The Hounds And Watson’s Study Part 2 ( The Smokey Booth Mystery)

©Renee 2013

Our adventure into Watson’s study is here:

We must admit to making a few copies in Watson’s files. One, is called Woolworth, and it contains information on beautiful homes in Long Island. In need of a nice vacation and eye candy, we took off, to look into the case of the Smokey Booth Mystery.

Woolworth, Donahue, Seymour Knox, Jack Parsons, Helen Northrup, her sister, Waddell, OTO, Crowley, Thelma, Hubbard, Scientology, here:

Two of New York City‘s major airports, LaGuardia Airport and JFK International Airport, are located on Long Island, in Queens. Nine bridges and 13 tunnels (including railway tunnels) connect Brooklyn and Queens (and thus Long Island) to the three other boroughs of New York City. Ferries connect Suffolk County northward across Long Island Sound to the state of Connecticut.


From the airport we take off with a rental car and head towards the Smokey Booth restaurant with a tour guide book, a map and Watson’s files. Smokey lost a very expensive diamond in her restaurant long ago, and the case was never solved, thus our files.

The restaurant was perfect, and Smokey was beautiful. The charming hostess, she went thru the files with us, noting pictures and homes in the area as the piano music played in the background. We had wine and smoked oysters as we chatted. It was a nice and relaxing meal we needed. We had alot of places to go.

Frank Winfield Woolworth (April 13, 1852 – April 8, 1919) was the founder of F. W. Woolworth Company (now Foot Locker), an operator of discount stores that priced merchandise at five and ten cents. He pioneered the now-common practices of buying merchandise direct from manufacturers and fixing prices on items, rather than haggling. He was the first to use self-service display cases so customers could examine what they wanted to buy without the help of a salesman.

Winfield Hall

Location 77 Crescent Beach Road, Glen Cove, LI, NY, US
Built 1917
Style Beaux Arts
Architect Charles Pierrepont Henry Gilbert 
Rooms 56
Built For Frank Winfield Woolworth
Woolworth a young department store clerk ventured out and pioneered five and ten cent stores. His coworker Jennie Creighton at the department store came to tend him when sick who he later married. He was a devoted family man. He built a 1000 store company worth $65,000,000 at the time of his death in 1919. His family paid estate taxes twice within 5 years due to tax laws at the time of his wife’s death. One of his three daughter’s Edna, married to E. F. Hutton’s brother, died young from a suicide, leaving a grandaughter at 7 years old to inherit a large part of his estate. That along with a trust from her father was reportedly squandered and reports of excess caused some rioting among Woolworth employees working at low wages. The company converted to it’s most profitable subsidiary “Foot Locker”.
Cost 10 Million. Pink and beige marble staircase cost 2 million of that.
Sold To Reynolds, of Reynolds Metal Co, in 1975 Andre von Brunner. Then home to Pell Corporation, then to Martin Carey, (brother of former NY Governor Hugh Carey).
Current Use Privately owned and has been on and off the real estate market for amounts just under $20 million.
Notes: Originally a Gold Coast Mansion on the same spot was built for Dr. Alexander Crombie Humphreys by C.P.H. Gilbert in 1899.. The original Mediterranean villa style house was then purchased by Emmet Queen in 1907. Then purchased by Robert Winfield Woolworth. It was speculated Woolworth wanted a home nearer the sound like the JOSEPH DELAMAR MANSION. R W Woolworth’s Estate on Crescent Beach Rd, Glen Cove, NY was burned down in 1916. Then replaced by the newer Winfield Hall. Rumors were that the architectural plans were in the works for some time.,_New_York

Barclays/ Libor rigging:

Sandy moved further up north:

More on them here with Simeon Ndsandjo, Ruth Obama, etc…

Seymour Knox( Woolworth, Donahue, Hutton family), Helen Northrup, her sister, Jack Parsons, Crowley, OTO, Hubbard, Liddell, Waddell, and Scientology are found here :

Simon Mann and coup in Africa with Mark Thatcher (see also Ralia Odinga)

Robinson Island in Hawaii (Sinclair)


James Watson Gerard (August 25, 1867 – September 6, 1951) was a U.S. lawyer and diplomat.

Gerard was born in Geneseo, N. Y. He graduated from Columbia in 1890 and from New York Law School. He was chairman of the Democratic campaign committee of New York County for four years, and served as major of the National Guard of the State of New York for four years. He was appointed to the New York Supreme Court in 1908, where he served as a justice until 1911. Under President Woodrow Wilson, he served as the American Ambassador to Germany from 1913 to 1917. The German government asked him to leave in January 1917. He left Germany in February, and retired from diplomatic service entirely in July of that year.

In 1914, he was the Democratic – Tammany Hall candidate for U.S. Senator from New York. He defeated Anti-Tammany candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Democratic primary, but lost the election to James W. Wadsworth, Jr. On the declaration of war by the United States, he was recalled from his post of ambassador at Berlin and took up the practice of law in New York City. The George H. Doran Company of New York City published two books Gerard wrote on his experiences titled My Four Years in Germany released in 1917 and the following year, Face to Face with Kaiserism. My Four Years in Germany was filmed in 1918.

Gerard once said in a speech: “The Foreign Minister of Germany once said to me ‘your country does not dare do anything against Germany, because we have in your country five hundred thousand Germans reservists [emigrants] who will rise in arms against your government if you dare to make a move against Germany.’ Well, I told him that that might be so, but that we had five hundred thousand -and one- lamp posts in this country, and that that was where the reservists would be hanging the day after they tried to rise.”

Ambassador Gerard was of major incidental importance in the rise of Warner Brothers movie producers as his book My Four Years in Germany was the source of the Warner’s first nationally syndicated film of the same name.

Gerard’s wife, Mary, was the daughter of copper magnate Marcus Daly, head of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company that developed the mines of Butte, Montana. Because of his wife’s connections to Montana, he held a ranch north of Hamilton, Montana during his lifetime. He died September 6, 1951, in New York City.

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