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First see this older post:

Sinclair, Elizabeth…… crashed on the island and terrorized its residents for a week after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The people of Niʻihau are known for their gemlike lei pūpū (shell lei) craftsmanship, and speak Hawaiian as a primary language. The island is generally off-limits to all but relatives of the island’s owners, U.S. Navy personnel, government officials and invited guests, giving it the nickname “The Forbidden Isle.” Beginning in 1987, a limited number of supervised activity tours and hunting safaris have opened to tourists. The island is currently managed by Bruce and Keith Robinson. They have turned down all offers to sell it including $1 billion from the U.S. governme

Legends…WHAT exactly are legands made of ? That is a deeper question than it appears to be.

It is so funny how like minds work. Just the other day I was looking into the name Arnie (Arnold) Nachmanoff and his wife Suzie, from old photos of Barack Obama Sr. with them in Hawaii. I did some other digging too and stumbled upon a power company. Interesting things we happen upon when reading and all of that. Anyway, tonight I read other people talking about an interesting new show on TNT and I read the name Nachmanoff again. Bingo. How interesting is that ? To hear such an odd name again, out of the blue after just going over it again so recently. Just one of those feeble sort of light bulb moments. So…let us look. First, this was the power company I stumbled upon when I misspelled Arnie’s last name. It has been many years..

Then, after locating old Hawaii photos, I also found the topic again from old reads. Free Republic had done a lot of work on Arnie and his wife back in time too.

Barak Obama (center) and friends at a party given by Arnie and Suzie Nachmanoff, in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in the early 1960’s From left to right: Arnie Nachmanoff, (Former Under Secretary of the Treasury, and host), Suzie Nachmanoff (host), Barak Obama (Kenya), Bob Ruenitz (Fromer Senior State Department official, USA), and Dorothy (USA),_Sr.

Then I find a malaria etc..chemist connected to the name:

Daniel L. Klayman, the longtime head of the organic chemistry section of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, died on Thursday at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Md. He was 63 years old and lived in Chevy Chase, Md.

He died of a heart attack that he suffered at home, said a cousin, Arnold Nachmanoff.

Dr. Klayman was an authority on drugs to combat malaria and a wide variety of other diseases and on drugs to combat radiation sickness. He held 15 United States patents on drugs he developed. A native of the Inwood section of Manhattan, he earned a doctorate in organic chemistry from Rutgers University in 1956, taught at Hofstra University and joined the institute in 1959. He is survived by his wife, the former Dora Basch; a daughter, Wanda, and a son, Elliott, both of Washington, and his father, Harry, of Silver Spring.

Then we have the musical brother of the Legends writer. Al Stewart etc:

Next we have the Legends writer:

The plot revolves around a U.S. undercover agent who’s an expert at assuming false identities. A “legend” in CIA parlance IS a false identity. The subplot is that a mysterious stranger accosts the protagonist and tells him that he’s not who he thinks he is--meaning that even the identity that the agent believes is his own self is NOT. It’s a “legend”, too. The stranger tells him that he doesn’t know who he is, either, and that they were never supposed to remember.

And the writer of Legends:

Those Little things again…some people just always think of them.

Soundex Code for Little = L340

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

Soundex Code for Littell = L340

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

 born Malcolm Little and also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
Samuel Liddell (or Liddel) MacGregor Mathers (8 or 11 January 1854 – 5 or 20 November 1918), born Samuel Liddell Mathers, was a British occultist. He is primarily known as one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a ceremonial magic order of which offshoots still exist today…

In addition to many supporters, he had many enemies and critics. One of his most notable enemies was one time friend and pupil Aleister Crowley, who portrayed Mathers as a villain named SRMD in his 1929 novelMoonchild. According to Crowley’s memoirs, The Confessions of Aleister Crowley, Mathers was in the habit of ostensibly playing chess matches against various pagan gods. Mathers would set up the chessboard and seat himself behind the white pieces, with an empty chair opposite him. After making a move for himself, Mathers would then shade his eyes and peer towards the empty chair, waiting for his opponent to signal a move. Mathers would then move a black piece accordingly, then make his next move as white, and so forth. Crowley did not record who won.

Earlier, Crowley wrote in his diary that “As far as I was concerned, Mathers was my only link with the Secret Chiefs to whom I was pledged. I wrote to him offering to place myself and my fortune unreservedly at his disposal; if that meant giving up the Abra-Melin Operation for the present, all right.

More here:

The meaning of Nachmanoff come may come from a trade, such as the name “Bishop” which may have been taken by church officials. Some of these trade-based last names may be a profession in a different language. Because of this it is good to research the ethnicity of a name, and the languages used by its ancestors. Many western names like Nachmanoff originate from religious texts such as the Bhagavadgītā, the Quran, the Bible, and so on. Often these family names relate to a religious sentiment such as “From the ash tree”.

Just in time for TRICK or TREAT…




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  1. Renee says:


    Top 10 Crowley Myths which are Actually True | Aleister Crowley 2012
    Aleister Crowley had learned about Hubbard’s friendship with Jack Parsons, who at the time was Master of Agapé Lodge No. 2, one of the American lodges of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis. Hubbard and Parsons had started a business together and began the ridiculous Babalon Working. Crowley was right to be frantic; the business partnership ultimately ended in shambles, Hubbard ran off with Parsons’ boat, and went on to start his sci-fi religion, Scientology.
    As a notable example, Aleister Crowley published White Stains in Amsterdam in 1898, under the pseudonym of George Archibald Bishop. All but a few copies of the first edition of this book were seized and destroyed by British customs. This came only three years after Oscar Wilde was sent to prison for his poetic allusions to homosexuality.


    The meaning of Nachmanoff come may come from a trade, such as the name “Bishop” which may have been taken by church officials.


    Following the Kamehameha Dynasty the royal guards were disbanded under …. he summoned High Chiefess Bernice Pauahi Bishop to declare his intentions of …


  2. Renee says:

    Again from link above:

    Currently a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Nachmanoff holds an M.A. in international studies from the University of Denver.

    Cached SOURCE

    Oxford Analytica, Ltd. Company Overview

    Oxford Analytica, Ltd. offers research, analysis, and consulting services on world events in the areas of political, economic, and social developments internationally. The company delivers news analysis or intelligence services.

    The company offers services in the areas of daily brief; academic library; syndication; risk identification, assessment, and monitoring; sectors, trends, and issues; scenario planning; stakeholder analysis; executive education; and conferences and meetings.

    It serves corporations, banks, governments, and international institutions. Oxford Analytica, Ltd. was founded in 1975 and is based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

    2010 – Key Executives

    Mr. David Bock, age 64
    Interim Chief Executive Officer and Member of International Advisory Board

    Dr. David R. Young

    Mr. David Lay
    Managing Editor

    Mr. Andrew Carruthers, age 43
    Chief Financial Officer and Head of Technology

    Mr. Arnie Nachmanoff
    Advisor and Director

    Arnold Nachmanoff is International Titanium’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs and International Finance.

    Mr. David Lay
    Managing Editor

    Kenneth L. Lay, who as founder of the Enron Corporation…..
    Enron Founder, Awaiting Prison, Dies in Colorado
    Kenneth L. Lay, who as founder of the Enron Corporation rose to peaks of influence in business and politics, only to fall into disgrace amid scandal, died early yesterday morning in Aspen, Colo., while awaiting a judge’s sentencing this fall that could have sent him to prison for decades…..

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