd. 1961|p44441.htm#i444409|Frederick Michell Courage|b. Mar 1857\nd. 1897|p44436.htm#i444351|Millicent Mary Watson|b. 1862\nd. 1883|p44291.htm#i442902|Robert Courage|b. 1831\nd. Mar 1894|p44444.htm#i444434|Anne Michell|b. 28 Oct 1829\nd. Jun 1900|p44506.htm#i445057|||||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Muriel Milly Michell Courage was born in 1879 at Kensington, London, England.1 She was the daughter of Frederick Michell Courage and Millicent Mary Watson.1 She died in 1961.1
    Child of Muriel Milly Michell Courage and Cecil Parsons
    Bettine Rachel Parsons+1 b. 1905, d. 1938
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Charles Samuel Pope1
    M, #444410, b. 1983

    Charles Samuel Pope|b. 1983|p44441.htm#i444410|Joseph David Pope|b. 1950|p44315.htm#i443148|Fenella Rouse|b. 1950|p44417.htm#i444168|||||||John P. N. Rouse|b. 1920\nd. 1999|p44449.htm#i444490|Sheila M. Isherwood|b. 1930|p44463.htm#i444623|

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Charles Samuel Pope was born in 1983.1 He is the son of Joseph David Pope and Fenella Rouse.
    Emily Elizabeth Frost1
    F, #444391, b. 1994

    Emily Elizabeth Frost|b. 1994|p44440.htm#i444391|Hugh Metford Frost|b. 1964|p44351.htm#i443506|Tessa Elizabeth Strangeways|b. 1964|p44310.htm#i443095|Tony M. Frost|b. 1932|p44365.htm#i443644|Elizabeth J. P. Mackley|b. 1942|p44367.htm#i443664|||||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Emily Elizabeth Frost was born in 1994.1 She is the daughter of Hugh Metford Frost and Tessa Elizabeth Strangeways.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Mary Barttelot1
    F, #444392, b. September 1678

    Mary Barttelot|b. Sep 1678|p44440.htm#i444392|Richard Barttelot|b. 3 May 1636\nd. Jan 1744|p44319.htm#i443189|Mary Barttelot|b. 1669\nd. 1707|p44398.htm#i443972|William Barttelot|b. c 1593\nd. 1666|p44369.htm#i443685|Anne Strudwick|b. 1604|p44275.htm#i442748|||||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Mary Barttelot was born in September 1678.1 She was the daughter of Richard Barttelot and Mary Barttelot.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Daphne Henry1
    F, #444393

    Daphne Henry||p44440.htm#i444393|Colonel Vivian Henry|d. 22 Sep 1929|p5303.htm#i53023|Gladys Mary Milbank||p5303.htm#i53022|Colonel Francis Henry||p5303.htm#i53024||||Sir Powlett C. J. Milbank, 2nd Bt.|b. 1 May 1852\nd. 30 Jan 1918|p4992.htm#i49913|Edith M. Green-Price|d. 1 Mar 1928|p4992.htm#i49914|

    Last Edited=25 Jul 2010
    Daphne Henry is the daughter of Colonel Vivian Henry and Gladys Mary Milbank.1 She married Guy William John Farquhar, son of Granville Frederick Richard Farquhar and Helen Margaretta Livingston, on 11 July 1928.1 She and Guy William John Farquhar were divorced in 1947.1
    From 11 July 1928, her married name became Farquhar.1
    Children of Daphne Henry and Guy William John Farquhar
    Edward Vivian Farquhar+1 b. 4 Jun 1929, d. 4 Dec 1995
    Antonia Daphne Diana Farquhar+1 b. 31 Jul 1932
    Peter Guy Powlett Farquhar+1 b. 13 Feb 1936
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 1394. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    Huw Kenneth Andrew Hackett Pain1
    M, #444394, b. 2003

    Huw Kenneth Andrew Hackett Pain|b. 2003|p44440.htm#i444394|Nicholas Wyndham Llewellyn Hackett Pain|b. 1953|p44348.htm#i443474|Eizabeth Jean Greves|b. 1960|p44274.htm#i442738|Wyndham J. Hackett Pain|b. 1921\nd. 1998|p44391.htm#i443903|Wenllian K. Llewellyn|b. 1923|p44292.htm#i442914|||||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Huw Kenneth Andrew Hackett Pain was born in 2003.1 He is the son of Nicholas Wyndham Llewellyn Hackett Pain and Eizabeth Jean Greves.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Vera Kathleen Waldock1
    F, #444395

    Last Edited=25 Jul 2010
    Vera Kathleen Waldock married, firstly, Captain Francis Richard Heywood Sutton.1 She married, secondly, Guy William John Farquhar, son of Granville Frederick Richard Farquhar and Helen Margaretta Livingston, on 22 September 1961.1
    Her married name became Sutton.1 From 22 September 1961, her married name became Farquhar.1
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 1394. Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.

    Elizabeth Laurence1
    F, #444396, b. circa 1680

    Last Edited=29 Jun 2012
    Elizabeth Laurence was born circa 1680 at Kirdford, Sussex, England.2 She married Walter Barttelot, son of Richard Barttelot and Mary Barttelot, on 15 September 1709 at Kirdford, England.1
    From 15 September 1709, her married name became Barttelot.1
    Children of Elizabeth Laurence and Walter Barttelot
    Mary Barttelot1 b. 17 Jul 1710
    Richard Barttelot1 b. 30 Mar 1712
    William Barttelot+1 b. 14 Jun 1713
    Thomas Barttelot1 b. Mar 1714
    Elizabeth Barttelot1 b. 11 May 1718
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    [S3706] David Barttelot, “re: Crosland Family,” e-mail message to Darryl Roger LUNDY (101053), 7 April 2009. Hereinafter cited as “re: Crosland Family.”
    Janet Kerans1
    F, #444398

    Janet Kerans||p44440.htm#i444398|William Robert Kerans|b. 10 Jan 1836\nd. 25 Aug 1914|p44357.htm#i443562|Anne Palmer|d. 25 Jan 1937|p44483.htm#i444823|Dr. Laurence C. Kerans|b. 7 Dec 1800\nd. 15 May 1886|p44300.htm#i443000|Augusta Speedy|b. 1807\nd. 1888|p44365.htm#i443649|Thomas Palmer||p51117.htm#i511162||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Janet Kerans is the daughter of William Robert Kerans and Anne Palmer.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Robert Brian Church1
    M, #444399, b. 1962

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Robert Brian Church was born in 1962.1
    Children of Robert Brian Church and Jacqueline Mary Langton
    Rosie Isabel Mary Church1 b. 2000
    Amelia Lucy Anne Church1 b. 2003
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Endellion Rose Lycett Green1
    F, #444400, b. 29 January 1969

    Endellion Rose Lycett Green|b. 29 Jan 1969|p44440.htm#i444400|Rupert William Lycett Green|b. 24 Oct 1938|p24036.htm#i240351|Candida Rose Betjeman|b. 1942|p44291.htm#i442903|Commander David C. L. Green|b. 4 Jun 1892\nd. 1 May 1960|p6608.htm#i66080|Angela Courage|b. 1902\nd. 1992|p6610.htm#i66091|Sir John Betjeman|b. 28 Aug 1906\nd. 19 May 1984|p21591.htm#i215902|Hon. Penelope V. H. Chetwode|b. 14 Feb 1910|p21590.htm#i215900|

    Last Edited=25 Jul 2011
    Endellion Rose Lycett Green was born on 29 January 1969.2 She is the daughter of Rupert William Lycett Green and Candida Rose Betjeman.1 She married Robert William Nagel.
    Her married name became Nagel.
    Children of Endellion Rose Lycett Green and Robert William Nagel
    Grace Tulane Nagel1 b. 1998
    Felix James Angela Chetwode Nagel1 b. 2001
    Caitlin Rachel Dwyer1
    F, #443241, b. 1984

    Caitlin Rachel Dwyer|b. 1984|p44325.htm#i443241|John Michael Dwyer|b. 1952|p44278.htm#i442771|Jane Hannah Blatt|b. 1948|p44322.htm#i443220|||||||Joseph H. Blatt|b. 1919\nd. 1997|p44315.htm#i443147|Susan J. Courage|b. 1925|p44331.htm#i443307|

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Caitlin Rachel Dwyer was born in 1984.1 She is the daughter of John Michael Dwyer and Jane Hannah Blatt.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Hannah Barttelot1
    F, #443242, b. 15 September 1784

    Hannah Barttelot|b. 15 Sep 1784|p44325.htm#i443242|James Barttelot|b. Apr 1750|p44339.htm#i443381|Elizabeth Pullin||p44499.htm#i444989|William Barttelot|b. 14 Jun 1713|p44472.htm#i444719|Anne Barttelot|b. c 1715|p44464.htm#i444640|||||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Hannah Barttelot was born on 15 September 1784.1 She was the daughter of James Barttelot and Elizabeth Pullin.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    James Courage1
    M, #443243, b. circa 1690

    James Courage|b. c 1690|p44325.htm#i443243|William Courage|b. c 1630\nd. c 1700|p44296.htm#i442958||||||||||||||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    James Courage was born circa 1690.1 He was the son of William Courage.1 He died at Bellhelvie, Scotland.1
    He was Tenant – as a Tailor 1696 Poll Book at North Colpnay, Belhelvie.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Thomas Cole Owen-Turner1
    M, #443244

    Thomas Cole Owen-Turner||p44325.htm#i443244|Robert Lorrie Owen-Turner||p44317.htm#i443163|Rosemary Malvaso||p44323.htm#i443225|Thomas R. Owen-Turner|b. 16 Apr 1934|p44314.htm#i443134|Lorraine A. Schmaus|b. 13 Jun 1934|p44314.htm#i443137|||||||

    Last Edited=31 Jul 2010
    Thomas Cole Owen-Turner is the son of Robert Lorrie Owen-Turner and Rosemary Malvaso.1
    [S4755] Kim Owen-Turner, “re: Turner Family,” e-mail message to Darryl Roger LUNDY (101053), 28 July 2010. Hereinafter cited as “re: Turner Family.”
    Graviela Saravia1
    F, #443245

    Last Edited=31 Jul 2010
    Graviela Saravia married Josiah Jeremy Dashwood Boek Gimson, son of Antony Josiah Boek Gimson and Elizabeth Cassels Dashwood, in 1975.1
    From 1975, her married name became Gimson.1
    Children of Graviela Saravia and Josiah Jeremy Dashwood Boek Gimson
    Loraine Elizabeth Gimson Saravia+1 b. 1977
    Juan Esteban Boeck Gimson Saravia1 b. 1980
    [S4756] Loraine Gimson, “re: Gimson Family,” e-mail message to Darryl Roger LUNDY (101053), 29 July 2010. Hereinafter cited as “re: Gimson Family.”

    Loraine Elizabeth Gimson Saravia1
    F, #443246, b. 1977

    Loraine Elizabeth Gimson Saravia|b. 1977|p44325.htm#i443246|Josiah Jeremy Dashwood Boek Gimson|b. 1942\nd. 1995|p34453.htm#i344527|Graviela Saravia||p44325.htm#i443245|Antony J. B. Gimson|d. 1942|p34453.htm#i344526|Elizabeth C. Dashwood|b. 1916|p34453.htm#i344525|||||||

    Last Edited=31 Jul 2010
    Loraine Elizabeth Gimson Saravia was born in 1977.1 She is the daughter of Josiah Jeremy Dashwood Boek Gimson and Graviela Saravia.1 She married Nicolás Severo Isasmendi Soria in 2006.1
    From 2006, her married name became Severo Isasmendi Soria.1
    Child of Loraine Elizabeth Gimson Saravia and Nicolás Severo Isasmendi Soria
    Nicolás Severo Isasmendi Gimson1 b. 2009
    [S4756] Loraine Gimson, “re: Gimson Family,” e-mail message to Darryl Roger LUNDY (101053), 29 July 2010. Hereinafter cited as “re: Gimson Family.”
    John Kerans1
    M, #443247

    John Kerans||p44325.htm#i443247|Charles Kerans||p44394.htm#i443938|A Dearle||p44491.htm#i444910|Percy A. Kerans|b. 1852\nd. 1883|p44313.htm#i443128|Mrs Rivers||p44346.htm#i443453|||||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    John Kerans is the son of Charles Kerans and A Dearle.1
    Children of John Kerans and H Allman
    Nigel Kerans1
    Claire Kerans1
    Laura Kerans1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Eva Wills Hale1
    F, #443248, b. 1891, d. 1957

    Last Edited=23 Dec 2011
    Eva Wills Hale was born in 1891.1 She married, firstly, Major Edward Thomas John Kerans, son of William Robert Kerans and Anne Palmer.2 She married, secondly, Edward Michael Angelo Hogan.2 She died in 1957.2
    Her married name became Hogan.2 Her married name became Kerans.2
    Children of Eva Wills Hale and Major Edward Thomas John Kerans
    Patrick William Kerans1 d. 25 Mar 1941
    Commander John Simon Kerans+1 b. 30 Jun 1915, d. 12 Sep 1985
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    [S519] Dave and Pam Treanor’s Ancestry, online Hereinafter cited as Treanor Ancestry.
    Kit David Bay Courage1
    M, #443249, b. 1991

    Kit David Bay Courage|b. 1991|p44325.htm#i443249|Robin Vandeleur Courage|b. 1944|p44463.htm#i444625|Serena Elizabeth Allott|b. 1956|p44321.htm#i443204|Maurice V. Courage|b. Sep 1906\nd. 1965|p44412.htm#i444119|Ione B. Green|b. 1910\nd. 1995|p44378.htm#i443773|||||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Kit David Bay Courage was born in 1991.1 He is the son of Robin Vandeleur Courage and Serena Elizabeth Allott.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Elizabeth Aldridge1
    F, #443250, b. November 1782

    Elizabeth Aldridge|b. Nov 1782|p44325.htm#i443250|John Aldridge||p44285.htm#i442844|Anna Maria Barttelot|b. c 1771\nd. 1825|p44406.htm#i444057|||||||Walter Smyth|b. 19 Mar 1751\nd. 2 Feb 1837|p13473.htm#i134726|Philadelphia Wickens|b. 25 Jul 1748\nd. May 1809|p13480.htm#i134795|

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Elizabeth Aldridge was born in November 1782.1 She was the daughter of John Aldridge and Anna Maria Barttelot.
    Juan Esteban Boeck Gimson Saravia1
    M, #443251, b. 1980

    Juan Esteban Boeck Gimson Saravia|b. 1980|p44326.htm#i443251|Josiah Jeremy Dashwood Boek Gimson|b. 1942\nd. 1995|p34453.htm#i344527|Graviela Saravia||p44325.htm#i443245|Antony J. B. Gimson|d. 1942|p34453.htm#i344526|Elizabeth C. Dashwood|b. 1916|p34453.htm#i344525|||||||

    Last Edited=31 Jul 2010
    Juan Esteban Boeck Gimson Saravia was born in 1980.1 He is the son of Josiah Jeremy Dashwood Boek Gimson and Graviela Saravia.1
    [S4756] Loraine Gimson, “re: Gimson Family,” e-mail message to Darryl Roger LUNDY (101053), 29 July 2010. Hereinafter cited as “re: Gimson Family.”
    Cicely Irene Villiers1
    F, #443252, b. 1914, d. 1994

    Cicely Irene Villiers|b. 1914\nd. 1994|p44326.htm#i443252|Lt.-Col. Charles Hyde Villiers|d. 23 May 1947|p22497.htm#i224962|Lady Victoria Alexandrina Innes-Ker|d. 22 May 1970|p22497.htm#i224964|Reverend Charles Villiers|b. 1830\nd. 15 Oct 1893|p3163.htm#i31630|Florence M. Tyssen-Amherst|d. 7 Oct 1927|p22497.htm#i224961|James H. R. Innes-Ker, 7th Duke of Roxburghe|b. 5 Sep 1839\nd. 23 Oct 1892|p10633.htm#i106323||||

    Last Edited=23 Jun 2012
    Cicely Irene Villiers was born in 1914.3 She was the daughter of Lt.-Col. Charles Hyde Villiers and Lady Victoria Alexandrina Innes-Ker.2 She married Archibald Dennis Courage, son of Archibald Vesey Courage and Violet Benn, in 1934.3 She died in 1994.1
    From 1934, her married name became Courage.
    Children of Cicely Irene Villiers and Archibald Dennis Courage
    Susan Courage+1 b. 1936
    Archibald Richard Courage+1 b. 1939
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003). Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
    [S37] Charles Mosley, Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition, volume 1, page 799.
    Clara Thornton1,2
    F, #443253, b. circa 1848

    Clara Thornton|b. c 1848|p44326.htm#i443253|Joseph Tyne Thornton|b. 29 Nov 1811|p34915.htm#i349148|Mary Sykes|b. 1813|p34916.htm#i349157|||||||||||||

    Last Edited=17 Jul 2010
    Clara Thornton was born circa 1848 at Paddock, Yorkshire, England.1,2 She was the daughter of Joseph Tyne Thornton and Mary Sykes.2
    She lived in 1881 at Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.1,2
    [S4714] and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1881 England Census (n.p.: Online publication – Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004. 1881 British Isles Census Index provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints © Copyright 1999 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. All use is subject to the l, unknown publish date), Class: RG11; Piece: 4382; Folio: 147; Page: 60; GSU roll: 1342046.
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Lyons Kerans1
    M, #443254, b. 1766, d. 14 November 1838

    Lyons Kerans|b. 1766\nd. 14 Nov 1838|p44326.htm#i443254|William Kerans|b. 1718\nd. 1800|p44460.htm#i444592||||Thomas Cairnes|d. 1722|p44456.htm#i444552||||||||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Lyons Kerans was born in 1766 at Ireland.1 He was the son of William Kerans.1 He married Sarah Clarke, daughter of William Clarke, in 1795.1 He died on 14 November 1838.1
    Children of Lyons Kerans and Sarah Clarke
    Anne Kerans1
    Margaret Kerans1
    Charlotte Kerans1
    William Kerans1 b. 1 Sep 1797, d. 12 Oct 1822
    Michael Kerans1 b. 25 Apr 1799, d. 1882
    Dr. Laurence Clark Kerans+1 b. 7 Dec 1800, d. 15 May 1886
    George Kerans1 b. 1804, d. c 1884
    Dr. Thomas Kerans+1 b. 2 Apr 1806, d. 12 Oct 1861
    Joseph Kerans1 b. Dec 1809, d. 1868
    Dr. Lyons Kerans+1 b. 17 Oct 1813, d. 7 Sep 1864
    Robert Kerans1 b. 1816, d. c 1852
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Ann Jacqueline G. Pearson1
    F, #443255, b. 1926, d. 1992

    Ann Jacqueline G. Pearson|b. 1926\nd. 1992|p44326.htm#i443255|Bernard Garencieres Pearson|b. 1891\nd. 1989|p45383.htm#i453822|Deborah Poole Blencowe|b. 1901\nd. 1991|p44480.htm#i444791|||||||William P. Blencowe|b. 1869\nd. 1900|p44376.htm#i443753|Muriel Courage|b. 1880\nd. 1963|p44439.htm#i444387|

    Last Edited=27 Aug 2011
    Ann Jacqueline G. Pearson was born in 1926.1 She was the daughter of Bernard Garencieres Pearson and Deborah Poole Blencowe.1 She died in 1992.1
    Children of Ann Jacqueline G. Pearson and Peter Vyvyan Lewis-Morgan
    Sarah Vyvyan Lewis-Morgan1 b. 1955
    Hugh Philip Lewis-Morgan+1 b. 1957
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.

    Beatrice Mary Awdry1,2,3,4,5,6
    F, #443256, b. September 1867, d. 1954

    Beatrice Mary Awdry|b. Sep 1867\nd. 1954|p44326.htm#i443256|Reverend Charles Hill Awdry|b. 1825\nd. c 9 Feb 1910|p44381.htm#i443802|Jane Henriette Louise Gex|b. 1832\nd. 17 Sep 1916|p44423.htm#i444225|||||||||||||

    Last Edited=4 Sep 2010
    Beatrice Mary Awdry was born in September 1867 at Chippenham, Wiltshire, England.2,3,4,5,6 She was the daughter of Reverend Charles Hill Awdry and Jane Henriette Louise Gex.6 She married Edward Hubert Courage, son of Edward Courage and Helen Rosa Marshall, in March 1889 at Wiltshire, England.1,6 She died in 1954 at Kirby Fleetham, Bedale, Yorkshire, England.6
    She lived in 1881 at Skegness, Lincolnshire, England.5,6 From March 1889, her married name became Courage.6 She lived in 1891 at Kirkby Fleetham, Yorkshire, England.3,6 She lived in 1901 at Kirkby Fleetham, Yorkshire, England.2,6
    Children of Beatrice Mary Awdry and Edward Hubert Courage
    Mary Aileen Courage+6 b. 1890, d. 1978
    Lt.-Col. John Hubert Courage+6 b. 28 Dec 1891, d. 28 Apr 1967
    Beatrice Elizabeth Courage+6 b. Sep 1893, d. 1964
    Peter Miles Courage+6 b. Jun 1895, d. 1974
    Edward Philip Courage6 b. Jun 1898, d. 1909
    Angela Courage+6 b. 1902, d. 1992
    [S4720] FreeBMD, England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1915 (n.p.: Online publication – Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006.Original data – General Register Office. England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes. London, England: General Register Office. © Crown copyright. Published by permission of the Contro, unknown publish date).
    [S4717], 1901 England Census (n.p.: Online publication – Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.Original data – Census Returns of England and Wales, 1901. Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives, 1901. Data imaged from the National Archives, London, England. The National Archi, unknown publish date), Class: RG13; Piece: 4598; Folio: 8; Page: 7.
    [S4716], 1891 England Census (n.p.: Online publication – Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.Original data – Census Returns of England and Wales, 1891. Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives of the UK (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO), 1891. Data imaged from The National A, unknown publish date), Class: RG12; Piece: 4028; Folio 8; Page 10; GSU roll: 6099138.
    [S4723] FreeBMD, England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915 (n.p.: Online publication – Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006.Original data – General Register Office. England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes. London, England: General Register Office. © Crown copyright. Published by permission of the Cont, unknown publish date).
    [S4714] and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1881 England Census (n.p.: Online publication – Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004. 1881 British Isles Census Index provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints © Copyright 1999 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. All use is subject to the l, unknown publish date), Class: RG11; Piece: 3257; Folio: 143; Page: 30; GSU roll: 1341776.
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Alice Barttelot1
    F, #443257, b. 1452

    Alice Barttelot|b. 1452|p44326.htm#i443257|Richard Barttelot|b. 1424\nd. 1482|p13474.htm#i134737|Petronella Walton|b. 1428\nd. 1515|p13476.htm#i134757|John Barttelot|b. 1398\nd. 1453|p13474.htm#i134738|Joan Lewknor|b. 1404\nd. 1482|p13476.htm#i134751|||||||

    Last Edited=23 Jul 2010
    Alice Barttelot was born in 1452.1 She was the daughter of Richard Barttelot and Petronella Walton.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Charles Robert Dalrymple Dixey1
    M, #443258, b. 1984

    Charles Robert Dalrymple Dixey|b. 1984|p44326.htm#i443258|Jeremy John Dixey|b. 1955|p44277.htm#i442769|Diana Claire Fanwshawe|b. 1952|p44313.htm#i443130|||||||Robert H. Fanwshawe|b. 1912\nd. 1974|p44449.htm#i444489|Patricia A. Courage|b. 1913\nd. 2003|p44313.htm#i443126|

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    Charles Robert Dalrymple Dixey was born in 1984.1 He is the son of Jeremy John Dixey and Diana Claire Fanwshawe.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    William Kerans1
    M, #443259, b. circa 1743, d. circa 1830

    William Kerans|b. c 1743\nd. c 1830|p44326.htm#i443259|William Kerans|b. 1718\nd. 1800|p44460.htm#i444592||||Thomas Cairnes|d. 1722|p44456.htm#i444552||||||||||

    Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
    William Kerans was born circa 1743.1 He was the son of William Kerans.1 He died circa 1830.1
    [S4736] David Barttelot, online unknown url, David Barttelot (unknown location), downloaded 14 July 2010.
    Elizabeth Myreton1
    F, #443260

    Elizabeth Myreton||p44326.htm#i443260|Sir Andrew Myreton, Bt.||p44327.htm#i443267||||||||||||||||

    Last Edited=24 Jul 2010
    Elizabeth Myreton is the daughter of Sir Andrew Myreton, Bt.1 She married Archibald Stuart, son of Alexander Stuart.1
    Her married name became Stuart.1
    Children of Elizabeth Myreton and Archibald Stuart
    Andrew Stuart+1 d. 18 May 1801
    Colonel James Stuart1 d. 1793
    Alexander Stuart1 d. 23 Mar 1796
    [S4752] Anne Henry, “re: Stuart Family,” e-mail message to Darryl Roger LUNDY (101053), 23 July 2010. Hereinafter cited as “re: Stuart Family.”

  7. Renee says:
    The newspaper announcement read: Mr and Mrs Baruch Obama , bay bot born at Forbes Air force Base Hospital, Topeka ks. My mother, Florence Hardy present at birth. Marriage announcement a couple of months early of a marriage arranged by my Dad, Rev Tracy Hardy and he married them at Mcvicar Chapel Washburn University with members of the Alpha, Black sorority in attendance . Marriage arranged as real Dad murdered in a racist attack on his parents. Fake bio put in place by his maternal grandmother and apparently she also filed documents in Hawaii. I had asked Sheriff Joe to check for a criminal investigative file in Hawaii from 1961 for stolen blank forms from the hospital listed. As of 1/71, I was stopped from saying anything to him about his origins in Toepeka ks by “Tut” Dan Pope’s wife Marilyn. They used the assumed name of Dunham. All on my websites starts 7/26/12 and in Daily Recaps of entire family history. Only issue did He know yet of the truth and when did he know it? The main media has now admitted they had this and never confronted him.

  8. Renee says:
    Much of what I know is walking in or over hearing conversations of my parents. Ann already had a place to live and a job. She lived at the Catholic textbook store in a tiny apt and took care of the few customers that might come by during the school year to buy textbooks and supplies. I remember there was a counter with a few Rrosary beads and Virgin Mary statues, etc. How she got there has been previously written about , too.
    This is where my Mother would go see her and also took her the marriage proposal of the arranged marriage to Obama Sr. as well as later on, in 8/61 got and took her to the hospital and stayed with her from the time she got the call until later the next day. it was also where I saw President Obama, the new born, in a removed dresser drawer with a pillow for a mattess for a bassinet. Commonly done in those years, when money was tight. Our first child had such a first bed. in 1967. Then by time our second one was born there were car beds that could become bassinets being sold.
    So one day, I walk in on a conversation \ where my dad was explaining how he knew a man from another country that wanted to stay in USA. A solution was a marriage certicfiacte and name for the baby for her and he could legally stay in USA . Reports are very widely stated that in the Fall of 1961, he went off to Harvard and Ann went on out with other paternal relatives to Mercer island ,Washington to go to school and other cousins helped baby sit. I learned this in 1/71 and got stopped from mentioning Topeka Ks. to him. So as of age 9, he didn’t know his own origins. Apparently, since he didn’t stay in Washington long then as some eye witnesses place him in Hawaii by 7/71, he never learned of the real name of his Grandfather as Daniel Wayne Pope and not Stanley A Dunham.something the Kansas authorities had verified back in 1961 looking for paternal relatives to take charge and shut up this eye witness and found his grandparents Millard Dell and Helen Pope in Holyoke Co and back to Topeka Ks to her great Uncle Rev Tracy Hardy. Anyone who is seriously wanting to know more of the situation Ann had found herself in should read the online booklet published by the Topeka Capital Journal in 1994 after considerable litigation to publish this much. of Baptist Preachers: Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church where Ann”s maternal mother had left her with her relatives. There are sealed family court records that are not published about this time and personally I believe that Ann ‘ blew the whistle on the horrendous abuse in the home, but I am not privy to that. I am an eye witness that verifies some of what is in the article and I wrote about a 6th grade class mate who was a Phelps child. and my intercession for him. I had known Ann casually from activities in the city and had no idea she was my second cousin. My Aunt Helen said they had had little contact with their granddaughter over the years due to the other grandmother’s socialist ideologies. and she had most control of her daughter’s life; Where were the parents? All Iknow is some hush, hush thing called ‘govt business.’ Ann did have free medical care at Forbes Air Force Base hospital as a military dependent. For some reason, I don’t know, she parted ways with Phelps and I witnessed that she did not know the real family name was Pope and not Dunham. I do not know if the Dunhams are some kind of relatives of my Uncle Millard Pope’s or not and that’s why Dan Pope went to work in the fufurniture store that summer when he stole his wallet and ran off to go to WWII when too young. .
    In Early 2008, our son was gong to try and do a genealogy of Dad’sfamily in America over the last almost 100 years. No one was talking and few have since. I am not close to my Dad’s realtives since my aunts and parents are deceased now. One cousin’s grandson was running for president and another Aunt’s daughter had a granddaughter being vetted for Vice president in the other party and was nominated. At the time, on my mother’s side. was her cousin’s son in the White House as Vice president Cheney. His mother;s maiden name is Hunt and not Dickey which was her first husband’s name she had divorced.) H,L and Albert Jr Hunt are the cousins of my mother, Florence Ethyle Hunt Hardy. Also nestled in the branches of her side of the family tree is Bill Clinton and Cindy ( Mrs John) McCain is also in their , too. And more… So if one wants to discuss hidden identities and whether any one knows who they really are. My family is a prime example how someone could become president and have no idea who he is. This is the end of almost a hundred years of assumed identities in my Dad’s family . Even Pope John Paul II was a second cousin of my mother. His pedigree wasn’t pure catholic lineage, but he was a Medici and that family has controlled the Vatican for almost 750 years. Few know that the Hunts of Hunt Oil are the family name of the Medici in America through a woman that ran off with a groupp of square dancers and singers introducing this new dance to Europe rather than be married off to Franz Joseph Hapsburg and help run the soon to be revived Holy Roman Empire.

  9. Renee says:,_Texas
    The city had its beginning about 1836, when Pleasant and Ephraim Gray opened a trading post on the site. Ephraim Gray became first postmaster in 1837, naming it after his former home town, Huntsville in Madison County, Alabama. (Incidentally, “Madison County” is also the name of an adjacent Texas county.)[citation needed]

    Huntsville became the home of Sam Houston, who served as President of the Republic of Texas, Governor of the State of Texas, Governor of Tennessee, U.S. Senator, and Tennessee congressman. General Houston led the Texas Army in the Battle of San Jacinto – the decisive victory of the Texas Revolution. Houston has been noted for his life among the Cherokees of Tennessee, and – near the end of his life – for his opposition to the American Civil War, a position which was a very unpopular in his day. Located in Huntsville are two of Houston’s homes, his grave, and the Sam Houston Memorial Museum. Houston’s life in Huntsville is also commemorated by his namesake Sam Houston State University, and by a 70 ft (21 m)[4] statue. (The towering statue, “Tribute to Courage” by artist David Adickes, has been described as the world’s largest statue of an American hero, and is easily viewed by travelers on Interstate 45.)

    Huntsville was also the home of Samuel Walker Houston (1864–1945),[5] a prominent African-American pioneer in the field of education. He was born into slavery on February 12, 1864 to Joshua Houston, a slave owned by Sam Houston. Samuel W. Houston founded the Galilee Community School in 1907, which later became known as the Houstonian Normal and Industrial Institute, in Walker County, Texas.

    Hunt was born in El Dorado, Arkansas, the son of oil tycoon H. L. Hunt and younger brother of tycoons Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt. Lamar was raised in Dallas, Texas. He attended Culver Military Academy and graduated from The Hill School in Pennsylvania in 1951 and Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 1956, with a B.S. degree in geology. Hunt was a college football player who rode the bench but was still an avid sports enthusiast during his time in college and throughout his entire childhood. While attending SMU, Hunt joined the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and in 1972 was named “man of the year.”[citation needed]

    [edit] Founding of the American Football LeagueOn the strength of his great inherited oil wealth, Hunt applied for a National Football League expansion franchise but was turned down. In 1959, professional football was a distant second to Major League Baseball in popularity, and the thinking among NFL executives was that the league must be careful not to “oversaturate” the market by expanding too quickly.[1] Hunt also attempted to purchase the NFL’s Chicago Cardinals franchise in 1959 with the intent to move them to Dallas, but was again turned down.[2]

    In response, Hunt approached several other businessmen who had also unsuccessfully sought NFL franchises, including fellow Texan and oil man K.S. Bud Adams of Houston, about forming a new football league, and the American Football League was established in August 1959.[3] The group of the eight founders of the AFL teams was referred to as the “Foolish Club.” Hunt’s goal was to bring professional football to Texas and to acquire an NFL team for the Hunt family. Hunt became owner of the Dallas Texans and hired future hall-of-famer Hank Stram as the team’s first head coach.
    Hunt had fifteen children by three wives.

    He married Lyda Bunker of Lake Village, Arkansas in November 1914, and remained married to her until her death in 1955.[4] His seven children by her were: Margaret (born 1915), Haroldson (“Hassie,” 1917), Caroline (1923), Lyda (1925), Nelson Bunker (1926), William Herbert (1929), and Lamar (1932). Their home to the north of White Rock Lake in Dallas was an exact model of Mount Vernon.

    His first son, Hassie, who was expected to succeed him in control of the family business, was lobotomized in response to increasingly erratic behavior. He outlived his father, and was known, for decades following the procedure, to wander the shores of White Rock Lake cloaked in white sheets, as a ghost. Lamar founded the American Football League and created the Super Bowl, drawing on the assistance of his children in selecting the game’s name. Two other children, William and Bunker, are famous for having purchased much of the world’s silver, in an attempt to corner the market. They ultimately owned more silver than any government in the world, before their scheme was discovered and undone. Bunker Hunt was briefly one of the wealthiest men in the world, having discovered and taken title to the Libyan oil fields, before Muammar Gaddafi nationalized the properties.

    While still married to Lyda, H. L. Hunt is said to have married Frania Tye of Tampa, Florida in November 1925, using the name Franklin Hunt. Frania claimed to have discovered the bigamous nature of her marriage in 1934, and in a legal settlement in 1941, Hunt created trust funds for each of their four children and she signed a document stipulating that no legal marriage between them had ever existed. About the same time she briefly married then divorced Hunt’s employee John Lee, taking the last name Lee for herself and her four children.[5] Her four children by Hunt were: Howard (born 1926), Haroldina (1928), Helen (1930), and Hugh (“Hue,” 1934). Frania Tye Lee died in 2002.[6]

    Hunt supported and had children by Ruth Ray of Shreveport, Louisiana, whom he met when she was a secretary in his Shreveport office. They married in 1957 after the death of Hunt’s wife Lyda. His four children by her were: Ray (born 1943), June (1944), Helen (1949), and Swanee (1950).[7] His youngest son, Ray Lee, ultimately inherited the business, and was a major supporter of President George W. Bush.

    Hunt died, aged 85, in Dallas, Texas. He was buried there in the Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery.

    [edit] FamilyHunt had three families and 14 children:

    Margaret Hunt Hill (October 19, 1915–June 14, 2007): philanthropist and co-owner of Hunt Petroleum.
    H. L. “Hassie” Hunt III (November 23, 1917–April 20, 2005): diagnosed with schizophrenia in the early 1940s; co-owner of Hunt Petroleum.
    Caroline Rose Hunt (born January 8, 1923): Founder and Honorary Chairman of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts which operates The Mansion on Turtle Creek.
    Nelson Bunker Hunt (born February 22, 1926): A major force in developing Libyan oil fields. Eventually attempted to corner the world market in silver in 1979, and was convicted of conspiring to manipulate the market. Legendary owner-breeder [8] of Thoroughbred racehorses.
    Howard Lee Hunt (October 25, 1926–October 13, 1975)
    Haroldina Franch Hunt (October 26, 1928–November 10, 1995)
    William Herbert Hunt (born c. 1929) A major and defining force in the oil industry, he was also a legendary businessman and oilman. At times, ran Hunt Oil, Hunt Petroleum, Hunt Energy, Placid Oil, etc. The founder of Petro-Hunt LLC.
    Helen Lee Cartledge Hunt (October 28, 1930–June 3, 1962)
    Lamar Hunt (August 2, 1932–December 13, 2006): co-founder of the American Football League and the North American Soccer League; owner of the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League; owner of the Columbus Crew and FC Dallas of Major League Soccer; impetus behind 1966 AFL-NFL merger, coined the name “Super Bowl”.
    Hugh S. Hunt (October 14, 1934–November 12, 2002): lived in Potomac, Maryland, founder of Constructivist Foundation.
    Ray Lee Hunt (born c. 1943): chairman of Hunt Oil.
    June Hunt (born c. 1944): host of a daily religious radio show, Hope for the Heart.
    Helen LaKelly Hunt (born c. 1949): a pastoral counselor in Dallas; co-manager of the Hunt Alternatives Fund, one of the family’s charitable arms.
    Swanee Hunt (born May 1, 1950): former U.S. ambassador to Austria; now head of the Women and Public Policy Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and president of Hunt Alternatives Fund.


    *WALKER* Lloyd, Clopton, Mellon, Lowe, GILLette:
    Lambert/ Davis:
    Davis/ Gray/ Khourey/ Brown:
    Davis/ Brown/ Whitney/ Houston:

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