Elizabeth and Ruth

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Let’s talk about Duke a bit, first a tv twin:


Patty Duke 1975.JPG
Duke in 1975
Born Anna Marie Duke
December 14, 1946 (age 68)
Elmhurst, Queens, New York, United States
Spouse(s) Harry Falk (1965–69; divorced)
Michael Tell (1970; annulled)
John Astin (1972–85; divorced)
Michael Pearce (1986–present)
Children Sean Astin
Mackenzie Astin
Kevin Pearce

Duke was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1982; since then, she has devoted much of her time to advocating and educating the public on mental health issues.



Photograph of Elizabeth Ann Duke, taken in 1985.

Photograph of Elizabeth Ann Duke, taken during the 1970s.

Elizabeth Anna Duke (born November 25, 1940) is a former teacher and militant fugitive best known for her involvement with a number of political organizations, and subsequent flight from prosecution. She is currently wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The criminal indictment against Duke was dismissed and the arrest warrant quashed by Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson of the U.S. District Court, District of Columbia in June 2009.

Duke was born in Beeville, Texas on November 25, 1940 but has given her date of birth as April 20, 1941. Duke was allegedly a member of a Weathermen splinter group, the May 19th Communist Movement. The group claimed responsibility for a series of bombings of U.S. government buildings between 1983 and 1985, including the bombing of the United States Capitol building in November 1983.

Duke, along with her accomplice Alan Berkman, was arrested in May 1985 and indicted on conspiracy and weapons charges by a federal grand jury, in what became known as the Resistance Conspiracy case. Also charged as co-conspirators were Marilyn Jean Buck, wanted for her role in the 1981 Brinks armored car robbery, Laura Whitehorn,Linda Sue Evans, Susan Rosenberg, and Timothy Blunk. She was released on bail in July 1985 and in October 1985 she skipped bail and has evaded recapture ever since.


*NOTE* Elizabeth Duke used different birthdays and names, one of which was BAKER*


Weather Underground connection:


Next, Ruth:


Ruth Nidesand

Ruth Nidesand also Ruth Ndesandjo (born Ruth Beatrice Baker ca. 1937)is an American Jew and the third wife of Barack Obama, Sr., the father of President Barack Obama. They meet at Harvard University in the early 1960s shortly after Barack Obama, Sr. left Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham. Barack Obama, Sr. was attracted to Ruth because she was wealthy and could support his lifestyle. They moved to Kenya and were married in 1965 where Barack Obama, Sr. worked for a U.S. oil company. Later he joined the government of Jomo Kenyatta, working for his early patron Tom Mboya in the Ministry of Economic Planning as a senior economist.

Ruth Baker and Barack Obama, Sr. would have two children. Ruth was brutally beaten by her husband when he was in his drunken rages. She eventually left him and married a Tanzanian. She has adopted the surname Ndesandjo.

Her son, Mark Ndesandjo who now lives in China, has written a semi-autobiographical novel Nairobi to Shenzhen: A Novel of Love in the East. At a press conference to promote his book he discussed his childhood having an abusive father and a defenseless mother.

My father beat me. He beat my mother. I remember in my house I would hear the screams. I would hear my mum’s pain. As a child, I could not protect her. I could not remember any good things about my father.

Her second son, David, died in a motorcycle accident. A third son third Joseph Ndesandjo (born c. 1980) was fathered by her Tanzanian husband.

Ruth Nidesand’s parents were Lithuanian Jews who immigrated to America. She currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya as a director of a private kindergarten.


  1. Obama Mystery Theater: Ruth Nidesand
  2. A father’s charm, absence
  3. Son says Obama father ‘abusive’
  4. Obama’s half brother describes abuse
  5. President’s half-brother makes novel debut

See also



*NOTE* Ruth’s name of BAKER*

Further reading / work on this group of people is below. The Mystery Theater work listed above was a joint research project. The continued work on Mr Ndesandjo, Africa and CBS Records, etc.. is here. A joint research project as well.:

In part one of Spinning, we covered Barry Gordy, CBS Records and Simeon Ndesandjo.


My continued work moves forward here:


And more spinning with the name *CARTER*:


And another story on the name*CARTER* and a tale of 2 birth certificates:

That Obama’s birth certificate lists a registrar that appears remarkably like a forger’s signature joke on the word “ukulele” is not the only peculiarity observed in comparing the president’s record with other long-form Hawaiian birth certificates that have been fully authenticated.

In the Nordyke twins’s birth certificate, the type in Box 9, “Race of Father,” Box 12b, “Kind of Business or Industry,” and Box 14, “Race of Mother,” line up to the left margin of the box (in all three boxes for Susan Elizabeth Nordyke and in two of the three boxes for Gretchen Carter Nordyke), while in the Obama birth certificate, the type in each of these three boxes is indented from the right box margin, with varying indent spacing in each line.
The Rosetta Stone for determining the authenticity of the Obama birth document is the long-form birth certificates for the Nordyke twins, which WND discovered and authenticated in July 2009.

The question is whether the Obama birth record the White House released Wednesday is an authentic photocopy of an original 1961 vital record or a modern-day forgery.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2011/04/292717/#M44ziGjdJ1vqqg0c.99

Next see more on Duke:


Smoke and power:



And Doris had an Islamic house in *HAWAII*:





Duke Kahanamoku (1915 postcard)
Personal information
Full name Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku
Nickname(s) “The Duke,” “The Big Kahuna”
National team  United States
Born August 24, 1890
Haleʻākala, Honolulu, Hawaii
Died January 22, 1968 (aged 77)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Height 6 ft (180 cm)
Weight 190 lb (86 kg)
Sport Swimming
Stroke(s) Freestyle
Club Waikiki Beach Boys

His birthplace is disputed with many sources stating Haleakalā on Maui or Waikiki on Oahu. According to Kahanamoku, he stated he was born at Honolulu at Haleʻākala, the home of Bernice Pauahi Bishop which was later converted into the Arlington Hotel. He had five brothers and three sisters, including Samuel Kahanamoku. In 1893, the family moved to Kālia, Waikiki (near the present site of the Hilton Hawaiian Village), to be closer to his mother’s parents and family. Duke grew up with his siblings and 31 Paoa cousins. Duke attended the Waikiki Grammar School, Kaahumanu School, and the Kamehameha Schools, although he never graduated because he had quit to help support the family.

“Duke” was not a title or a nickname, but a given name. He was named after his father, Duke Halapu Kahanamoku, who was christened by Bernice Pauahi Bishop in honor of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, who was visiting Hawaii at the time.


Kahanamokuwas a friend and surfing companion of heiress Doris Duke, who built a …


What are the true RELATIONS here? Further reading:





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