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The posts above cover Cecil Rhodes, Rhodesia, William Rhodes Davis, Gov. Gray Graham Davis of California, the Enron scandal, Kennedy clan, Ayers, etc..we now continue here, and look at another Rothschild connection.

Liberty Rothchild had a sister called Nica. Nica liked jazz.

File:Pannonica de Koenigswarter.jpg

Kathleen Annie Pannonica de Koenigswarter (née Rothschild; 10 December 1913 – 30 November 1988) was a British-born jazz patroness and writer. She was a leading patron of bebop music. She was a scion of the prominent Rothschild international financial dynasty.

Kathleen Annie Pannonica Rothschild was born in December 1913, in London, the youngest daughter of Charles Rothschild and his wife, Hungarian baroness Rozsika Edle von Wertheimstein, daughter of Baron Alfred von Wertheimstein of Transylvania. She was born into a branch of the wealthiest family in the world at the time. Her paternal grandfather was Baron Nathan Rothschild. She grew up in Waddesdon Manor, among other family houses. The name “Pannonica” (nicknamed “Nica”) derives from Eastern Europe’s Pannonian plain. Her friend Thelonious Monk reported that she was named after a species of butterfly her father had discovered, although her great-niece has found that the source of the name is a rare kind of moth. She was a niece of Walter Rothschild, the 2nd Baron Rothschild, and her brother Victor Rothschild became the 3rd Baron Rothschild. (According to, she was granted the rank of the daughter of a baron on 15 March 1938.) Her elder sister Dame Miriam Rothschild was a distinguished scientist and zoologist.

In 1935 she married French diplomat Baron Jules de Koenigswarter, later a Free French hero. They lived together in a château in north-west France. She worked for Charles de Gaulle during World War II. The couple separated in 1951 and she moved to New York City, permanently renting a suite at the Hotel Stanhope on Fifth Avenue, and leaving behind five children. As a result of their separation, Koenigswarter was disinherited by her family, the Rothschilds. The couple eventually divorced in 1956. In 1958, she purchased a house with a Manhattan skyline view, originally built for film director Josef von Sternberg, at 63 Kingswood Road in Weehawken, NJ.

In New York, Koenigswarter became a friend and patron of many prominent jazz musicians, hosting jam sessions in her hotel suite, and lending them her chauffeur and Rolls Royce when they needed a lift to performances. She is sometimes referred to as the “bebop baroness” or “jazz baroness” because of her patronage of Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker among others. Following Parker’s death in her Stanhope rooms in 1955, Koenigswarter was asked to leave by the hotel management; she re-located to the Bolivar Hotel at 230 Central Park West, a building commemorated in Thelonious Monk’s 1956 tune “Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are”.

She was introduced to Thelonious Monk by jazz pianist/composer Mary Lou Williams in Paris while attending the “Salon du Jazz 1954”, and championed his work in the USA, writing the liner notes for his 1962 Columbia album Criss-Cross, and even took criminal responsibility when she and Monk were charged with marijuana possession by the police. After Monk ended his public performances in the mid-1970s he retired to Koenigswarter’s house in Weehawken, New Jersey, where he died in 1982.

Nathaniel Charles Rothschild (9 May 1877 – 12 October 1923), known as “Charles”, was an English banker and entomologist and a member of the Rothschild family.

He was the son of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild, and Emma Rothschild (née von Rothschild).

Charles predeceased his older brother Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild (1868–1937), who died without issue. The peerage therefore passed to Charles’s son Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild.

He boarded at Harrow School, which he found somewhat traumatising for incidents of bullying on account of his religion.

Charles Rothschild worked as a partner in the family bank NM Rothschild and Sons in London. He went to Rothschild’s Bank every morning; despite all his interest in science and in natural history, he never missed a day. He was also very interested in the gold refinery operated by Rothschilds and invented all sorts of things for collecting gold, and working on gold from a scientific point of view. He also became Chairman of the Alliance Assurance Company.

However, like his zoologist brother, he devoted much of his energies to entomology and natural history collecting. His collection of fleas is now in the Rothschild Collection at the British Museum. He also discovered and named the plague vector flea, Xenopsylla cheopis (Rothschild), also known as the oriental rat flea, at Shendi, Sudan, on an expedition in 1901, publishing his finding in 1903.

Suffering from encephalitis, in 1923 Charles Rothschild committed suicide.

Today Charles Rothschild is regarded as a pioneer of nature conservation in Britain, and is credited with establishing the UK’s first nature reserve when he bought Wicken Fen, near Ely, in 1899 and Woodwalton Fen, near Huntingdon, in 1910. During his lifetime he built and managed his estate at Ashton Wold in Northamptonshire to maximise its suitability for wildlife, especially butterflies. He was concerned about the loss of wildlife habitats, and in 1912 set up the Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves, the forerunner of The Wildlife Trusts partnership. In 1915 the Society produced a schedule of the best wildlife sites in the country, some of which were purchased as nature reserves.

As well as a Lieutenant of the City of London, Rothschild became a JP for the county of Northamptonshire in 1902. He served as High Sheriff of Northamptonshire for 1905.

In 1907 Charles Rothschild married Rozsika Edle von Wertheimstein (1870 – 30 June 1940), a Hungarian baroness and descendent of an originally Jewish family, who were one of the wealthiest families in Europe and had made their fortune over a century before the Rothschilds. She was born in 1870 at Nagyvarad, Hungary (now the Romanian city of Oradea), the daughter of a retired army officer, Baron Alfred Edler von Wertheimstein.

Rozsika was one of seven children. She was a very beautiful woman with dark brown eyes. Each eye had a purple ring to it, and they could flicker strangely. She was a voracious reader. Every day she had a Hungarian newspaper, a German newspaper, an English newspaper, and quite often a French one, too, and she read all the political articles in these papers. Rozsika had been a champion lawn tennis player in Hungary.

After their marriage on 6 February 1907, they lived at Tring and in London. Charles, who worked in the family’s banking business, was a dedicated naturalist in his spare time: the young couple had met on a butterfly-collecting trip in the Carpathian Mountains. In the evening, the Rothschilds might go together to a concert or a dinner party, but Charles really preferred to sort out his butterflies. Charles’s suicide in 1923 when he was 46 years old was a severe shock to his wife and four children. Rozsika von Wertheimstein died on 30 June 1940.

They had four children:

*LOEB* family tree:

Miriam Louisa VON ROTHSCHILD (b. 5 August 1908) married (August 1942) George Lane. They had children. Divorced 1956. Elizabeth Charlotte VON


Rosemary Leonara Ruth Rothschild 1-1-1913. Father: Lionel Nathan Rothschild 1882- 1942. Spouses: 1. Denis GOMER* Berry 2. John Anthony Seys: Jan 1942.

Also at link above see Kumar, Robeson, Guinness, Watson, Bishop, Williams, Goldschmidt (Goldsmith) etc..

 NOTE*GOMER. Nina GOMER was wife 1 for WEB DuBois. Wife 2 was Shirley GRAHAM* DuBois means WOOD in French*


Spouse(s) Doña María Isabel Patiño y Borbón (1954-1954; her death; 1 child)
Ginette Lery (?-?; 2 children)
Lady Annabel Goldsmith (1978-1997; 3 children)
Partner(s) Laure Boulay de la Meurthe (2 children)

Goldsmith was knighted in the 1976 resignation honours – the so-called “Lavender List” – of Prime Minister Harold Wilson. In early 1980, he formed a partnership with longtime friend and merchant banker, Sir Roland Franklin. Franklin managed Goldsmith’s business in the Americas. From 1983 until 1988, Goldsmith, via takeovers in America, built a private holding company, Cavenham Forest Industries, which became one of the largest private owners of timberland and one of the top-five timber-holding companies of any type in America. Goldsmith and Franklin identified a quirk in American accounting whereby companies with substantial timberland holdings would often carry them on their balance sheets at a US $1 valuation (as the result of years of depreciation). Goldsmith, a reader of financial statements, realised that in many instances the underlying value of the timberland assets alone, carried at nearly zero value, was worth the target company’s market capitalisation. With this insight, Goldsmith began raids that left him with a holding company with huge tracts of timberland acquired at virtually no net cost. Additionally, in 1986 Goldsmith’s companies reportedly made $90 million from an attempted hostile takeover of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Goldsmith retired to Mexico in 1987, having anticipated the market crash that year and liquidated assets. However he continued corporate raiding, including an attempt on British-American Tobacco in 1989 (for which he joined Kerry Packer and Jacob Rothschild). He also swapped his American timber assets for a 49.9 percent stake in Newmont Mining and remained on the board of Newmont until he liquidated his stake through open-market trades in 1993. He was precluded by the original purchase of Newmont from trying to take over the company. In 1990, Goldsmith also began a lower-profile, but also profitable, global “private equity style” investment operation. By 1994 executives working in his employ in Hong Kong had built a substantial position in the intermediation of global strategic raw-material flows.

Studies of public filings have found signs of the same Goldsmith-backed Hong Kong-based team taking stakes in operations as diverse as Soviet strategic ports in Vladivostok and Vostochny, and in Zee TV, India’s dominant private television broadcaster later sold to Rupert Murdoch. A large Hong Kong-linked and Goldsmith-funded stake in one of the world’s largest nickel operations, INCO Indonesia, was also disclosed in the 1990s, showing Goldsmith’s ability to position capital before a trend became obvious to others. The Group was also a major backer of the Hong Kong based and Singapore listed major raw material player Noble Group, with low-profile long-time Goldsmith protégé Tobias Brown serving for many years as the company’s non-executive Chairman. Although little is known about the somewhat enigmatic Brown, he is widely credited with orchestrating the Goldsmith investments in the Far East, which have created more than a third of the family’s wealth.

Goldsmith was married three times, and was claimed to have coined the phrase: “When a man marries his mistress, he creates a vacancy.” However, the phrase was coined by Sacha Guitry. His first wife, whom he married when 20, was the Bolivian heiress Doña María Isabel Patiño y Borbón, 17-year-old daughter of tin magnate Antenor Patiño and the 3rd Duchess of Dúrcal. When Goldsmith proposed the marriage to Antenor Patiño, Patiño is alleged to have said, “We are not in the habit of marrying Jews“, to which Goldsmith is reported to have replied, “Well, I am not in the habit of marrying [Red] Indians. This story, if true, is typical of Goldsmith’s humour. With the heiress pregnant and the Patiños insisting the pair separate, the couple eloped in January 1954.

The marriage was brief. Rendered comatose by a cerebral hemorrhage in her seventh month of pregnancy, Maria Isabel Patiño y Goldsmith died in May 1954; her only child, Isabel, survived and was delivered by Caesarian section. She was brought up by Goldsmith’s family, and was married a few years to French sportsman Arnaud de Rosnay. On her father’s death, she inherited a large share of his estate. Isabel has since become a successful art-collector.

Goldsmith’s second wife was Ginette Lery, with whom he had a son, Manes, and daughter, Alix. In 1978, he married for the third time; his new wife was his mistress Lady Annabel Birley; the couple had three children, Jemima (born in 1974), Zacharias (born in 1975) and Benjamin (born in 1980). Zac and Jemima have both become much reported upon figures in the British media; in 2003 Ben married heiress Kate Emma Rothschild (born 1982), daughter of the late Amschel Rothschild and his wife Anita Guinness of the Guinness Brewery family. Speculation about Goldsmith’s romantic life was a popular topic in the British media: for example, in the press, there were a number of claims that James Goldsmith was the father of the family friend Lady Diana Spencer, due to his friendship with Diana’s mother, and later with Diana.

After his third marriage, Goldsmith embarked on an affair with an aristocratic Frenchwoman, Laure Boulay de la Meurthe, with whom he had two more children, Jethro and Charlotte. He treated Mrs de la Meurthe as his wife and introduced her as such during the last years of his life. Goldsmith died at 64 of a heart attack brought about by pancreatic cancer. His son was educated in Russia*

More on Russia and Pope family here:,_Loeb_%26_Co.

 Another place that Liberty touches:,_Illinois

Libertyville is an affluent northern suburb of Chicago in Lake County, Illinois, United States. It is located 5 miles (8 km) west of Lake Michigan on the Des Plaines River. The 2010 census population was 20,315. There is also a township of the same name, which includes the village and some surrounding areas.) Located in northeastern Illinois, southwest of Waukegan and west of Lake Forest, its immediate neighbors are Mundelein to the west, Green Oaks, Mettawa, and Rondout to the east, Gurnee to the north, Grayslake to the northwest, and Vernon Hills to the south.

In 1836, during the celebrations that marked the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the community voted to name itself Independence Grove. 1837 brought the town’s first practicing physician, Jesse Foster, followed quickly by its first lawyer, Horace Butler, for whom Butler Lake is named.The professionals needed services, so a post office opened, necessitating a third name change, because another Independence Grove existed elsewhere in the state. On April 16, 1837, the new post office was registered under the name Libertyville.

The town’s name changed again two years later to Burlington when it became the county seat of Lake County. When the county seat moved to Little Fort (now Waukegan, which is the Potawatomi word for “Little Fort”) in 1841, the name reverted to Libertyville, without further changes.

Libertyville’s most prominent building, the Cook Mansion, was built in 1879 by Ansel Brainerd Cook, very close to the spot where Vardin’s cabin was built in the 1830s. Cook, a teacher and stonemason, became a prominent Chicago builder and politician, providing flagstones for the city’s sidewalks and taking part in rebuilding after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The two-story Victorian mansion served as Cook’s summer home as well as the center of his horse farm, which provided animals for Chicago’s horsecar lines. The building was remodeled in 1921, when it became the town library, gaining a Colonial-style facade with a pillared portico.

The community expanded rapidly with a spur of the Milwaukee Road train line (now a Metra commuter line) reaching Libertyville in 1881, resulting in the incorporation of the Village of Libertyville in 1882, with John Locke its first village president.


* NOTE* Ansel Brainerd Cook/Cook Mansion*

Daniel Pope Cook (1794 – October 16, 1827) was a politician from the U.S. state of Illinois.

He was born in Scott County, Kentucky into a branch of the prominent Pope family of Kentucky. He moved to Kaskaskia, Illinois, in 1815 and began to practice law. Believing his future lay in the nation’s capitol, he moved to Washington, D.C., where he hoped his uncle, Nathaniel Pope, a delegate from the Illinois Territory might be able to help. In 1817 he was sent to London to bring back John Quincy Adams, who was appointed to serve as Secretary of State under James Monroe. He became closely acquainted with Adams during the long return trip.

Shortly after he returned from England, he moved back to Illinois where he and a friend purchased The Illinois Herald newspaper from Matthew Duncan and renamed it The Western Intelligencer. Cook became an ardent supporter of statehood and used his newspaper to influence the Territorial Legislature.

He became the territorial Auditor of Public Accounts in 1816 and also served as judge of the western circuit. In 1818, he was unsuccessful in his first attempt to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, losing to John McLean by only 14 votes for the short term remaining after Illinois became a state. But the state legislature appointed him as the first Attorney General of Illinois. Again running for Congress, Pope defeated McLean in the general elections later in 1818, and again in 1820 and 1822, and served as the second representative from Illinois (although he was the first to serve a full term). He was defeated by Joseph Duncan when he ran for reelection in 1826. While in Congress, Cook served on the Committee on Public Lands and later on the Ways and Means Committee. He secured a grant of government lands to aid in the construction of the Illinois and Michigan Canal. In 1824, he helped elect John Quincy Adams as president when the election was thrown to the House.

Daniel Cook always suffered from poor health and died on October 16, 1827, at the age of 33 in Scott County, Kentucky. Four years after his death, Cook County, Illinois was named in his honor. He is believed to have been buried in Kentucky.

In 1821, Cook married Julia Catherine Edwards, the daughter of Ninian Edwards, governor of Illinois Territory (and who was related by marriage to the Pope family of Kentucky). Cook’s son, John Cook, was a Union general in the Civil War.

Soundex Code for Cook = C200

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

Edward FINCH Cox:

Hawaii’s Big Five
C. Brewer & Co.
Theo H. Davies & Co.
Castle & Cooke
Alexander & Baldwin–Fitch-CEO-posts-statement-on-Facebook-stores-accused-of-being-unfriendly-to-disabled.html?pg=all

Fitch/ Cox/ Nixon,_Illinois

Pope etc…
Before moving to Hawaii in 1948, Davis (Dunhams?) received some type of special indoctrination and training in Seattle, Washington. Davis’ wife, Helen Canfield, was a card carrying member of the Communist Party USA from Libertyville Illinois. She was white and 18 years younger than Davis.
I was only sixteen then,” she told us as we entered the elevator, “I’d just been accepted to the University of Chicago.
Gramps hadn’t told me yet that he would let me go and I was there for the summer, working as an au pair.”
 Stanley Ann Dunham as recorded in Dreams of my ObamaIt seems a most interesting tale which could shed immense like on the Obama Chicago connection he has always played coy about in sometimes knowing people there, sometimes saying he knew no one there, when others stated he was interviewed for community organizer from Chicago sources, but it all is summed up in who were the employers of a 16 year old girl from Washington state while she held her first job in Illinois.

The Ansel B. Cook House was built in 1878 by its namesake on the site of the first permanent dwelling in Libertyville. In 1835, early settlers found the George Vardin family occupying a one-room log cabin on the site. The Vardins moved out of the area the following year, and, in 1837, the log cabin became Libertyville’s first post office. A replica of the building can be seen at the Lake County Discovery Museum near Wauconda.In 1870, Ansel Brainerd Cook purchased the property from his father-in-law for a country residence, and work began on the home, outbuildings, and formal gardens. The present building was construced in 1878, and William W. Boyington was thought to have been the architect.

The Honorable Ansel Brainerd Cook was born August 18, 1823 in Haddam, Connecticut, a son of Willard C. and Abigal (Brainerd) Cook. He moved to Illinois on May 2, 1845, settling in Lake County where he farmed 448 acres near Libertyville. Four years later, he moved to Waukegan where he taught and was in charge of Central School.

On December 2, 1849, Cook married Helen Maria Foster. She was born March 3, 1828 in Orange County, Vermont, daughter of Dr. Jesse H. Foster. Dr. Foster’s family moved to Libertyville about 1847, and he became the town’s first physician. The Cook’s two children died in infancy, but they raised an adopted daughter, Ida F. Cook, who graduated with first honors from Lake Geneva Seminary.

The white girlfriends Obama erased from his past – Daily Mail…

Jun 22, 2012 Blistering new biography studies Barack Obama’s relationships with well- educated ex-girlfriends including Genevieve Cook and Alexandra

Was the “Anne” mentioned in Davis’s autobiography the daughter of Barack Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham? She was known to have been an au pair in Libertyville, a Chicago suburb. She worked for a family that no one apparently seems willing to identify.

Lewis Green Stevenson (1868–1929) was the Illinois Secretary of State from 1914 to 1917 and a member of Illinois’ political Stevenson family.

Stevenson’s father, Adlai Ewing Stevenson I, was the Vice President of the United States from 1893 to 1897. Stevenson’s son, Adlai Ewing Stevenson II, was the governor of Illinois, the Democratic candidate for President of the United States in 1952 and 1956 and later the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. His grandson, Adlai Ewing Stevenson III, is a former U.S. senator from Illinois. The actor McLean Stevenson was his first cousin twice removed.

Lewis Stevenson married Helen Louise Davis, daughter of Pantagraph publisher W. O. Davis and granddaughter of Jesse Fell. They had two children, Elizabeth “Buffy” and Adlai Ewing Stevenson II.

Lewis followed in his father’s footsteps as a Democratic Party leader. He served as his father’s private secretary while his father was Vice President of the United States from 1893 to 1897. Later, Lewis served as chairman of the Illinois State Board of Pardons, president of the Illinois Centennial Commission, and as Secretary of State under Governor Edward Dunne. He took an active part in the national conventions of the Democratic party and was frequently consulted on party policy.

Lewis G. Stevenson
Lewis G. Stevenson
Also from Libertyville, he bought the Cook Mansion listed above:

During World War II, Canfield took a leave of absence from Harper’s to serve as a member of the Board of Economic Warfare, the Foreign Economic Administration, and the United States Office of War Information. He was a founder of the journal Foreign Affairs.

Canfield campaigned for Adlai Stevenson in 1956. He was a strong supporter of birth control, served as chair of the executive committee of Planned Parenthood, and traveled extensively giving speeches and raising money to support the organization.

Canfield was thrice married.

He married his first wife, Katherine Temple Emmet, in 1922 and was divorced by her in June 1937 (she married, in October 1937, John D W Churchill). They had two sons: Michael Temple Canfield (1926–69, adopted), a London representative of Harper & Row; and Cass Canfield Jr., an executive at Harper & Row. According to the memoirs of Loelia, Duchess of Westminster, King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom believed that Michael Canfield was actually the biological son of his brother Prince George, Duke of Kent and socialite Kiki Preston; Michael became the first husband of Lee Radziwill.

Canfield’s second wife was Jane Sage White, a sculptor, the former wife of Charles Fairchild Fuller, and a daughter of Ernest Ingersoll White. They married in 1938, and Jane Canfield died in 1984. By this marriage Canfield had three stepchildren: Jane Sage Fuller, Blair Fairchild Fuller, and Isabelle Whitney “Jill” Fuller.

In 1984, Canfield married Joan H. King.

Another Fuller:

Another CASS:

Raymond W. Smith is the Chairman of Rothschild Continuation Investments, Founding Partner of Arlington Capital Partners, a private equity firm, and Chairman of Verizon Ventures.

Updated June 6, 2013:

Now this — the Guardian is reporting that through a secret court order, the NSA will be collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily. The Obama administration’s NSA acquired a top secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all call data to implement domestic surveillance on a massive scale. Guess those servers at the new NSA facility are ready to load up with data.

The Guardian reports the following:

The National Security Agency is currently collecting the telephone records of millions of US customers of Verizon, one of America’s largest telecoms providers, under a top secret court order issued in April.

The order, a copy of which has been obtained by the Guardian, requires Verizon on an “ongoing, daily basis” to give the NSA information on all telephone calls in its systems, both within the US and between the US and other countries.

The document shows for the first time that under the Obama administration the communication records of millions of US citizens are being collected indiscriminately and in bulk – regardless of whether they are suspected of any wrongdoing.

The secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (Fisa) granted the order to the FBI on April 25, giving the government unlimited authority to obtain the data for a specified three-month period ending on July 19.

In the late 18th century and early 19th century, Mayer Amschel Rothschild rose to become one of Europe’s most powerful bankers in the principality of Hesse-Kassel (Hesse-Cassel) in the Holy Roman Empire. In pursuit of expansion, he appointed his sons to start banking operations in the various capitals of Europe, including sending his third son, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, to England. Nathan Mayer Rothschild first settled in Manchester, where he established a business in finance and textile trading. He later moved to London, where he founded N M Rothschild & Sons in 1811, through which he made a fortune with his involvement in the government bonds market.

According to historian Niall Ferguson, “For most of the nineteenth century, N M Rothschild was part of the biggest bank in the world which dominated the international bond market. For a contemporary equivalent, one has to imagine a merger between Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, J P Morgan and probably Goldman Sachs too — as well, perhaps, as the International Monetary Fund, given the nineteenth-century Rothschild’s role in stabilising the finances of numerous governments.”

*Mayer Amschel BAUER Rothschild

Mayer Amschel Rothschild.jpg

Robert F. Bauer is an American attorney who previously served as White House Counsel under President of the United States Barack Obama.

He was formerly a partner at Perkins Coie. In November, 2009, he was named to be the next White House Counsel, upon the resignation of Gregory Craig. Bauer was President Obama’s personal attorney and the general counsel of the Obama for America presidential campaign prior to his appointment as White House Counsel. He has also previously served as the general counsel to the Democratic National Committee, and had advised President Obama since Mr. Obama came to Washington, D.C. in 2005 as U. S. Senator.

June 4, 2013

J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS: White House Counsel Robert Bauer: Architect of IRS Abuse? “When the FBI finally fires up its criminal investigation of the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, there is one person the Special Agent in Charge better be sure to interview – former White House Counsel Robert Bauer. The FBI may discover the whole IRS mess leads through the land of campaign finance ‘reform’ and an obsession with speech regulation, an obsession shared by Bauer.”

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