The Goat Closet

©Renee 2014

There’s this merry gang of freaks. Who sent them ? They come from the goat closet. This very smelly, dark place where sick, perverted minds dwell. They are cowards you know…cover their heads with odor ridden hoods, wraps or any cloth infested with fleas, head lice or crawling things of that nature. They HIDE who they are. They drool over death and destruction and go by many names but they are the same. Some of their handles include:

(Afgani. The Tailban connects to ENRON, 9/11 etc..) For more info on those connections, see this post:

*aka ISIS above*

Next, we are Keeping Up With The :

Note, that the Khorasan Group is actually those listed above them but had to be renamed so it doesnt look like SOMEONE was full of it and looks like a fool when they said “We Got Them!” Let’s keep the masses all confused about the goat closet you know ? Now, these freaks of nature like to cut off heads, stone women, murder, mutilate, threaten and terrorize and things of this nature. Make no mistake, they are insane. Their terror is crawling all over the world. Time to put a real hault to it though. They are NOT a religion of peace, they are NOT taking over America. Europe as well as other places can hand themselves over but we will NOT.

Welcome to Texas, goat closet, where they speak the truth:

But, guess what ? the time draws near to end the domination. Sucking eggs for oil will not last forever. How special…:

U.S. Poised To Become Largest Petrolium Producer

Output poised to exceed Saudi levels by this month or next

Montana’s Vast Untapped
Oil Reserves

Entire Field Compares to One of Saudi’s Largest

The governor told the New York Post recently that he has the solution to the oil crisis right in our backyard: the state’s Bakken region, which extends into Canada and North Dakota. And Schweitzer says that unlike other places in the U.S., Montanans are eager to drill, even build new refineries near places like Sydney…….

In April 2008, a USGS report estimated the amount of recoverable oil using technology readily available at the end of 2007 within the Bakken Formation at 3.0 to 4.3 billion barrels (680,000,000 m3), with a mean of 3.65 billion.The state of North Dakota also released a report that month which estimated that there are 2.1 billion barrels (330,000,000 m3) of technically recoverable oil in the Bakken.Various other estimates place the total reserves, recoverable and non-recoverable with today’s technology, at up to 24 billion barrels. A recent estimate places the figure at 18 billion barrels.In April 2013, the US Geological Survey released a new figure for expected ultimate recovery of 7.4 billion barrels of oil.

The application of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technologies have caused a boom in Bakken production since 2000. By the end of 2010, oil production rates had reached 458,000 barrels (72,800 m3) per day, thereby outstripping the pipeline capacity to ship oil out of the Bakken….

And Oklahoma:

He was born William Webb in 1973 in Oklahoma to a Christian family, including a grandfather who served as a preacher. At age 14, he lost interest in religion, going through a self-described spiritual crisis. He also began engaging in delinquency by joining a local gang and became a local Hip-Hop DJ and producer, making records with various artists.

After converting to Islam in 1992, Webb left his career as a DJ and studied at the University of Central Oklahoma, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. He also studied privately under a Senegalese Sheikh, learning enough Islam and Arabic to become a community leader in Oklahoma City, where he was hired as Imam at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City. He simultaneously started teaching at Mercy School, an Islamic K-12 school in Oklahoma City…..

Coincidence ?

Websters says: The occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection; also :  any of these occurrences…


No way….What is the Oklahoma thing ? And the same connections thing ?

And this, HT Leza:

Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, a Muslim from Kenya, was arrested after he threatened to behead a coworker at the Bellevue Nursing Home. Muriithi told the coworker he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians.”….

Nicholas Evan “Nick” Berg (April 2, 1978 – May 7, 2004) was an American freelance radio-towerrepairman who went to Iraq after the United States’ invasion of Iraq. He was abducted and executed according to a video released in May 2004 by Islamist militants in response to the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse involving the United States Army and Iraqi prisoners. The CIA claims Berg was personally murdered by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.The decapitation video was released on the Internet, reportedly from London to a Malaysian-hosted homepage by the Islamist organization Muntada al-Ansar.

  • The CIA claims Berg was personally murdered by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The decapitation video was released on the Internet, reportedly from London to a Malaysian-hosted homepage by the Islamist organization Muntada al-Ansar.
    He took classes at Drexel University in 1998, and in 1999, Berg attended summer sessions on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. At some point, Berg took a class at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. He never earned a college degree.

    In 2002, with family members, Berg created Prometheus Methods Tower Service. He inspected and rebuilt communication antennae, and had previously visited Kenya and Uganda on similar projects. Berg set up a subsidiary of his company, Prometheus Tower Services, Inc., in Kenya.

    Berg first arrived in Iraq on December 21, 2003, and made arrangements to secure contract work for his company. He also went to the northern city of Mosul, visiting an Iraqi man whose brother had been married to Berg’s late aunt. Leaving on February 1, 2004, he returned to Iraq on March 14, 2004, only to find that the work he was promised was unavailable. Throughout his time in Iraq, he maintained frequent contact with his family in the United States by telephone and e-mail.

    • Encounter with Zacarias Moussaoui

      On May 14, 2004, it was revealed that Nick Berg had been investigated during the U.S. government’s investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui. Berg’s email address had been used by Moussaoui prior to the September 11, 2001, attacks. According to Berg’s father, Nick Berg had a chance encounter with an acquaintance of Moussaoui on a bus in Norman, Oklahoma. This person had asked to borrow Berg’s laptop computer to send an email. Berg gave the details of his own email account and password, which were later used by Moussaoui. The FBI found that Berg had no direct terrorism connections or direct link with Moussaoui.

      • Beheading Suspect Attended Same Mosque as 9/11 Terrorist

        28 Sep 2014

        MOORE, Oklahoma — Alton Nolen, the man who beheaded one woman and severely injured another at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma, was apparently a radicalized Muslim. Nolen attended the same mosque as Zacarias Moussaoui, a man convicted in federal court of conspiring to kill U.S. citizens as part of the September 11 attacks, Breitbart Texas has learned…..


        Next I found other Oklahoma connections:

        (From above link):

        A possible split in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other federal agencies, may open up various possiblities as to what really happened as to the bombings in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995. And we use the term BOMBINGS in the plural advisedly, because some explosives experts contend fertilizer bombs in a front-of-the-building truck could not have wrecked the building pillars as occurred.

        Background President Clinton felt his power slipping away. The 1994 Congressional elections, considered by fellow Democrats as a Clinton-caused disaster, brought in a noisy GOP majority. In the spring of 1995, a small group of highly patriotic flag officers were plotting to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton for giving military secrets to the Red Chinese, a sworn enemy of the U.S.; an arrest provided for and authorized under the military code. As titular head of both the U.S. civilian and military Establishment, Clinton, on the other hand, could have arrested the 24 Admirals and Generals for mutiny. If they were not assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with proof, such as Clinton giving, to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, in the White Houuse and elsewhere, U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets. Giving aid and comfort to a sworn enemy of the U.S., the classical definition of treason.

        Clinton felt he could nevertheless control the situation, notwithstanding the plot against him. Just prior to the 1994 elections was appointed to investigate Bill and Hillary, a supposed “Independent Counsel”, Kenneth W. Starr. But Starr had built-in conflicts of interest, as Clinton was aware. Starr had as a private law client, Wang Jun, head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Wang Jun also headed a Red Chinese military-owned company that made and marketed AK-47 submachine guns, intended for shipment to U.S. inner-city narco-terrorist street gangs, for shoot-em-ups with big city police, to destabilize the U.S. government.

        On Monday, April 17, 1995, a military jet planeload of top military was enroute to Dallas. They had onboard what is not supposed to exist, an American prisoner-of-war, prepared to finger the Pentagon as perpetuated by Clinton, as continuing the POW/Missing in Action cover-up from the Viet Nam war. From sabotage, the plane blew up in the air, killing all onboard, near Alexander City, Alabama. The Pentagon made every effort to cover up what happened. Families of the victims were reportedly not permitted to have any possessions or details. There are strong reasons to believe the plane had a portion of a group of “Seven Days in May” style military officers plotting a coup against the White House. Thereafter, the small group of other flag officers, out of uniform, took up residence in a Paris suburb. A year later, the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, apparently aware of the coup, was assassinated and covered up as a “suicide”, a favorite whitewash by the monopoly press. And about the time of Boorda’s murder, was assassinated William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence. He reportedly was assisting the plotters with detailed data. Colby’s death was explained by the pressfakers as a “boat accident”, although his friends contend it was murder.

        Clinton, as President, was fully aware that Oklahoma City had as residents, a large number of Iraqi military officers and their families, some officers of Iraqi Intelligence units, supposed defectors after the Persian Gulf War, 1991, brought into the U.S. by President George Herbert Walker Bush. Iraq, as Clinton knew, was planning a revenge terrorist attack against a federal office building in Oklahoma City, using U.S. dissidents as surrogates, but insulated from the actual Iraqi handlers. The FBI, the CIA, and other in the intelligence community, have pictures and records showing the Iraqi military officers supervising the Murrah Building bombings. [Local Oklahoma TV reporters confirming this in part were fired or otherwise punished.]

        Right before the scheduled execution of McVeigh, an apparent split has developed in the FBI. There is reason to believe the split is also in other intelligence agencies. The target of the divergence is both current alleged “President” or White House “resident” George W. Bush and former President Clinton. Through his father, George W. Bush is in a position to know, and want to cover up, the complicity of the Iraqi officers on U.S. soil in the Oklahoma City bombings. Also, former President Clinton, somewhere in the future, may well be subject to federal criminal prosecution for treason and the murder of the 168 who died in the Murrah Building bombings. Are other records about to be revealed? Some believe so.

        Based on a little-known Federal case in Chicago, 1991, where I was the only spectator and journalist present, I did exclusive stories on how the Elder Bush in the decade of the 1980s, was a PRIVATE business partner of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. Together, they shook down the weak sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf for billions and billions of dollars of oil kick-backs. The Persian Gulf War, in its simplest form, was merely two private business partners having a falling out and wanting to punish one another. Through foreign units of his firm, Halliburton, Vice President Richard Cheney has extensive business with Iraq on oil-country machinery and such. Prior to being Vice President, Cheney was CEO of Halliburton. Through Harken Energy, and a massive swindle, George W. Bush has extensive interests in the Persian Gulf and conflicts of interest as to Iraq as a so-called subdued “enemy” of the U.S.


        And a H/T to you Kathy for this link, with a photo:

        I guess I have a few questions…

        1.WHO is at our border and inside our borders now, and who sent them?

        2. What was in the envelope Clinton had in his hand when he went to China? (our biggest debt holders)

        3. WHO wants us unarmed so badly and WHY?


        4.WHO is inside the GOAT CLOSET with the GOATS?

        Update 10/10/2014

        Cameraman  Raad al-Azzawi, 37, and an Iraqi citizen, was reportedly killed Friday evening near Tikrit for refusing to work for the terror group ISIS, according to AFP. His brother and two other civilians were also executed. It is not just the west they are after. Anyone refusing to do their bidding is fair game.



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3 Responses to The Goat Closet

    • Renee says:


      Look at the powerful people
      Stealing the sun from the day
      Wish I could do something about it
      When all I can do is pray

      It’s a lonely afternoon
      With nowhere to go but my room
      And Sunday when there’s time
      I think of these things on my mind
      And I don’t know
      Where I will go

      Look at the ominous people
      Draining the salt from the sea
      Wish I could just stand up and shout it
      Why can’t they let goodness be

      Oh it’s a lonely afternoon
      With nowhere to go but my room
      And Sunday when there’s time
      I think of these things on my mind
      And I don’t know
      Where I will go

      Come on you world won’t you give a damn
      Turn on some lights and see this garbage can
      Time is the essence if we plan to stay
      Death is in stride when filth is the pride of our home
      Wish I could just stand up and shout it
      Why can’t they let goodness be

      Oh it’s a lonely afternoon
      With nowhere to go but my room
      And Sunday when there’s time
      I think of these things on my mind

      Oh and Monday there’s no time
      So I close both my eyes and I’m blind
      And I don’t care where oh where is my prayer

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