Obamacare Is The Horse With Bad Knees

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Well, I sat back and watched the healthcare rumbles, the not understanding it all and the pros and cons. I remember stories from friends with relatives overseas that waited months and months for a doctors visit. I read current news, opinions and facts, then it happened..  The horse with bad knees left the track. The first day, a disaster, with nothing of this new system working. Does it feel as if this will always be the case ? It looks like the insurance industry is being quickly gutted, so if Obamacare self destructs, there will then be very little left to pick up the pieces with.

Privacy is a major issue as well, as everyone’s information, tax forms etc…will be flying all about and who all will have access to that ? The answer is, a LOT of people that no one knows anything about…

This is in America, where people from all over the world in the past came for treatments and surgery. A country of good healthcare. What happened to all that ?

September 10th, Obamacare contractors were confident things were going smoothly:


Then I read this one:

Obamacare Has Changed One Family’s Situation to ‘It’s Either Eat or Buy Health
Insurance’ | TheBlaze.com

After the break, Beck took a call from Bryan in Florida, who says his costs have already skyrocketed in the wake of the Affordable Care Act.

“Our insurance for the family plan…our current cost is $127 a week through United Healthcare which, you know, we have a really good plan,” Bryan began.  “Well, my wife went in early this morning, they went over all the different options. The same plan for my family — nothing in our life has changed, everything is the same — is now $237.10 a week.”

But the jump from $127 a week to $237 a week isn’t even the worst of it, he said. Even if they opt for a plan that’s not as good as what they currently have, they’ll still be paying more than they were before.

“The cheapest plan — which is way higher deductible than what we have now, less coverage — is still $178 a week,” Bryan remarked.  “Now, mind you, my wife makes $35,000 a year. So if we kept with the same plan, that means 1/3 of her total income would go just to have the same insurance that we’ve had for the last four years at $6,000 a year.”

Beck sarcastically responded that those “damn insurance companies” are “gouging” him — predicting that many will blame the insurance companies, not the government for the changes.

A reeling Bryan said that’s not even “the kicker.”

Lower income families under the Affordable Care Act are told they will get subsidies from the government to help cover the cost of insurance under the exchanges.  But because Bryan’s employer offers a healthcare plan, they were told that they are not eligible for any of the subsidies because they will be “refusing” the insurance they’re provided — even if it’s because they can’t afford it.

“And I put a big ‘question mark question mark’ on that,” Bryan said, mocking the “???ff.ee.shared.header.getinsurance???” message Burguiere received from healthcare.gov.

Bryan said he was shocked by how many people are going to be affected — unable to pay for the insurance they had (though technically, if they like it, they can keep it), and forced onto the government programs without the promised subsidies.

“I’m like, okay…It’s either eat or buy health insurance,” he said. “And if you don’t, you’re going to be penalized.”

“You want to eat and have health insurance?” Burguiere asked mockingly.  “Greedy bastard,” Gray added.


Then the system shuts down over the weekend to fix problems. And how many people ran from it ? How many people could even get it to work ? Then, how many people got furious when they saw the costs ? Did anyone even sign up ?

What I see is the same insurance providers dividing up states, then the raising of the same insurance coverage prices thru the roof. That is what I see. What a scam. Additional reading I found are at links below. Food or insurance ? And add in covered illegals to THAT ?

Amazing. Simply amazing. Greed is huge no ?

It is now the 13th of October, and I am still struggling with this post. I do not know why this subject is taking me so long to write. I do not know if it is because part of me has hopes for ill people with prior conditions and sympathy for them or because of ceiling caps on insurance coverage or both. These issues are soft spots for me for my own personal reasons so… I read more on the dilema and find this information:
That 14k deductable number scares me badly. How will normal working people come up with that ever ? That means if someone in your home gets very sick you are done in instantly. Then you get the caps and refused coverage on top of that ? This means that with one hospital visit, surgery etc..you owe everything you have or you are bankrupt ? It is fnancial ruin. Reading on the planned to fail angle scares me as well. This means that all of the money to set up healthcare is all gone and a fake shell has been put into place ? Are you kidding me ? I just keep reading….hoping it is not true.Then that privacy problem gets written of yet again:
And more these days with Nikki Haley:
The South Carolina state House passed a bill Wednesday that  declares  President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to  be “null and  void,” and criminalizes its implementation.

The state’s Freedom of Health Care Protection Act intends to “prohibit  certain individuals from enforcing or attempting   to enforce such  unconstitutional laws; and to establish criminal   penalties and civil liability  for violating this article.”

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/may/2/south-carolina-house-passes-bill-making-obamacare-/#ixzz2hdgxFZLp Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

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