Go West Young Fella (Part 4)

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From these posts, we start again now in part 4:






In Part 3 at link above, we included this Johnson. Let us look here a bit:



Ross/ Johnson:


Frederick Ross Johnson, OC (born 1931, Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian businessman, best known as the chief executive officer of RJR Nabisco in the 1980s.

Born into a lower-middle-class family, Johnson used a military cadet scholarship program to attend the University of Manitoba where he graduated in 1952 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and was a member of the fraternity Phi Delta Theta. He went on to earn an MBA from the University of Toronto in 1956. He first worked as an accountant for Canadian General Electric in Montreal and as a vice-president of merchandising for the T. Eaton Company before being named president of Standard Brands Ltd.

Johnson negotiated a merger between Standard Brands and Nabisco with Nabisco CEO Bob Schaeberle in 1981. Soon after, Shaeberle left Nabisco and Johnson took the helm replacing many Nabisco executives with ones from Standard Brands. After growing restless, he went into talks that led to the Nabisco-RJ Reynolds merger in 1985. He was soon appointed President and CEO of RJR Nabisco. Johnson appeared on the December 5, 1988 cover of Time Magazine. After dismal stock performance following the 1987 Stock Market Crash, Johnson decided to put the company in play. Originally, he planned to execute a management-led leveraged buyout with Shearson Lehman Hutton. Events quickly escalated into a takeover contest.

Following the RJR Nabisco takeover by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. led by Henry Kravis, Johnson started his own private investment company, RJM Group, Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia. Until he resigned in March 2009 he was Chairman Of AuthentiDate Holding Corp., a United States publicly traded company. He serves on the board of directors of several companies including Bentley Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Johnson also serves on the advisory board of Power Corporation of Canada.

He was made a trustee of Duke University and served on the advisory councils of several universities. He has been honored with the United States Silver Medal of Patriotism; the Versailles Award of France and made an Officer of the Order of Canada. The Distinguished Visitors Program at the University of Toronto Centre for the Study of the United States was endowed by Johnson in 2001.

Johnson maintains homes in Caledon, Ontario, Jupiter, Florida and Sparta Township, New Jersey.He was extensively profiled in the book Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco by Wall Street Journal columnists and in the movie of the same name (see Barbarians at the Gate). In the movie, Johnson was portrayed by James Garner.



Naomi Cohen:



*COHEN/Watkins/Safra* Note* Frank Mosier had a copyright fight over the story “Play Ball” which became the musical “Chicago” with Maureen Dallas WATKINS* Spicy….


*Weill married his wife, the former Joan Mosher*


Next: *COHEN*:



Peter A. Cohen is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Shearson Lehman Brothers, later known as Shearson Lehman Hutton from 1983 through 1990. Today, Cohen serves as Chairman and CEO of Cowen Group, formerly known as Cowen & Company.

Cohen began his career on Wall Street at Reynolds & Co., later part of Dean Witter Reynolds and in 1970, joined CBWL-Hayden Stone. In 1973, Cohen would take a position as Assistant to the firm’s chairman, Sanford I. Weill, the architect of a major consolidation of brokerage and investment banking firms in the 1960s and 1970s. Cohen would remain with the firm through its various mergers in the 1970s, including Shearson, Hammill & Co. and Loeb, Rhoades, Hornblower & Co.

In 1978, Cohen left Shearson for one year to work for Edmond Safra at Republic New York Corporation and the Trade Development Bank before returning to Shearson in 1979. Shearson merged with American Express in 1981 at which time he became President & Chief Operating Officer and in 1983 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. At age 36, Cohen was by far the youngest head of a major Wall Street firm.

In 1988, Cohen was a key player in the leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco. Cohen and Shearson Lehman supported the company’s CEO F. Ross Johnson in a proposed $17 billion buyout. Ultimately, Johnson and Cohen lost their bid for the company and RJR Nabisco was acquired by the private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. Cohen was portrayed by Peter Riegert in the 1993 film Barbarians at the Gate depicting the RJR Nabisco buyout.

In 1991, Cohen founded the securities and asset management businesses of Republic National Bank of New York. From November 1992 to May 1994, Cohen was Vice Chairman and a director of Republic New York.

Cohen was raised on Long Island, New York. Cohen graduated from Ohio State University in 1968 and received his MBA from Columbia Business School in 1969.


Sanford I. “Sandy” Weill (born March 16, 1933) is an American banker, financier and philanthropist. He is a former chief executive and chairman of Citigroup. He served in those positions from 1998 until October 1, 2003, and April 18, 2006, respectively.

Weill was born in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, New York City to two Polish-Jewish immigrants. He attended P.S. 200 in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. He also attended Peekskill Military Academy in Peekskill, New York, then enrolled at Cornell University where he was active in the Air Force ROTC and the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. Weill received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Cornell in 1955.

Weill’s middle initial of “I” is not an abbreviation for anything. Weill said:

My mother wanted to name me after somebody whose name started with an “I”, but she couldn’t think of a name she liked. So she gave me the initial with the idea that after I was 21 I could choose whatever middle name I wanted.

Weill married his wife, the former Joan Mosher, on June 20, 1955. The couple live in Greenwich, Connecticut. They have two adult children, Marc Weill and Jessica Weill Bibliowicz, and four grandchildren.




Barry Mann (born Barry Imberman, February 9, 1939, Brooklyn, New York, is an American songwriter, and part of a successful songwriting partnership with his wife, Cynthia Weil. Mann married Weil in August 1961. The couple has one daughter: Dr. Jenn Berman.

Mann and lyricist Cynthia Weil now operate a publishing company called Dyad Music. Mann’s first hit single as a writer was “She Say (Oom Dooby Doom)”, a Top 20 song for The Diamonds in 1959. Mann co-wrote the song with Mike Anthony (Michael Logiudice). In 1961, Mann had his biggest hit to that time with “I Love How You Love Me“, written with Larry Kolber and a No. 5 single for The Paris Sisters. (Seven years later, Bobby Vinton would take the song into the Top 10.) Also in 1961, Mann himself hit the Top 40 as a performer with a novelty song co-written with Gerry Goffin, “Who Put The Bomp“, which parodied the nonsense words of the then-popular doo-wop genre and made the Top 40.

Despite his success as a singer with “Who Put the Bomp”, Mann chose to channel the bulk of his creativity into songwriting, forming a prolific partnership with Weil, a lyricist he met while both were staff songwriters at Don Kirshner’s and Al Nevin’s Aldon Music, whose offices were located near the famed composing-and-publishing factory, the Brill Building. Mann and Weil, who married in 1961, helped pioneer the more socially conscious side of the Brill Building-era songbook with hits such as “Uptown” by The Crystals, “We Gotta Get out of This Place” by the Animals, “Magic Town” by the Vogues and “Kicks” by Paul Revere & the Raiders. (Mann and Weil were upset when “Only in America”, a song they’d written with the team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and originally conceived for and recorded by The Drifters as a cynical broadside against racial prejudice, was re-worked by Leiber and Stoller into an uncontroversial hit for Jay & the Americans.)

As of May 2009, Mann’s song catalog lists 635 songs has received 56 pop, country, and R&B awards from Broadcast Music Incorporated, and 46 Millionaire Awards for radio performances numbering over one million plays The song “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’“, co-written with Weil and Phil Spector, was the most played song of the 20th century, with more than 14 million plays.

Mann has composed songs for films, most notably “Somewhere Out There“, co-written with Weil and James Horner, for the 1986 animated hit “An American Tail”. Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram, who performed the song as a duet over the film’s closing credits, saw their version released as a single, which reached No. 2 on the Billboards charts and became a gold record. “Somewhere Out There” would win two 1987 Grammy Awards, as Song Of The Year and Best Song Written for a Motion Picture or Television. “Somewhere Out There” was also nominated for a 1986 Oscar as best song, but lost to “Take My Breath Away” from “Top Gun”. Mann’s other film work includes the scores for I Never Sang for My Father and Muppet Treasure Island, and songs for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Oliver and Company.

In 1987, Mann and Weil were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.[1] In 2011 they received the Johnny Mercer Award – the highest honor from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.[6]

Mann and Weil were named among the 2010 recipients of Ahmet Ertegun Award from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

 Songs written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil


CBS Records may refer to:

And back to part 3:

Parent company Universal Music Group
Founded 1996
Founder Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter
Damon Dash
Status Defunct
Distributor(s) The Island Def Jam Music Group
(In the US)
Mercury Records
(Outside the US)
Genre Various
Country of origin United States
Location New York City, New York


From above again:


Also see Black Panthers:




Knowles was born in Houston, Texas, the daughter of Mathew Knowles, a medical-equipment salesman, and Tina Knowles (née Beyincé). Mathew is African American. Tina, a Louisiana Creole, has African, French, Native American, and Irish ancestry; is a descendant of Acadian leader Joseph Broussard. Beyoncé was baptized with her mother’s maiden name as her first name. She is the elder sister of Solange Knowles, also a singer, songwriter and actress.

And wiki on her dad:

Before Knowles became a star maker in the music business, he had distinguished himself by a career in sales of office and medical equipment. Knowles moved to Houston in 1976 and began working for the Xerox Corporation, with whom he enjoyed a successful ten-year tenure, primarily as part of an specialist unit in the medical systems sales division. Knowles was the number-one medical systems sales rep for three of the four years he worked in that division. When Xerox closed its medical systems division Knowles was working as a CT/MRI sales specialist, selling diagnostic imaging equipment to hospitals and health facilities—and for two other major medical equipment companies, as well. He also worked in the area of neurosurgical sales, representing a wide range of devices and solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. In 1992 Knowles left his career in corporate and medical sales to devote full-time attention to his growing music company.




Universal Music Group


The complaint comes from an anonymous security guard who describes herself as a 41-year-old African American woman who began working there in 2010. She’s suing Universal Music Group-owned UMPG, her employer Universal Protection Services, the building’s management and others over alleged labor violations, including a hostile work environment.

Read the Complaint Here

Marijuana might be legal for California residents with a medical card, and local authorities in Santa Monica may have placed less prioritization on policing personal use of pot, but flagrant drug behavior at the workplace is not OK with one woman. In her complaint, she speaks about how “artists and high-profile celebrities began visiting the premises with drugs in hand and oftentimes offering drugs to Plaintiff, which she refused.”

The suing security guard says she repeatedly objected to superiors, but the building’s management “turned a blind eye,” adopting an “anything goes” philosophy. She says she personally witnessed drug use or drug paraphernalia by Macy Gray, guests of Jamie Foxx, MC Ren, rapper T.I.‘s entourage and heard about drug use when Adam Levine visited. She also alleges that UMPG executives participated in the raucous behavior.

The anonymous plaintiff says that she “became torn between her professional integrity and losing her job,” and her objections were laughed off.

PHOTOS: Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour in Pictures

For example, she says that on one occasion, Levine was at Universal Music Publishing Group’s recording studio with guests. The security guard complained about marijuana she smelled, asking who was in the studio.

According to the security guard, the UMPG manager replied, “It’s Adam Levine. You know from Maroon 5 … He can do whatever he wants … If he wants to come to the lobby and do a line of cocaine on the floor, it’s OK.”



The allegations are revealed in a letter containing evidence against James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, CEO of Czar Entertainment and manager of the Game, who was indicted on 18 felony charges this week.

Federal prosecutors say that the offices of Interscope Records were used by a drug-trafficking ring as a transit point for cases filled with cocaine and cash, according to a report in the Smoking Gun published Thursday.


SEPTEMBER 15–Members of a narcotics ring that sent large amounts of cocaine and cash back and forth across the U.S. in music “road cases” arranged pickups and deliveries at the offices of Interscope Records, a music industry power whose roster includes artists like U2, Eminem, and Lady Gaga, according to federal investigators.

Department of Justice prosecutors this week provided defense lawyers with shipping records detailing “pickups and deliveries” made at Interscope’s Los Angeles office by a cargo firm that was used to transport the music cases, which were alternately stuffed with kilos of cocaine and upwards of $1 million in cash.

A year-long Drug Enforcement Administration investigation has resulted in the indictment of James Rosemond on 18 felony charges, which could result in a sentence of life in prison for the 46-year-old rap music manager. Rosemond, pictured in the below mug shot, is being held without bail in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.

In a letter sent this week to Rosemond’s lawyer, prosecutor Todd Kaminsky disclosed that investigators were turning over an assortment of discovery material that included 65 pages of records from Rock-It Cargo, a large freight forwarder whose client list includes scores of musical acts.

Kaminsky noted that the Rock-It documents were “specifically referencing pickups and deliveries at…Interscope Records” and a recording studio on Manhattan’s West Side.

While it is unclear how members of the narcotics ring would have had access to Interscope’s Santa Monica headquarters, Rosemond’s biggest client, Los Angeles rapper The Game, records for the label. Additionally, TSG has learned, a road manager for The Game (real name: Jayceon Taylor) has been implicated in the bicoastal trafficking ring. Interscope is a division of Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company. UMG itself is owned by Vivendi, the French media conglomerate.

Prosecutors and DEA agents have been provided detailed insider accounts of the drug trafficking ring by former Rosemond associates who have admitted their roles in the operation. Several of these cooperators have described how they were dispatched to either Interscope or various music studios to retrieve “road cases” stuffed with either cash or cocaine.


And Cherry:




William S. Davis, a shipping clerk for a steel mill, was born in May of 1868 in Pennsylvania, and rented a home at 121 Maple Avenue, in Johnstown. Wife Cora, also born in May of 1868 in Pennsylvania, was the mother of five children, all living, at the time of the 1900 U. S. Census. They were Edith, born November, 1883; Florence, born November, 1890; Herbert, born August, 1892; Mary, born April, 1894; and Kenneth, born in November, 1895. William S. and Cora had been married twelve years, which places the year of their marriage as 1888.5 The couple wedded on 6 November of that year in Cambria County. The marriage license shows William S. Davis, a weigh master living in Sheridan, was the son of William P. Davis and wife Hettie L. The bride, Cora B. Hoover, of Coopersdale, was the daughter of Jacob Hoover and wife Cornelia.6

Based on the 1900 Census, Cora Hoover’s twelfth birthday fell shortly before the official date of the 1880 federal enumeration. Living in Coopersdale, Cambria County, that year was Jacob Hoover, age fifty-one, a heater in an iron rolling mill, his forty-four year-old wife, Cornelia, and six children: John, age twenty-six, a heater helper in an iron mill; James, who was unable to work due to organic heart disease; Kate, age seventeen and at home; Moyer William, age fourteen, a cart driver; Carra, age twelve, and George, age nine, both at home. Jacob Hoover’s thirty-two year-old sister-in-law, Mary Goudy, also lived with the family. Pennsylvania is given for the birthplace of each resident of the Hoover family.7

A decade earlier, Jacob Hoover, age forty-one, a heater, held real estate valued at $2,000 and personal possessions valued at $2,100. Wife, Cornelia, age thirty-four, lived in Coopersdale with six children: John, age sixteen; Margaret, age thirteen; James, age ten; Kate, age seven; William, age five; and Cara, age two. All were Pennsylvania natives, including a twenty-eight year-old domestic servant named Mary Canachy.8

James L. Hoover, son of Jacob, was born in Coopersdale on 10 October 1860. In an interview in 1896, he stated that the Hoovers were of German descent, and that his father was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, in 1832. However, both the 1870 and 1880 census schedules indicate he was born ca. 1829. Jacob Hoover, said his son, left Bedford County early in life and came to Cambria County to accept the position of manager of the general store of the Cambria Furnace Company. When the company discontinued business, Jacob worked for several years as a heater for at the Cambria Ironworks. Eventually, he relocated to New Castle, in Lawrence County. Cornelia’s maiden name is given as Goudy,9 which agrees with the 1880 census listing a Goudy sister-in-law in Jacob Hoover’s household.

William S. and Cora (Hoover) Davis had been married six months on 31 May 1889, the day of the tragic Johnstown Flood, which claimed the lives of at least 2,200 people.


Cornelia’s maiden name is given as Goudy,9 which agrees with the 1880 census listing a Goudy sister-in-law in Jacob Hoover’s household.**






Gray Graham Davis (son of William Rhodes Davis) connects to :





More on them here:



Hawaii, Robinson Island, Helen Sinclair etc:


Also see:



Today In Hip-Hop: Proof Of D12 Murdered : XXL


4 hours ago Jay-Z Raps About Cuba — “Obama Said ‘You Gonna Get Me Impeached‘” | TMZ. com Cuba would cost him the White House … this according to Jay-Z. Hova… includes an implication that President Barack Obama bent the rules to Is President Obama Concerned About Impeachment Over Cuba Trip?


Patricia Ann Dailey
(1955–2007; divorced),
Leslie DeMeuse-Disney (2008–2009; his death)
Children 4
Parents Edna (née Francis),
Roy Oliver Disney
Family Walt Disney (uncle)


It took more than 18 years, for instance, before she broke her silence to confirm that her beautiful daughter Petrina was fathered by disgraced former Tory Minister Jonathan Aitken. (Petrina uncovered the link after noticing her uncanny resemblance to Aitken’s twin girls.)

When Soraya’s diaries and photo albums turned up in a London junk shop, she pleaded for them not to be published. She seldom flaunted her gilded past, nor spent her time courting sympathy.

And throughout the years since her separation and acrimonious divorce from Adnan Khashoggi, she has always maintained links with her beloved children.

At times it has been a struggle. But there’s another thing that the illegitimate daughter of a hotel waitress from Leicester has never lost, and that is her ability to make the most of what she’s got.

Back in the in the 1950s, as plain Sandra Daly, that manifested itself when she peeled back the top of her dress to sunbathe with her grammar school friends in the playing fields, an unthinkably bold act for those times.


David Geffen (born February 21, 1943) is an American record executive, film producer, theatrical producer, and philanthropist. Geffen is noted for creating Asylum Records in 1970, Geffen Records in 1980, and DGC Records in 1990. Geffen was also one of the three founders of DreamWorks SKG in 1994.


DreamWorks Studios, officially DW II Distribution Co., LLC also known as DreamWorks, LLC, DreamWorks SKG, DW Studios, LLC, or simply DreamWorks, is a California film studio which develops, produces, and distributes films, video games and television programming. It has produced or distributed more than ten films with box-office grosses totaling more than $100 million each. Today, most of DreamWorks’ films are marketed and distributed by The Walt Disney Studios.

DreamWorks began in 1994 as an attempt by media moguls Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen (forming the SKG present on the bottom of the DreamWorks logo) to create a new Hollywood studio of which they owned 72%. In December 2005, the founders agreed to sell the studio to Viacom, parent of Paramount Pictures. The sale was completed in February 2006. In 2008, DreamWorks announced its intention to end its partnership with Paramount and signed a $1.5 billion deal to produce films with India‘s Reliance ADA Group.] Reliance provided $325M of equity to fund recreating Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks studio as an independent entity. Clark Hallren, former Managing Director of the Entertainment Industries group of J.P. Morgan Securities and Alan J. Levine of J.P. Morgan Entertainment Advisors led the Reliance team in structuring the capital and business plan for the company.

DreamWorks’ animation arm was spun off in 2004 into DreamWorks Animation SKG.

Again, DAVIS*


Amy Davis Irving (born September 10, 1953) is an American actress, who appeared in the films Crossing Delancey, The Fury, Carrie, and Yentl as well as on Broadway and Off-Broadway. She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Golden Globes, and has won an Obie award. She was married to director Steven Spielberg; they divorced in 1989 after four years of marriage, with Irving receiving a settlement of $100 million.

Amy related to:


John Winslow Irving (born John Wallace Blunt, Jr.; March 2, 1942) is an American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter.

Irving achieved critical and popular acclaim after the international success of The World According to Garp in 1978. Some of Irving’s novels, such as The Cider House Rules and A Prayer for Owen Meany, have been bestsellers. Five of his novels have been adapted to film. Several of Irving’s books (Garp, Meany, A Widow for One Year) and short stories have been set in and around Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. He won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1999 for his script The Cider House Rules.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambridge_Five*Anthony Blunt*


*NOTE BLUNT* From wiki:

John Winslow Irving (born John Wallace Blunt, Jr.; March 2, 1942) is an American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter.

Irving achieved critical and popular acclaim after the international success of The World According to Garp in 1978. Some of Irving’s novels, such as The Cider House Rules and A Prayer for Owen Meany, have been bestsellers. Five of his novels have been adapted to film. Several of Irving’s books (Garp, Meany, A Widow for One Year) and short stories have been set in and around Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. He won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1999 for his script The Cider House Rules.

Amy Bishop is related to John Irving:







Connects to:


And more Johnson tunes:



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