Security And Insecurity (Part 1) Middle East Connections

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From the posts above we continue here. Boston Marathon incident connects to two suspects wearing clothing part of a uniform for a security company called Craft. So SPICY…

Key Executives for Craft International, LLC

Chief Operating Officer and Vice President
Vice President of Business Development
Consultant of International Operations
Spicer ? Like Paul Spicer, writer of the book on the Happy Valley set in Kenya ? Alice de Janz (Armour family) ? Interesting. Paul Spicer’s mother was close to Alice.
And MacMillan again which goes to Pricilla Livingston Johnson MacMillan and JFK/ Marina Oswald.

The Livingston In the CIA decoy, Priscilla Livingston Johnson

Jul 31, 2012 Priscilla Johnson McMillan : Biography Priscilla Livingston Johnson was born in Glen Cove, New York, on 19th July, 1928. As a student she and also see Ruth Beatrice Baker Obama Ndsandjo as well as this post:

JFK Library has a fire in the back drop of the Boston Marathon explosions… ?

And Arthur Middleton Young who married Pricilla Page and Ruth Forbes. Forbes Cafe located in the MIT building where artificial intel. is located and the same place the security guard was killed during the stand off night in Boston. Forbes again, like the John Kerry and Christine Lagarde FORBES connection again ? Keeps on coming up.

Katherine Dunham facts: As a dancer and choreographer, Katherine Dunham Fanny June (Taylor) Weir, who had families of their own by the time Dunham was When Dunham was three years old, her mother died after a lengthy illness.

*NOTE WEIR* Anna Duke aka Weir, Bailey, Danielle, etc…Katherine Dunham said once that their house was “very crowded”

Bailey, like the Curcus, or Irish cream. Did you know Gloria Morgan was in the circus with Maria Rasputin and Maria was a lion tamer ? Also see Carrie Townsend family( mixed black and white),_Countess_of_Snowdon

Spouse Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon (m. 1960, div. 1978)
David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley
Lady Sarah Chatto
Full name
Margaret Rose[1]
House House of Windsor
Father George VI
Mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
Born (1930-08-21)21 August 1930
Glamis Castle, Scotland, UK
Died 9 February 2002(2002-02-09) (aged 71)
King Edward VII Hospital, London, UK

After the war, Margaret fell in love with a recently divorced commoner 16 years her elder, Group Captain Peter Townsend, her father’s equerry. Her father died in 1952, and her sister became queen. Margaret told her sister in early 1953 that she wished to marry Townsend. Many in the government felt that Townsend would be an unsuitable husband for the Queen’s 22-year-old sister, and the Church of England refused to countenance the marriage to a divorced man. Her sister’s coronation was pending, and Elizabeth asked Margaret to wait a year. Margaret eventually abandoned her plans, and, in 1960, accepted the proposal of the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, who was created Earl of Snowdon by Elizabeth II. The marriage, despite an auspicious start, soon became unhappy. The couple divorced in 1978, and Margaret never remarried. and Gwatney: Gwatney-Arkansas. Bill and Hillary Clinton friends.

Simon Mann’s father, George Mann, captained the England cricket team in the late 1940s and was an heir to a stake in the Watney Mann brewing empire that closed in 1979, having been acquired by Grand Metropolitan (which, in 1997, became Diageo plc on its merger with Guinness). His mother is South African.
*NOTE* Gwatney/ Watney/ Mann* And Mann on our side of the pond goes to The Alfred E. Mann Foundation, RF frequencies and computer/ chips, signals make muscles think and move. There was a double amputee at the Boston Marathon. Good case for cloning, stem cell etc…no ?

Born and raised in Portland, his father was English and mother Polish. His brother is violinist and Juilliard Quartet founding member Robert Mann. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 1946 and has remained there ever since. He received his B.S. and M.S. in physics from the University of California, Los Angeles, doing graduate work in nuclear and mathematical physics. Mann holds honorary doctorate degrees from the University of Southern California, The Johns Hopkins University, Western University, and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Israel).

In 1956, Mann founded Spectrolab, the first of his aerospace companies. While at Spectrolab, an electrooptical systems company, he also founded Heliotek, a semiconductor company, that became a major supplier of solar cells for spacecraft. Among other accomplishments during his tenure, Mann’s companies provided the electric power for over 100 spacecraft and constructed one of the lunar experiments. Although he sold both companies to Textron in 1960 (merged into one, Spectrolab is now a subsidiary of Boeing Satellite Systems) he continued to manage them until 1972. After he left those companies to found Pacesetter Systems, which focused on cardiac pacemakers, he sold that company in 1985 and managed it until 1992. It is now a part of St. Jude Medical. Mann then went on to establish MiniMed (insulin pumps and continuous glucose devices, now owned by Medtronic) and Advanced Bionics (neuroprosthetics), which was owned by Boston Scientific from 2004-2008. Boston Scientific and the Advanced Bionics management had agreed to split the company. Under this split, Boston Scientific would own the pain management and other neural stimulation portions and Advanced Bionics would focus on developing, manufacturing and distributing cochlear implants for the restoration of hearing to the deaf.

He is currently involved in several companies, including:

Mr. Mann has so far established Alfred E. Mann Institutes for Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC), known as AMI/USC ($162 million); at Purdue University known as AMI/Purdue ($100 million); and at the Technion known as AMIT ($104 million) are business incubators for medical device development in preparation for commercialization. The Institutes are essentially fully funded. Three other universities were in late stage discussions as of 2006. AMI was founded in 1998 when Alfred Mann made his first $100 million gift to USC, a major private research university in Los Angeles. The total gifted endowment for AMI/USC is $162 million since then.

The Alfred Mann Foundation for Biomedical Engineering is charged with selecting, establishing and overseeing the institutes, similar to AMI at USC and at other research universities.

And from the Syria link, involved in cloning: NOTE* Duke, Douek, Daouk *etc…*

Cohen was born in Egypt; his family are Sephardi Jews, originally from Aleppo, Syria, though his mother, Sonia Douek, is British by nationality. Obama and Putin “caught” the brothers together…

Bailey/ Jayne (Jahn) Voorhees/ Brach, Black, Barrach, Barrack, Block etc..* :

Helen Voorhees Brach (born November 10, 1911), was an American multi-millionairess widow whose wealth had come from marrying into the E. J. Brach & Sons Candy Company fortune; she endowed the Helen V. Brach Foundation to promote animal welfare in 1974. Helen Brach disappeared on February 17, 1977 and was declared legally dead in May 1984. An investigation into the case uncovered serious criminal activity associated with Chicago stable owners including Silas Jayne and Richard Bailey (with whom Brach was romantically involved). More than a decade later Bailey was charged with, but not convicted of, conspiring to murder Mrs. Brach; he eventually received a long sentence after being convicted of defrauding her.

Where is she ?

Elizabeth Anna Duke (born November 25, 1940) is a former teacher and militant fugitive best known for her involvement with a number of political organizations, and subsequent flight from prosecution. She is currently wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Duke was born in Beeville, Texas on November 25, 1940 but has given her date of birth as April 20, 1941. Duke was allegedly a member of a Weathermen splinter group, the May 19th Communist Movement. The group claimed responsibility for a series of bombings of U.S. government buildings between 1983 and 1985, including the bombing of the United States Capitol building in November 1983.

Duke, along with her accomplice Alan Berkman, was arrested in May 1985 and indicted on conspiracy and weapons charges by a federal grand jury, in what became known as the Resistance Conspiracy case. Also charged as co-conspirators were Marilyn Jean Buck, wanted for her role in the 1981 Brinks armored car robbery, Laura Whitehorn, Linda Sue Evans, Susan Rosenberg, and Timothy Blunk. She was released on bail in July 1985 and in October 1985 she skipped bail and has evaded recapture ever since.

More here:

And Claudia Taylor-Johnson: A mechanic for John Mecam:

Patrick F. Taylor (June 12, 1937 – November 6, 2004) was an American businessman, who was founder and CEO of the independent oil company Taylor Energy Company.

Taylor graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in petroleum engineering. After working for independent oilman John W. Mecom, Sr., he established a consulting company. Along with Mecom, he founded the Circle Bar Drilling company in the 1970s. After Circle Bar was sold, he started Taylor Energy Company. Taylor Energy became the largest privately held oil and gas company in the Gulf of Mexico.,_Sr. Who secured the oil rights from: who married * Percy, Sutton, Gardinier *And Lisa from Dallas, a later wife of a PLO leader named Dina as well as Alia. Also see the Ellis and Sutton connection to Saudi royals here:

Spouse Sharifa Dina bint ‘Abdu’l-Hamid
Antoinette Avril Gardiner
Alia Baha ed din Touqan
Lisa Halaby

From Arizona, where Gov. Jan Brewer says the southern border is not safe.

This logo was the logo worn by the men pictured around the Boston Marathon ? If they were working security there, why not just say that ?

Craft is in Dallas, like Queen Noor (Lisa) of Jordan, Mark Thatcher’s wife is from Dallas, Ross Perrot family in Dallas. Chris Kyle recently killed at a Texas gun range, fertilizer plant near Dallas in WEST, Texas connects to Monsanto law suit, Sandy Hook parents at Boston Marathon, Boston Marathon happens with fire at JFK Library, Sandy Hook School near empty houses and an oil pipeline ?, Russian brothers in a Boston chase with the last name TSARnaev ? And this Saudi man named Abdul Rahman Al-HARbi, a student at MIT is being released to Saudi after a guard was killed at MIT at the artificial intel. building which includes the FORBES Cafe, during the search for DioHAR TSARnaev ? Al-HARbi family a long line of terrorists ? Saudi Royal treatment for Al-Harbi ? Glen Beck says he will tell on Monday. John Kerry and Christine are part of the Forbes family too and Kerry (Khourey royals) spoke with some connected in the mid-east recently….Batman/ Aurora shooter’s father knows Lanza/Sandy Hook School shooter’s father ? were to testify in the LIBOR scandal ? Too many connections. Does the Forbes group connect to LIBOR as well ? More on Nancy Champion Lanza connections here:

Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde (French: [kʁistin madlɛn ɔdɛt lagaʁd]) (née Lallouette, IPA: [laluɛt]; born 1 January 1956) is a French lawyer and Union for a Popular Movement politician who has been the Managing Director (MD) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 5 July 2011. Previously, she held various ministerial posts in the French government: she was Minister of Economic Affairs, Finances and Industry and before that Minister of Agriculture and Fishing and Minister of Trade in the government of Dominique de Villepin. Lagarde was the first woman ever to become finance minister of a G8 economy, and is the first woman to ever head the IMF.

A noted antitrust and labor lawyer, Lagarde became the first female chairman of the international law firm Baker & McKenzie. On 16 November 2009, the Financial Times ranked her the best Minister of Finance in the Eurozone. On 28 June 2011, she was named as the next MD of the IMF for a five-year term, starting on 5 July 2011, replacing Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Her appointment is the 11th consecutive appointment of a European to head the IMF. In 2011, Lagarde was ranked the 8th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine.

Back to Dallas connections above, they go back to Africa like Alice and Armour, and that Happy Valley set in Kenya, and the Spicer name again. His mother’s funeral was last week and his ex is from Dallas.

Sir Mark Thatcher, 2nd Baronet (born 15 August 1953) is the son of Margaret Thatcher, the former Conservative British Prime Minister, and Sir Denis Thatcher, 1st Baronet, and the twin brother of Carol Thatcher. He has two children by his first wife, Diane Burgdorf; Michael Thatcher (who is heir apparent to the baronetcy), and Amanda Margaret Thatcher. He married his second wife, Sarah-Jane Russell, daughter to Terry Clemence, a wealthy property developer and sister to the Viscountess Rothermere in 2008.

On the death of his father in 2003 he became ‘Sir Mark Thatcher’ when he succeeded to the Thatcher baronetcy, a hereditary title which had unusually been given to his father in 1990 (this being the only such baronetcy created since 1964).

His early career in business frequently led to questions being raised that he was benefiting from his mother’s position, notably in relation to the Al-Yamamah arms deal. In 2004 the Sunday Times estimated his wealth at £60 million, most of which they suggested was in offshore accounts. In 2005 he was convicted and given a four-year suspended jail sentence in South Africa in relation to the 2004 Equatorial Guinea coup d’état attempt. He left the UK in 1986, and since then has lived in the US, Switzerland, South Africa and more recently in Monaco, Gibraltar, Barbados, Guernsey and Spain.

Anthony Leslie Rowland “Tony” Buckingham is an oil industry executive with a significant share holding in Heritage Oil Corporation. Heritage is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange since 1999. In 2008, Heritage listed on the London Stock Exchange. Buckingham’s direct and indirect share holding is estimated to represent 33% of Heritage. This share was reduced in November 2007 via a share placement made through JP Morgan and Canaccord.

Buckingham is a former partner of the private military company Executive Outcomes. He has had no involvement with such organizations since 1999 and has focused his time on running Heritage. He was part of the coup of Valentine Strasser and was part of a group of mercenaries defending the NPRC , which later collapsed. To this day his name is still linked to these events and the fall of the government.

Buckingham, the current CEO and major shareholder of Heritage, has led the company through major exploration finds, including the hydrocarbon system in Lake Albert, Uganda and the M’Boundi oilfield in the Republic of Congo. This positive track record should continue as a result of the recently awarded licenses in the Iraqi Kurdistan and Mali.

Anthony Buckingham, became the controlling shareholder and director of DiamondWorks when DiamondWorks’ acquired a private company, Branch Energy Ltd., based on the Isle of Man for US$24.4-million in 1995-6. Branch Energy Ltd had a mining lease on the diamond bearing Koidu property in Sierra Leone. In the early 1990s Buckingham’s military consultancy was retained by Sierra Leone and Angola to provide mercenaries to improve security conditions for foreign mining companies which included his Executive Outcomes (EO), who provided protection to DiamondWorks. Executive Outcomes (EO) and DiamondWorks shared offices in London with Sandline International, another military consultancy. London-headquartered, Johannesburg-based diamond exploration company DiamondWorks Ltd. (TSX: DMW) was one of three junior mining firms that traded on Canadian stock exchanges, (along with Toronto-based AmCan Minerals and Rex Diamond) that contacted Sierra Leone’s President Momoh in the early 1990s when the president was seeking new investors. DiamondWorks was “an outgrowth of Carson Gold and Vengold, companies promoted by Robert and Eric Friedland. DiamondWorks and Branch Energy became “the subject of widespread interest because of their apparent but much-denied connections with two major international security firms, Executive Outcomes and Sandline.” It has been argued that “regardless of Executive Outcome’s own purpose, its involvement in Sierra Leone was in a good cause. EO successfully protected a democratically elected government against a brutal and illegitimate rebel force.” Buckingham resigned from DiamondWorks in 1998 retaining a 25 percent share.


Simon Mann’s father, George Mann, captained the England cricket team in the late 1940s and was an heir to a stake in the Watney Mann brewing empire that closed in 1979, having been acquired by Grand Metropolitan (which, in 1997, became Diageo plc on its merger with Guinness). His mother is South African.
Guinness ? Rothschild ?
Birth (1911-06-13)13 June 1911
Death 12 May 1960(1960-05-12) (aged 48)
Birthplace Turin, Italy
Titles His Highness Prince Aly Khan
Spouse(s) Joan Guinness
Rita Hayworth
Father Aga Khan III
Mother Cleope Teresa Magliano
Children Prince Karim
Prince Amyn Muhammad
Princess Yasmin
*Gwatney/ Watney/ Mann*

Simon Francis Mann (born 26 June 1952) is a British mercenary and former British Army officer. He had been serving a 34-year prison sentence in Equatorial Guinea for his rôle in a failed coup d’état in 2004, before receiving a presidential pardon on humanitarian grounds on 2 November 2009.

Mann was extradited from Zimbabwe to Equatorial Guinea on 1 February 2008, having been accused of planning a coup d’état to overthrow the government by leading a mercenary force into the capital Malabo in an effort to kidnap or kill President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. Charges in South Africa of aiding a coup in a foreign country were dropped on 23 February 2007, but the charges remained in Equatorial Guinea, where he had been convicted in absentia in November 2004. He lost an extradition hearing to Equatorial Guinea after serving three years of a four-year prison sentence in Zimbabwe for the same crimes and being released early on good behaviour.

Now, that Mann name goes to a brewery across the pond as well as CBS. Barry Mann, that connects to CBS, CBS Africa, Barry Gordy, Simeon Ndesandjo, Ruth Beatrice Baker Obama Ndesandjo, CBS Pauley, Babe, the royal set/Happy Valley set again and Barry Mann’s wife Cynthia WIEL….like SANDY.. See more here with Jimmy Carter connection to Gordy:

Now before we end this post, we will add a few other secure people we found a while back.

Russian brothers from these areas: and:

Also see:

Din/Deen means “religion”

Also see her father, BCCI and Saudi royals:

Glen Beck says Monday this information will come out on the Saudi in the hospital planned for deportation Tuesday. Was The Boston Marathon a fake ?

All eyes open.

Some history of Watertown:,_Massachusetts

The Provincial Congress of Massachusetts, after adjournment from Concord, met from April to July 1775 in the First Parish Church, the site of which is marked by a monument. The Massachusetts General Court held its sessions here from 1775 to 1778. Committees met in the nearby Edmund Fowle House. Boston town meetings were held here during the siege of Boston, when many Boston families made their homes in the neighborhood. For several months early in the American Revolution the Committees of Safety and Correspondence made Watertown their headquarters and it was from here that General Joseph Warren set out for Bunker Hill.

Edmund Fowle House, built in the 1700s and used by the Massachusetts government during the Revolutionary War

From 1832 to 1834 Theodore Parker conducted a private school here and his name is still preserved in the Parker School, though the building no longer operates as a public school.

The Watertown Arsenal operated continuously as a military munitions and research facility from 1816 until 1995, when the Army sold the property, by then known as the Army Materials Technology Laboratory to the town of Watertown. The Arsenal is notable for being the site of a 1911 strike prompted by the management methods of operations research pioneer Frederick Winslow Taylor.

Theodore Parker (Lexington, Massachusetts, August 24, 1810 – Florence, Italy, May 10, 1860) was an American Transcendentalist and reforming minister of the Unitarian church. A reformer and abolitionist, his words and quotations which he popularized would later inspire speeches by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Theodore Parker was born in Lexington, Massachusetts, the youngest child in a large farming family. His paternal grandfather was John Parker, the leader of the Lexington militia at the Battle of Lexington. Among his colonial Yankee ancestors was Thomas Hastings, who came from the East Anglia region of England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634, and Deacon Thomas Parker, who came from England in 1635 and was one of the founders of Reading. Most of his family had died by the time Parker was 27, probably due to tuberculosis.

He was educated privately and through personal study. He was accepted at Harvard College whence he graduated in 1831. He entered the Harvard Divinity School and graduated in 1836. Parker specialized in a study of German theology. He was drawn to the ideas of Coleridge, Carlyle and Emerson.

Parker spoke Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and German. His journal and letters show that he was acquainted with many other languages, including Chaldee, Syriac, Arabic, Coptic and Ethiopic. He considered a career in law but his strong faith led him to theology. Parker held that the soul was immortal, and came to believe in a God who would not allow lasting harm to any of his flock. His belief in God’s mercy made him reject Calvinist theology as cruel and unreasonable.

Parker studied for a time under Convers Francis, who preached at Parker’s ordination. In the 1830s, Parker began attending meetings of the Transcendental Club and became associated with Ralph Waldo Emerson, Amos Bronson Alcott, Orestes Brownson, and several others. Unlike Emerson and other Transcendentalists, however, Parker believed the movement was rooted in deeply religious ideas and did not believe it should retreat from religion.

Also see online the Fowler/ Hazel /Fowler/Morgan/ Sharp family photos*

*NOTE* John Hubbard Sturgis Also see: Helen Northrup, Jack Parsons, Seymor Knox, Crowley, OTO, Scientology and Holland/ Hollander

Parkr, Parkyr, Parkerr, Pacer, Packer, Paikar, Paykar, Parke, Parks, Perkey etc..

Parker/ Roth/ Ross/ Rath: Connection to Nica Rothschild:,_Duchess_of_Cornwall Parker

Dallas, JFK, Library burned at Marathon time…AUCHIncloss, Lee, Radziwill, Canfield, Hugh Auchincloss, Auchi..

Jackie Kennedy’s Half-brother James Auchincloss Jailed Again ……

Mar 12, 2011 “Sometimes family business should remain just that. Jackie air-brushed half brother Jamie Auchincloss out of her life after he revealed the Shakir*


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  1. Renee says:

    Hussein of Jordan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Reign 11 August 1952 – 7 February 1999
    Predecessor Talal
    Successor Abdullah II

    Spouse Sharifa Dina bint ‘Abdu’l-Hamid
    Antoinette Avril Gardiner
    Alia Baha ed din Touqan
    Lisa Halaby
    Details and adopted childrenIssue
    Princess Alia
    Abdullah II of Jordan
    Prince Faisal
    Princess Aisha
    Princess Zein
    Princess Haya
    Prince Ali
    Prince Hamzah
    Prince Hashim
    Princess Iman
    Princess Raiyah
    House Hashemite
    Father Talal of Jordan
    Mother Zein al Sharaf Talal
    Born (1935-11-14)14 November 1935
    Amman, Transjordan
    Died 7 February 1999(1999-02-07) (aged 63)
    Amman, Jordan
    Burial Raghadan Palace

    Prince Aly Khan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Birth (1911-06-13)13 June 1911
    Death 12 May 1960(1960-05-12) (aged 48)
    Birthplace Turin, Italy
    Titles His Highness Prince Aly Khan
    Spouse(s) Joan Guinness
    Rita Hayworth
    Father Aga Khan III
    Mother Cleope Teresa Magliano
    Children Prince Karim
    Prince Amyn Muhammad
    Princess Yasmin

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