Pieces Of Nine

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September is month  9 of the year, so it always gets me to thinking on all those 9/11 connections. They are still swirling around..it is just mind boggling to connect them to each other. Still today…

So it seems that Enron was in the middle of a little pipeline thing. A pipeline thing they had going with the Taliban.This is per a captured Al-Qaida document. Law enforcement was not privy to the info.The Taliban had buddies in Al-Qaida that finished the plans for 9/11 while the Enron secrets were still quiet. There were 8 months to get the attack ready…

First we have Kenneth Lay, chairman and CEO of Enron Corp. , and then we have Joseph Sutton. Sutton just happens to be the family name of the second wife of King Hussein of Jordan. Muna Sutton. Sutton also happens to be the family name of Percy Sutton, that worked for the Saudi royal family, and helped get Obama into Harvard. There were block of information orders, involved both dems and repubs alike. Layers of information hidden. Covering for the Saudi Royals was important to some.



The second block order, in force since the 1980’s, was against any investigation that would embarrass the Saudi Royal family. Originally, it was designed to conceal Saudi support for Muslim extremists fighting against the Soviets in Afghanistan and Chechnya, but it went too far. Oliver North noted in his autobiography, that every time he tried to do something about terrorism links in the Middle East, he was told to stop because it might embarrass the Saudis. This block remains in place.

As the combined result of these two blocks, the Saudis were able to fund middle eastern terrorists in complete secrecy during the 1990’s through a network of Muslim charities in Virginia, Tampa and Florida. The Saudi funding network was targeted at the destruction of the State of Israel and the obstruction of the Palestinian peace process.

The Saudi funding conduit has now been exposed and shut down by means of a private lawsuit, Loftus vs. Sami Al Arian, which is currently pending in Hillsborough County, Florida. The lawsuit, filed on March 20, 2002, influenced the government into raiding the Saudi charities in Herndon, Virginia, a few hours later.

After filing the Al-Arian lawsuit, Attorney Loftus began to receive very detailed documents and information about a third block: a prohibition on investigations concerning the Taliban. In the early 1990’s, a consortium of American oil companies (lead by Unocal) had hired Enron to determine the profitability of building an oil and gas pipeline across Afghanistan so that America could have access to the Caspian Sea Basin, holding 1/8th of the worlds energy supplies.





Father of Percy family. Mother of Sutton. Last name Gardiner:









Ken Lay’s friend:





The FBI probe that is the focus of the Freedom of Information lawsuit investigated a Saudi family with ties to the Royal Family and apparent connections to some of the 9/11 hijackers, including ringleader Mohamed Atta, and former Broward resident and currently suspected al Qaeda leader Adnan Shukrijumah.

The investigation began after neighbors in the upscale south Sarasota gated community of Prestancia called authorities to report that Abulaziz al-Hijji and his wife, Anoud, had suddenly moved out of their home two weeks before 9/11, leaving behind cars, furniture, clothing and food in the kitchen.

Sources have said agents later found gatehouse logs and photographs of license tags and phone records, showing that Atta, Shukrijumah and others had visited the al-Hijji’s home.

Next, the hunk of money:


Senator Bernie Sanders was on Thomm Hartman’s  show on Talk Left – XM-127 on Friday 9/14/12. Someone called with a question about the money missing from the Pentagon. Sen. Sanders confirmed that the night before 9/11 Rumsfeld reported that there was $2.3T missing receipts, etc. in the Pentagon. Senator Sanders is still looking into the matter.

According to former Gov. Jesse Ventura’s investigative report: when the explosion happened in the Pentagon on 9/11 it hit the area where the staffers worked that found the discrepancies – killing all of them and their computers and paperwork, except one survivor of that staff A*** ** lived and ended walking out of the hole in the wall and snached her baby who was wearing a onesie was at work with her that day. A** was hospitalized and military brass questioned her.  She said it was a bomb.  They told her it was a plane.  She has been threadented by military according to Ventura’s reporting.


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3 Responses to Pieces Of Nine

  1. Kathy says:

    Hey, your back! Good to hear from you again. I thought you were like Commieblaster and had given up the ship. I just posted a couple of comments over on another blog that I think you might find interesting. I’m going to post them here for you. I think there is much more to this story.

    Kathy |

    Just WOW…I’m speechless…. Their own citizens were not allowed to vote, but foreigners were………


    16.50 The eligibility criteria is simple and controversial: those resident in Scotland, aged over 16. That means one million Scots abroad – three quarters of whom live in England – cannot vote.

    Ivy Hare, aged 17, a resident of Edinburgh but from Orange County, California, United States, proudly shows of her polling card before voting

    Kathy |

    Earlier this afternoon, there was a video at the top of this site. Maybe it was a live feed. I’m not sure. Anyway, it had a message across it that it was not available in my area. It was banned in the US. Are they censoring our international news? Is this legal?
    Kathy | September 18, 2014 at 6:14 pm | Reply

    And this…….Prince Franz……..from the same site.


    Bild asked who would be Scotland’s head of state in the event of independence. It claimed Scotland’s separatists neither wanted the Queen, nor a republic. “There is only 81-year-old Prince Franz of Bavaria who lives in Munich. For supporters of the banned Stuart dynasty he is the rightful heir to the Scottish throne,” Bild remarked.

    Kathy |


    Kathy | September 18, 2014 at 6:16 pm | Reply

    Just FYI….I started reading this site this afternoon from a link on Drudge that claimed this movement was patterned after Obama’s movement here. How it was organized and “yes we can” etc.

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