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The Marks, Currents And Shades of Greys

©Renee  2015 The terms “Markabians” and “Orion Crusaders” are used to indicate the types of Greys that are part of the Draconian/Orion Empire. These include the greys of the following systems: Orion, Draco, Ursa Maior and Reticulum (Zetas). [Note … Continue reading

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That Thing Of Theirs (Part 1) The Grand Opening

©Renee  2015 Her bathroom was so elegant. Blocked glass windows behind her oval tub sparkled bright, white light below the jeweled swags. Large, antique tapestries lined the walls in pastels that she could see behind her while at her vanity … Continue reading

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Frequent, Heavy Odor, UriNATIONS: The French Connection

©Renee  2015 Recent events in France are troubling. People terrorized, ordinary people injured, killed, in the course of trying to live normal day to day lives. Jewish fleeing their homes and businesses. Some reads say another false flag, but is … Continue reading

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