©Renee  2014

Not much to say other then “how bout that?” Smile Nancy SMILE ! Make it look REAL !

TEA Party be like “YEAH BABY!”

But someone’s back is against the wall now…. dicey…Is something BIG around the corner ? WHO is he really ?

Asked by host Chris Matthews, “Which party has the spark right now?” Fineman responded, “Oh, the Republican Party for sure. The Dems have to reinvent themselves all over again. The Obama era is over.”

Fineman’s rhetoric echoes the consensus that the wave of discontent which swept Republicans to victory was almost completely borne out of a total rejection of brand Obama.

“Tonight was a powerful repudiation of the Obama presidency,” said Senator Ted Cruz, while Douglas E. Schoen, a former pollster for President Bill Clinton, asserted that the outcome was a rejection of Obama’s leadership, his policies and a recognition that he is a “deeply unpopular president.”

With Obama’s effort to pursue his agenda via bipartisan support now in tatters, many fear that the President will move on an aggressive strategy of issuing executive orders in a bid to capitalize on his final two years in office.

Meanwhile, Senator Rand Paul said that the results also translated as a complete rejection of Hillary Clinton, who Paul will potentially face off against in the 2016 presidential election.

“Somebody should ask Hillary Democrats why they got wiped out tonight. Clearly, Hillary is yesterday’s news,” the Senator said in an email to Breitbart News.

Don’t RUN away my dear ? Yes, Do run away. Please do,  go very FAR ! What did Michelle O say again ? Something about I’mapeach ? How bout that ? AMERICA has spoken, or rather, she ROARED….Woohoooo ! Just…WOW ! Real difficult Nancy ? No, it wasn’t…



And OILy Wendy Davis at a LOSS for words too !  Oh What A Night !

Change the words just a little a bit. OHHHH what A NIGHT ! Early November in 2014. PARTY  TIME !!!  ROCK ON MISS AMERICA !:




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