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A Chocolate Story

©Renee 2012 Thinking of chocolate today, and of stories from the past as well. Let me explain what I mean. We got this story long ago, so I will post it first, you remember it, all over the net. reading

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A Monkey Named Sunshine Jones And His Rice And Gravy

©Renee 2012 Another second time around for this post, we resume the adventures of that silly monkey called Sunshine Jones, and his quest for his rice and gravy. Does he know monkey music or Susan Rice ? Maybe he went to … Continue reading

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The King

©Renee 2012 When you mention “the King”, different people have different thoughts. The word covers much ground, so let us explore a few “Kings” here.

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Shades Of Gray

©Renee 2012 Shades of Gray. This color thing can go on forever, but for now we will trace gray. It blends into other hues, is the color of sadness, the color for nice gift wrapping in Asia and a military … Continue reading

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The Geist

©Renee 2012     The guest moved very softly, like quiet, fluttering raven wings in the dark night. Who could guess what would happen next… Geist (German pronunciation: [ˈɡaɪst]) is a German word. Depending on context it can … Continue reading

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Gallons Of Gold For Insiders…Again

©Renee 2012 This original post contained the same players so we do this group, yet again..this time however, we have more to add…,_1st_Baron_Thomson_of_Fleet This article is primarily about Thomson prior to its merger with Reuters Group. For the … Continue reading

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The Bakrie Goods

©Renee 2012   We make nice baked goods here. The holiday and baking season is near. We will share recipes, and stories of Bakrie connections around the world too, but for now, we start with a few bakery stories. Bakers are … Continue reading

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