Making Of A Cozy Cottage

©Renee 2013

This post is a hobby post, a cooking post, a home and garden post too. A place for home improvement and tips and anything home. A way to become inspired, no matter what your passion or project at the moment.

Right now, I am absorbed with a very tiny cottage near water in a pretty rural area. I wish the cottage was half the size of it’s acre attached, but all that brush that has been cleared is another story for another day. The cottage has been air conditioned, heated, had a wall taken down to make a dining room from the secondary bedroom. Electrical issues have been addressed, it has been painted outside, and has a fresh deck stain. Shrubs have been planted as well as herbs. It is looking so much more young and loved. This tiny place is older then I am and has lush trees, sunflowers and 4oclocks EVERYWHERE. Cleaning it all up and bringing natures beauty to sharp attention has truly been a labor of love.

Boats are the main theme here, with a spin of country, nautical colors and fresh, bright white. Red and blues tie in and the interior paint is the color of butter, with white trim and window coverings. Boats and fishing are the gig in these parts…..laid back country USA.

Several weeks into our summer here, the dog next door led us to a spot under the back shed, which is being redone like a red barn. There was a new litter of kittens under there. A neighbor saw a racoon, taking one of the kittens into the woods, and no mother could be found. Well, many  pet bottles of formula later, we have two kittens we don’t know what to do with. Cali Coco is small and active, with a calico coat and mask looking sweet eyes. Brie is a yellow tabby stripe, with big blue eyes and a Santa tummy, as he is pretty lazy. They look so different now from the moving bones we first discovered. Just what I needed, two frisky kittens. They try to crawl into everything I work on. Sheetrock, cement etc..It is all wild fun and games when they are about. This place is my Inn Saniti Pointe, aka Star Villa.

My friends make fun of this place’s transformation. Amazing what a dream, a vision and elbow grease can do. Truly amazing…

Lake Cottage Impossible Macaroon Pie

1 stick butter (melted)

1  3/4 c. sugar

4 lg. eggs

1/2 c. flour

2 c. milk

1 T. good vanilla extract

2 c.  shredded coconut

Mix above with a hand mixer in order given. Pour into 2 greased or buttered pie pans.Bake 350 for one hour or until bottom is done and top looks like a macaroon cookie. Insert knife to test center.

Cool, refrigerate and enjoy !

This was the first pie I made here. It is the easiest, best pie.

And now it is autumn, time to rake all these green leaves, soon to turn and fall. And make pies and comfort foods…..

So much always going on at little Star Villa. Put up your feet here and relax, the old fashioned ways. Creative with small spaces and basics are key mind sets. Sometimes less is truly more. Open up the windows and let the crisp, morning air breeze in as it slightly moves the curtains. Fall is here.


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3 Responses to Making Of A Cozy Cottage

  1. drkate says:

    😀 WOW sounds great! You are an inspiration, my friend!

  2. Renee says:

    It’s kinda like this Kate, or was…

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