ISIS, A Horror Carnival

©Renee 2014

Well, yet again Israel is under attack. Now, do not get me started, as we all already know that the Christians or the Jewish are not allowed in Mecca and that Mohammad never stepped a toe in Jeruselem but that double standard is still here unfortunately. Have you ever compared the beauty and cleanliness of Israel to the look of Jordan, Palestine, Gaza or areas near there but not in Israel ? It looks a bit like chaos and filth vs Better Homes and Gardens actually. Digusting. Then we have new terror there now too, a filthy group of murder freaks called ISIS. Sadistic, murdering, base filth stirring up that part of the world. They even have terror t shirts and hoodies for sale out in the cyber world. So very vile, so gross. Richest TERROR group in the WORLD…I am gagging.

Sarah Palin has her input out there these days, wearing a nice star of David pin. I have now decided to buy myself a star of David pin or necklace too. To show my support of Israel, the other team. The team not connected to ISIS. Frankly I am sick of double standards and filthy terror groups so maybe the rest of the world may feel this way too and wish to wear a star as well in support of Israel. Something has to give. This is a group of monsters.

No, I am not talking about her:

I am talking about them, they are like rabid cock roaches, and are a threat to Europe as well:

(CNN) — The face of a balding, middle-aged man stares unsmilingly into the camera. He is dressed in a suit and tie and could pass for a midlevel bureaucrat.

But the photograph is that of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who has transformed a few terror cells harried to the verge of extinction into the most dangerous militant group in the world.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has thrived and mutated during the ongoing civil war in Syria and in the security vacuum that followed the departure of the last American forces from Iraq.

The aim of ISIS is to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas of Iraq and in Syria.

Who are Isis? A terror group too extreme even for al-Qaida

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has a reputation for being even more brutal than the main jihadi group of inspiration
After stealing $450 million from Mosul’s central bank, al Qaeda offshoot ISIS now has the money to buy allies.
I am buying a star. ASAP, anyone else out there want to buy a star as well ? This must stop. I do not want murdering thugs taking over the world do you ? Then buy a star and stand with Israel. The middle east seems to be a filthy dog pen. Time to clean things up, before this cancer spreads more.
Chief Sunni filth of terror:

Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri (Arabicابراهيم عواد ابراهيم علي البدري‎), most commonly known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (أبو بكر البغدادي), and also as Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai, or Dr. Ibrahim, or Abu Dua (أبو دعاء),is the leader of the militant Islamist group, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), alternatively translated as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The formation of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant was announced on 8 April 2013 in a statement by al-Baghdadi. It is the successor to the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) militant group (aka Al-Qaeda in Iraq or AQI), which was the Iraqi division of the international Islamist militant organization al-Qaeda. On 4 October 2011, the US State Department listed al-Baghdadi as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist and announced a reward of $10 million for information leading to his capture or death. OnlyAyman al-Zawahiri, chief of the global al-Qaeda organization, merits a larger reward ($25 million).

Buy a star and wear it NOW please.

More on the ISIS connections, Tony Rezko, Syria :

SHOW YOUR FACE John. Hooded freak cutting off heads. Chickens wear hoods. WHAT are you hiding ? WHO sent you ?

WHO are you REALLY Jihadi John ?

“Jihadi John” is the nickname given by news media to an unidentified member of the Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS or ISIL) known for appearing to be the murderer responsible for several beheading incidents in 2014. Jihadi John was given his nickname by a group of released hostages who claimed he was the leader of a terrorist cell called “The Beatles” and handled relations with families of foreign hostages.The nickname was based on John Lennon of the British rock group the Beatles, with other members of the cell known as “Paul”, “George” and “Ringo” after Beatles Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, as the cell members all had British accents.

*The cell members all had British accents…..humm…



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  1. Renee says:

    And last night we hit them. Such precise skill it is amazing.

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