Barrister Michael Shrimpton, Obama Birth Issues, March Winds And The Sheriff

©Renee 2014 Sheriff Joe says earth shattering evidence coming soon on Obama’s identity, Michael Shrimpton says Obama born in Kenya and then we have the Subud connections with Loretta Fuddy’s suspicious death and the Malcolm Little/Malcolm x resembles Obama theory. Uncle Fred Newman and Anna Duke etc.. There are others but how many years has this been playing out now, how many years have we been writing  ? Well, since the 08 primaries at least. Just one big, festering wound of oddities. It never goes away. When will it finally burst ? Other coverage of this ongoing saga;;page=501 Loretta Fuddy, Subud and connections: Rod Antone: Antoine “Tony” Rezko: Ford/ Anton:

Published on Mar 17, 2013

Sheriff in Arizona speaks about Obamas birth certificat on cbs news. Experts have confirmed. Obamas birth certificate is fake. Congress to convene. CONFIRMED OBAMA BIRTH CERTICATE IS A FAKE. Obamas birth certificate has been completely proven to be forged. The birth certificate can be shown to have several layers of various birth certificates put together and coppied in layers. This is how a document is forged.

We will update this post as events unfold.

The good news is that the Russians (i.e. the Good Guys) appear to have recovered the remaining Ukrainian SS-N-19 warheads.  The key, I suspect, was the defection of Rear-Admiral Berezovsky.  He would probably have known where they were.  At any rate I detect a reduction in tension in Moscow. Flight MH370 My preliminary analysis is that the plane was shot down by the Chinese.  It looks like they used a Chinese copy of the AIM-54 Phoenix, fired from a PLA Navy SSK, probably a Kilo-class 636, in semi-active homing mode, taking out the crew and cockpit in cruise at FL350.  The radios would have been jammed. There are eerie similarities with the shoot-down of AF447 and the Yemeni Airbus.  One reader who rang me on Skype this morning will have gathered that I was pretty upset.  239 lives have been thrown away because no one in officialdom told the truth.  I warned at the time that there would be further loss of life.  Precisely who was the target – assuming Peking are not just applying heavy pressure to Kuala Lumpur, a regional client – is unclear.  It’s been reported that there were two guys on the plane with stolen passports, as good a place to start as any. AF447 was easy.  There was an ex-Devon Oil geologist on board, who had worked out the plan to sabotage a BP rig in the Gulf and blame it on BP.  That was a major DVD operation – I tipped off BP but they caved in meekly in the end, their senior management being as penetrated by Germany as in World War II. Also see: Connection ?
Also see Friedrich Wolf ..
a Writer & Doctor 12-23-1888 ~10-5-1953
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