Heliopolis, Egypt, Toot, Omar And Sharif

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We looked at history of Libya and Ahmed Al-Zubair al-Senussi, also known as Zubeir Ahmed El-Sharif, (Arabic: أحمد الزبير الشريف‎) (born 1933) is a Libyan member of the Senussi house and a member of the National Transitional Council representing political prisoners. Per wiki. Now we continue to Egypt.


Heliopolis (/hiliˈɒpɵlʌs/; Ancient Greek: Ἡλιούπολις, “City of the Sun” or “City of Helios“; Egyptian: ỉwnw; Arabic: عين شمس, Ain Shams, “Eye of the Sun”) was one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt, the capital of the 13th Lower Egyptian nome that was located five miles (8.0 km) (8 km) east of the Nile to the north of the apex of the Nile Delta. Heliopolis has been occupied since the Predynastic Period with extensive building campaigns during the Old and Middle Kingdoms. Today it is mostly destroyed; its temples and other buildings were used for the construction of medieval Cairo. Most information about the ancient city comes from textual sources.

Beneath a maze of busy narrow streets of a middle and lower-class district, lie vast hidden remains of ancient Heliopolis about fifteen to twenty metres down. This ancient Egyptian site lies predominantly in the northern Cairo suburb of Al-Matariyyah, and also covers the districts of Ain Shams and Tel Al-Hisn east of the Nile. It also straddles the Cairo Metro line 1–2 km (1–1 mile) west of the edge of the 20th century modern Heliopolis, a suburb in the district Masr al-Gidedah (Arabic: مصر الجديدة, “New Egypt”).

The site of Heliopolis has now been brought for the most part under cultivation and suburbanization, but some ancient city walls of crude brick can be seen in the fields, a few granite blocks bearing the name of Ramesses II remain, and the position of the great Temple of Re-Atum is marked by the Al-Masalla obelisk. Archaeological sites below including recent tomb discoveries.

The only surviving remnant of Heliopolis is the Temple of Re-Atum obelisk located in Al-Masalla of the Al-Matariyyah district. It was erected by Senusret I of the Twelfth dynasty, and still stands in its original position. The 68 ft (20.73 m) high red granite obelisk weighs 120 tons (240,000 lbs).


Next, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omar_Sharif

Omar Sharif (Arabic: عمر الشريف‎, Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [ˈʕomɑɾˤ eʃʃɪˈɾiːf]; born Michel Demitri Shalhoub, [miˈʃel dɪˈmitɾi ʃælˈhuːb]; 10 April 1932) is an Egyptian actor who has starred in Hollywood films, includqwhnb2wqqqqq ng Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Doctor Zhivago (1965) and Funny Girl (1968). He has been nominated for an Academy Award and has won two Golden Globe Awards.Sharif was born Michel Demitri Shalhoub on 10 April 1932 in Alexandria, Egypt He raduated from Victoria College, where he was a classmate of Edward Said. Sharif later graduated from Cairo University with degrees in mathematics and physics.



She met her king on that same movie set.

And a new write on Heliopolis is here:


When my father and I landed in Cairo on 21 March, 2011 – the day after the first truly democratic referendum in the history of modern Egypt – the city was under a midnight curfew. Cairo, the city where my father was born, the city he’d left in 1946, at the age of fourteen – and to which he hadn’t returned in sixty-five years.

My Egyptian friends had told me to take the curfew seriously. Police were searching cars, checking papers, and demanding bribes. The baltagiya – the armed thugs that Mubarak’s government used to intimidate its political rivals – were rumored to be out in the streets.

Our plane had landed at 8 p.m. Our luggage was lost, however, and by the time we filed the proper paperwork and secured our ground transportation, it was nearly eleven: dangerously close to curfew. Our driver surged out into the chaotic traffic, careening along the Al-Orouba Road and up onto the elevated Salah Salem. At one point, I scrambled for my seat belt – only to discover that it had been uninstalled. Our driver noticed my alarm and laughed.

‘No more Mubarak,’ he said with a broad smile, ‘no more seat belt”

Pauls Toutonghi’s second novel is published by Crown.


humm..Pauls Toutonghi. That name. Michael Toutonghi I found long ago at Microsoft. And others found Barack Obama’s babysitter in Seattle. Mary Toutonghi. And even others mention the name as well. Interesting.Sharif, Shariff, Sarruf.

Lorice Sarruf here:



Mary Toutonghi in Alaska at link above.

Other posts;

Valerie Sarruf/ Actress in Lebanon mentioned here:


About valerie Sarruf:


Lebanon information:
















Princess Louise of Belgium (18 February 1858, Brussels – 1 March 1924, Wiesbaden) was the eldest daughter of Leopold II and his wife, Marie Henriette of Austria.

Born Louise Marie Amélie of Belgium, Louise married Philipp, Prince of Saxe-Coburg and GothaKoháry, her second cousin, in Brussels, on 4 February/4 May 1875 and had two children:

The marriage was disliked by her father, who regarded it as an unwelcome alliance with Prussia, but her mother approved of it because Philip lived in Hungary. The relationship between Louise and Philip was not happy: Philip is said to have been authoritarian, and Louise responded to his authoritarianism by living a lavish lifestyle at the court of Vienna, where she attracted much attention. In 1880, she suggested the marriage between her sister Stephanie and Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria.




Baha’i Information:


Information on Joseph Toutonghi:




And Joseph and Dunham/Anna Obama at same address:


California birth registry:

Philippe Elias Toutonghi 1899-2000. Children: Mary Agnes 1925, Celeste 1926, Theresa 1929, Joseph E. 1932 (married in Nov. 1955 to babysitter of Obama, maiden name Mary Jean Zolin), John P. 1933, (John P. Stanford physicist moved to Seattle), Michael C. (last child) born in 1938.

Relative ? nephew or son ?  of Mary wrote “The Father Of Heliopolis. Joseph taught on Mercer Island, Wa. These families knew each other before Obama was born ?

Mary Toutonghi: White Russian, Maiden name  Zolin or Zoller. Syrian ? Lebanese? Another Mary Toutonghi is her x husand’s sister. Family arrived 1946 to NY when she was 10. Stateless, born in Cairo, Syrian origin. Said she went to school w/ Bob Hope’s kids. Her brother in law was a researcher the same time Stanley Dunham went to Berkeley. Her sister lived in Hollywood.

Other notes:

Joseph went to a Jesuit school that had coptics too. Phillippe Toutonghi  b. 1899 d.2000. Born in Iskenderun, Turkey. Died in Seattle. Husband of Lorice Sarruf. Connecting names; Agnes VanBevern of Hillsborough, Ca., Celeste Wolfe of Santa Maria, Ca., Theresa Johnson of Seattle, Mary Hurt of Malakoff, Tx., sons Joseph and John of Seattle, and son Michael of Sacramento, Ca.

Jean (changed his name to John)

Joseph married and he then divorced  Mary (Obama’s babysitter) He later married Ruta Mindenberg. Pauls Toutonghi is Ruta and Joseph’s son. Ruta and Mary both Latvian.


Also see connections to Nuclear physics.


Now note here at link above:

Obama  was not born in August of 1961; he was born in February 1961.  Mary’s  daughter was not 18 months old when Mary babysat; she was 18 months older than Obama.  Remember too that Maraniss, Scott, Jacobs and  Remnick all are totally — and inexplicably — silent on Ann’s whereabouts from  February to August 1961.

The  sham marriage of Ann Dunham and Barack Obama, Sr. would have probably taken  place in February of 1961, just before or after the baby was born.  This  would also mean that Barack Obama, Sr. the man, “married in name only,” who has  no physical resemblance to our president, could not be the biological father;  there just wasn’t enough time.  For Obama Sr. to work as the real  biological father, an early August birth date is about as soon as a child could  be born.  This would explain the story of an unlikely meeting in a Russian  class and the rapid seduction of Ann.   It would also explain why  Obama’s birth certificate appears to many experts to be a forgery.   Obviously, if Obama was born in February 1961, the birth certificate would have  to be “modified.”


Malcolm LITTLE*


Are Stanley Armour Dunham and Mary related ? Did Mary get remarried after Joseph divorced her and remarried to Ruta Mindenberg ?

Picture of Mary Toutonghi:

Picture of Stanley Armour Dunham:

And we did not have time for Alice and the Armour family, Kenya and the Happy Valley Set. Thinking of that mall masacre there recently too.





For more on Kenya and Alice:




Another Jahan/ Janz/John and India:


(We will cover more on India and Iran on the next post)

Interesting group no ? And Obama called his grandmother Madeline Payne Dunham TOOT ?


For those of you wondering why this Lebanese family tree appears on this thread, let me explain that it is in furtherance of the “Mal-Val” theory which holds that Lebanese Christian Valerie Sarruf is Barack Obama’s mom and Malcolm X is his dad. If this theory is true this family tree appears to show that Obama is a second-cousin, once-removed from the recently notorious Lebanese twins, Jill Kelley and Natalie Khawam. Very amusing, that.

The whole Mal-Val theory is controversial and there is a 1000 comment FR thread dedicated to the topic.


Gilberte “Jill” Khawam Kelley (born June 3, 1975) is a Lebanese-American socialite and privacy advocate in Tampa, Florida.Kelley, a Florida socialite with connections to military circles, had issued a complaint to the FBI in May 2012 over a series of anonymous stalking emails. The threatening emails were traced to Petraeus’ biographer Paula Broadwell. Kelley became a focus of media coverage when an FBI investigation related to e-mails she had received led to the public becoming aware that General David Petraeus was having an affair and a further investigation of e-mail communications General John R. Allen sent to Kelley. In January 2013, the Department of Defense Inspector General cleared Allen of all allegations involving Kelley, stating that the claims against Allen were “unsubstantiated”

And a new one:


Thinking of another Stan and another Allen. Stanley C. Allyn.


Here is the link and some of the article above also:



From link above:


Kohary/ Curry/Carey, Kerry:


Koháry was an ancient Hungarian noble family with seats at Csábrág and Szitnya, now Čabraď and Sitno Castle and the palace of Svätý Anton within Slovakia. The Kohárys belonged among the magnates of Hungary. Their holdings were calculated to be around 150.000 hectares making Princess Maria Antonia Koháry de Csábrág at the time of her marriage to Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha one the richest heiresses in Europe.


Princess Catherine Radziwiłł (30 March 1858 – 12 May 1941)[1][2] was a Polish princess from the Polish-Lithuanian aristocratic Radziwiłł family. She was born as Countess Ekaterina Adamovna Rzewuska. She married Prince Wilhelm Radziwiłł at age 15 and moved to Berlin to live with his family. It was speculated that she was the author of a book gossiping about the German Emperor William II and Berlin society in 1884 under the pen name Paul Vasili.

She stalked the English-born South African politician Cecil Rhodes and asked him to marry her, but he refused. She then got revenge by forging his name on a promissory note. She was convicted of forging Rhodes’ signature and spent time in a South African jail for her crimes.


The Rt Hon Cecil John Rhodes DCL (5 July 1853–26 March 1902)[1] was an English businessman, mining magnate, and politician in South Africa. Rhodes was named the chairman of De Beers at the company’s founding in 1888 De Beers, established with funding from NM Rothschild & Sons Limited in 1887 today markets 40% of the world’s rough diamonds, and at one time marketed 90%. An ardent believer in British colonialism, Rhodes was the founder of the southern African territory of Rhodesia, which was named after him in 1895. South Africa’s Rhodes University is also named after Rhodes. He set up the provisions of the Rhodes Scholarship, which is funded by his estate.


And a President of Lebanon:


Khoury founded the Ad-Dustour Party and served as a Cabinet minister prior to his election as President on 21 September 1943. He was a strong nationalist who opposed the French Mandate, and on 11 November 1943, he was arrested by Free French troops and imprisoned in the Rashaya Tower for eleven days along with Riad Al Solh (the Prime Minister), Pierre Gemayel, Camille Chamoun, and numerous other personalities who were to dominate politics in the generation following independence.

Updated 10/A4/2013;

A crazed woman (Miriam Carey) shot in a chase in DC:



Such interesting people, stories and world history.

Sarruf Gerges Majdalany 1834-1879 & Christine Khoury
| |

| | | |
Ya’kub Sarruf, Dr. 1852-1927 Sarruf Wakim Gerges Majdalany 1867-1936 Mikhael Majdalany 1868-1928
| | | |
Lorice Sarruf 1907-1991 Fuad Sarruf, Dr. ca 1900-1985 Lily Zelpha Majdalany 1903-1998 Nassim Mikali Majdalany 1912-1991
| | | |

| |
Mary Jean Zolin Joseph E. Toutonghi Myrna Majdalany Edouard Khawam
| | | |
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