That Thing Of Theirs (Part 1) The Grand Opening

©Renee  2015

Her bathroom was so elegant. Blocked glass windows behind her oval tub sparkled bright, white light below the jeweled swags. Large, antique tapestries lined the walls in pastels that she could see behind her while at her vanity thru the mirrors. The vanity was lined with all of her varieties of Chanel perfumes, powderpuffs and a vase of her makeup brushes. She dropped her pink, silk robe, applied lotion and powder to her body and picked an elegant, flowing, white, Gatsby type creation from a hanger and liked how it felt on top of silk stockings and high end heels. She threw on a dozen gold bracelets, pearls and matching earrings and grabbed her bag, ready for the big day. It had taken three years for this day.

She left the bathroom and watched him asleep in her bed. Under her white, goosedown comforter he was so still. One perfect butt cheek barely peeking out from under the covers. He had the body of a Greek statue. His face looking so young and childlike in sleep. His short chin under his low set mouth that turned downward when serious. The family face. The genetics did not lie. He looked much like his Don ancestor. Carried the name and face ever so quietly. So secretive. Guarding the family stories in gentlemanly fashion. She never asked too many questions as there were many things that a girl like her just did not wish to know. It was one of the things he loved about her. Along with her long legs, blonde hair and blue eyes. They fit well somehow though. The Italian man and French girl. Dark and fair. They complimented each other and made a stunning couple. People loved to wonder about them, and know them, but never really did as they were so complete with just each other. It had been like this from the start with them. Not much had altered thru the years, except their ages.

He called her his baby girl even though there were just a few years age difference. He was so wise, and she was so child like but very cool and sleek, feisty and warm, loving to dance and laugh, and he was a man of few words, serious, businesslike. She loved it when he told her that Poppa loved his baby girl, and he was always hot with his big, sexual appetite. He loved two things. Making money and making hot sex. They were a force together hard to match. He in his dressy slacks and import shoes, she in her short skirts and good legs that went on forever. They both were older, but beautiful to see. He loved her look, and she loved his way. She loved men of mystery and he liked her warmth on his arm. He showed her off to his friends and told her that. It made her feel flattered. He told her she was beautiful, she told him she loved his style.

She slipped into her Mercedes convertable and smoothly left the flagstone, circular drive of their small, villa styled home. She turned left on Canyon Ranch Road and hit Central Avenue in the afternoon sunshine. She briefly stopped at Wilkinsons and picked up special order Aztec truffles filled with a tequila made by a childhood friend, and lime cream filling and topped with dark chocolate and dried, sweet lime peel. They were for deserts with lemon crepes. Now on to the restaurant/ club to make sure it was perfect before the doors opened for the first time at 5PM.

The entry foyer sparkled. Custom tile mosaics were carefully laid in each room’s floor. The entry floor had a peacock design, in  neon green, blues and gray upon white and gold diamond shapes. The entry table was round, in gleaming dark wood and a huge, floral arangement in a Tuscan Urn of clay was filled with Bird of Paradise flowers. The walls were lit with amber wall sconces and the smell of lavender and rosemary filled the air. Her man would be pleased. The orchestra was setting up and the kitchen was ready. The dining rooms shimmered with Palatial Gold rimmed, white china, linens of Egyptian cotton, the best silver and glassware. Antique tapestries adorned the walls of pale cream and the bar was a beautiful, old world creation with a mirrored, lit back. The draperies were pale blue silk, adorned with Turkish beads. Like it’s name, it was truly an Oasis. All that was needed now were the elegantly dressed people to fill it, and open it in style. They would stand at the door together greeting their guests. She knew he was dressing by now, soon to join her. It was almost time for the night to begin. Three years of planning every detail. The effort now showing it’s worth. Their wealthy, nameless investors would tonight see with their own eyes that their stacks of money had truly been well spent.



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