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 Interview with attorney Stephen Pidgeon. Attorney Pidgeon claims he found a record for a name change from “Barak Mounir Ubayd” to “Barack Hussein Obama” on October 14th 1982 in Skookumchuck, British Columbia. Attorney Pidgeon also discusses details in his new book titled “The Obama Error” which can be purchased here. The interview aired 6/3/2011 on TruNews Radio. Hat tip to Dr. Kate. Previous interview with atty. Pidgeon can be found here.

UPDATE: Dr. Corsi: Pidgeon’s name change in Canada hoax traces back to this German website that is still pushing the fake Kenyan birth certificate that Obama supporters two years ago admitted forging in order to embarrass those of us challenging Obama eligibility. Don’t fall for Pidgeon’s ruse without verification from the Canadian provincial government that will never come.


Happy Valentines, much love and chocolate everyone. And nice roses too. I have a card that is really a mix of people and stories for this day. Hearts, music, dancing and wine. What a line up for the day of the lovers.


According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, Zygier was investigated by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation for allegedly using his Australian passport to spy for Israel. He reportedly visited Iran, Syria, and Lebanon with his Australian passport, and was also alleged to have studied at Monash University with the purpose of mingling with and gathering intelligence on Arab students.

Senator Bob Carr at first claimed that his government was unaware of Zygier’s detention until after his death, when Zygier’s family asked for assistance returning his body for burial in Melbourne. However, he testified on 14 February to the Senate that Australian intelligence was alerted by Israel to his arrest on 24 February 2010, shortly after the arrest occurred. This information was not shared with the Foreign Affairs Department, according to Secretary Peter Varghase.

After the ABC report was released, the Israeli government refused to comment, but reportedly asked media chiefs not to publish “information pertaining to an incident that is very embarrassing to a certain government agency.

According to the Israeli news website Ynet, Prisoner X’s attorneys and family were required to sign non-disclosure agreements with the government, preventing them from acknowledging or denying aspects of the case reported in the press.

A report in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida, citing Western intelligence officials, said that Zygier was accused of offering to sell the names of the Mossad agents responsible for the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh to the government of Dubai. The report also stated that the Dubai government agreed to protect Zygier, but that Mossad officials discovered his whereabouts and kidnapped him so he could stand trial in Israel.

Following the revelation, Knesset members Dov Khenin, Zahava Gal-On, and Ahmad Tibi urged outgoing Israeli Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman to address the ABC report, and criticized the government’s conduct, while Nitzan Horowitz, who had originally filed a grievance over the matter in 2010, sent a letter to Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein urging him to investigate, stating that “clandestine arrests and detentions are unacceptable and inconceivable in a democratic state. They pose a tangible threat to the rule of law and undermine the public’s confidence in the legal system.

The Australian government announced that it would investigate Zygier’s death.

NOTE*  wiki above:

In February 2013 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) aired a Foreign Correspondent program which claimed there was strong evidence that Prisoner X was Ben Zygier, a dual citizen of Israel and Australia, and who carried an Australian passport in the name of Ben Allen. The ABC report stated that Zygier had been a Mossad agent before being imprisoned, and was found by prison guards hanged in his cell on 15 December 2010 and buried at the Chevra Kadisha Jewish Cemetery, in Melbourne, Victoria. Zygier, who came from a prominent Jewish family in Melbourne, had emigrated to Israel ten years before his suicide, taken the more Israeli name Ben Alon, and was married with two children.,9171,894676,00.html


The Traveling Capitalist

MOST businessmen are happy if they get 10% of their profit from overseas business.

But not Stanley C. Allyn, the chairman of National Cash Register Co., whose products start with the grocer’s $200 till and top off with a $1,000,000 electronic computer. “Chick” Allyn already counts 40% of his profit from his business abroad, figures to up that ratio to 50% this year. Says he: “We’re not going to compete with foreign producers just by yelling for tariffs. It’s going to take hard work. If we get fat and lazy, we’ll wind up a second-rate nation.”

CHICK ALLYN likes to say….

Read more:,9171,894676,00.html#ixzz2L5IyUOrZ

NCR Corporation is an American computer hardware and electronics company that provides products and services that enable businesses to connect, interact and transact with their customers. Its main products are self-service kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, automated teller machines, check processing systems, barcode scanners, and business consumables. They also provide IT maintenance support services. From 1988 to 1997 they sponsored the NCR Book Award for non-fiction. NCR had been based in Dayton, Ohio, starting in 1884, but in June 2009, the company sold most of the Dayton properties and moved its headquarters to Metro Atlanta. Currently the headquarters are in unincorporated Gwinnett County, Georgia, near Duluth.

The company was founded in 1884 and acquired by AT&T in 1991. A restructuring of AT&T in 1996 led to NCR’s re-establishment on 1 January 1997 as a separate company, and involved the spin-off of Lucent Technologies from AT&T. NCR is the only AT&T spin-off company that has retained its original name—all the others have either been purchased or renamed following subsequent mergers.

In August 2012, the company was hit with charges of avoiding U.S. economic sanctions against Syria, greatly affecting its stock price

The company began as the National Manufacturing Company of Dayton, Ohio, which was established to manufacture and sell the first mechanical cash register, invented in 1879 by James Ritty. In 1884, the company and patents were bought by John Henry Patterson and his brother Frank Jefferson Patterson and the firm was renamed the National Cash Register Company. Patterson formed NCR into one of the first modern American companies, introducing new, aggressive sales methods and business techniques. He established the first sales training school in 1893, and introduced a comprehensive social welfare program for his factory workers.

Other significant figures in the early history of the company were Charles F. Kettering, Thomas J. Watson, Sr. and Edward A. Deeds. Deeds and Kettering went on to found Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company which later became Delco Products Division of General Motors. Watson eventually worked his way up to general sales manager. Bent on inspiring the dispirited NCR sales force, Watson introduced the motto “THINK!” Signs with this motto were erected in factory buildings, sales offices, and club rooms during the mid-1890s. Watson left NCR for IBM in 1914 and “THINK” later became a widely-known symbol of IBM. Kettering designed the first cash register powered by an electric motor in 1906. Within a few years he developed the Class 1000 register which was in production for 40 years, and the O.K. Telephone Credit Authorization system for verifying credit in department stores.

Prisoner X worked here:,_Fox_%26_Ne’eman

With the “Welcome Back Kotter” guy:

Alan Sacks produced a string of films for the Disney Channel, starting with Smart House in 1999


Queen Noor was born Lisa Najeeb Halaby in Washington, D.C. She is the daughter of Najeeb Halaby and Doris Carlquist (Swedish descent). Her father was an aviator, airline executive, and government official. He served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Truman administration, before being appointed by John F. Kennedy to head the Federal Aviation Administration. Najeeb Halaby had a successful private-sector career, serving as CEO of Pan American World Airways from 1969 to 1972. The Halabys had two children following Lisa; a son, Christian, and a younger daughter, Alexa. They divorced in 1977.

Noor’s paternal grandfather, Najeeb Elias Halaby, a Syrian immigrant, was a petroleum broker, according to 1920 Census records. Merchant Stanley Marcus, however, recalled that in the mid-1920s, Halaby opened Halaby Galleries, a rug boutique and interior-decorating shop, at Neiman-Marcus in Dallas, Texas, and ran it with his Texas-born wife, Laura Wilkins (1889–1987, later Mrs. Urban B. Koen).

Merrill Advanced Studies Center – Scholarship on …

The Merrill Center was established in 1990 with a generous endowment from Virginia Urban Merrill and her husband, Fred Merrill, Chairman and President of

The Director
Mabel L. Rice

Director Emeritus
Richard Schiefelbusch


Patricia Ann Dailey
(1955–2007; divorced),
Leslie DeMeuse-Disney (2008–2009; his death)


Michelle’s earliest known relative on her father’s side is her great-great grandfather Jim Robinson, born in the 1850s, who was an American slave on the Friendfield plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina. The family believes that after the Civil War, he worked as a Friendfield sharecropper for the rest of his life. He is said to have been buried there in an unmarked grave.
Jim married twice, first to a woman named Louiser, with whom he had two sons, Gabriel and Fraser, Michelle Obama’s great-grandfather. A daughter was born to the family, but her name has not been discovered and she is believed to have died as a child. His second marriage to Rose Ella Cohen produced six other children. Fraser had an arm amputated as a result of a boyhood injury. He worked as a shoemaker, a newspaper salesman, and in a lumber mill. Carrie Nelson, Gabriel Robinson’s daughter, now 80, is the oldest living Robinson and the keeper of family lore.
Robinson Island/ Hawaii  *

Khashoggi was born in Mecca, the son of Muhammad Khashoggi, who was King Abdul Aziz Al Saud‘s personal doctor. His family is of Turkish ancestry. The family moved from the Iberian Peninsula and settled in Saudi Arabia. Adnan Khashoggi’s sister Samira Khashoggi Fayed married Mohammed Al-Fayed and was the mother of Dodi Fayed.  Another sister, Soheir Khashoggi, is a well-known Arab writer (Mirage, Nadia’s Song, Mosaic).

Adnan Khashoggi is a Saudi Arabian businessman who made all of his fortunes as an international arms dealer for the Saudi royal family. Later on, he began a company by the name of Triad which was based in Switzerland; he owned banks, hotels and real estate practically all over the globe. By 1986, his total fortune was estimated to be around $4 billion. However, a decade later, it was reported that he had lost most of his fortunes due to the deteriorating oil prices. He married Soraya Khashoggi in 1961, and her name was changed to Soraya from Sandra Daly. Conversely, their ever so social rocketing lifestyle privileged a series of adulterous lovers for both of them. By 1982, both of them had enough of all the media watch dogs over their extra marital affairs that a divorce was initiated unanimously by both the parties. The divorce settlement in their case amounted to Soraya getting nearly $872 million.

Khashoggi, estimated to have been worth $4 billion at one point, has since lost his billionaire status. In 2007, the UK’s Daily Mail reported the former Mrs. Khashoggi was earning a living as a florist.

1. Dianne Emiel (Goldman) Feinstein: b. 22 Jun 1933 San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA; Senator from CA (D) [CABI: mother Rosenberg]

 Davis/Strauss/ Stern ?

Ford Shelley of Anna Nicole Smith Fame is Heading – Rose ……

Oct 30, 2011 Ford Shelley Jr. – the local developer whose acquaintance with the late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith helped fuel a media circus

Born James Howard Marshall II
(1905-01-24)January 24, 1905
Germantown, Pennsylvania
Died August 4, 1995(1995-08-04) (aged 90)
Harris County, Texas
Alma mater Haverford College
Yale Law School
Spouse(s) Eleanor M. Pierce (1931–61; divorced)
Bettye Bohannon (1961–91; her death)
Anna Nicole Smith (1994–1995; his death)
Children J. Howard Marshall III
E. Pierce Marshall

Ford Shelley and father-in-law G. Ben Thompson

*Geithner Ben Thompson*

 Ross/Perrot/ Parrot:

Marvin Pierce (17 June 1893 – 17 July 1969) was president of McCall Corporation, the publisher of the popular women’s magazines Redbook and McCall’s

Pierce’s first marriage was to Pauline Robinson who was born in 1896 to Ohio Supreme Court justice, James E. Robinson and died on 23 September 1949. They had four children together:

Just another BIRD*

Stacy Stern/ Tim Stanley:

Samuel Lewis (October 18, 1896–January 15, 1971) was an American mystic and dance teacher who founded the Dances of Universal Peace movement. He was also known under his Sufi name Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti and was addressed by his murids and others as Murshid. This is an Arabic word that means, “Exalted Teacher.” He was popularly known as Sufi Sam.

Lewis was born to Jewish parents. Lewis’ father Jacob Lewis was a vice president of the Levi Strauss jeans manufacturing company. His mother was Harriett Rosenthal, the daughter of Lenore Rothschild of the international banking family.

To his parents’ dismay Lewis showed a keen interest in religion and spirituality from an early age and later rejected their attempts at as business career for him. Lewis studied mathematics at Columbia University in 1916.

In 1919 Lewis entered a Sufi community in Fairfax, California where he met and was influenced by the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan an Indian Sufi teacher and musician . A year later he began Zen study with Sogaku Shaku, a disciple of the Rinzai Zen Buddhist Abbot Soyen Shaku. The twin spiritual influences of Sufism and Zen were to remain central throughout his life.


Childs/ Shields/ Robinson:

Princess Muna al-Hussein (born Antoinette Avril Gardiner, 25 April 1941) is the mother of King Abdullah II of Jordan. Until their divorce on 21 December 1971, she was the second wife of Hussein, the late King of Jordan. She is British by birth, but was renamed Muna al-Hussein at the time of the marriage for the sake of Jordanian culture.

Father Walter Percy Gardiner
Mother Doris Elizabeth Sutton


Wife Pricilla BAKER*


 Davis, who holds a degree in engineering, shares kinship to three American inventors: Eli Whitney, Samuel Morse and Charles Goodyear.2 “Maybe that’s where I get my inventive imagination,” said Davis when I told him of his famous cousins.

The story of the Davis family starts not in the Lone Star State but in the western Pennsylvania county of Cambria. Robert L. Johnston wrote that the county’s earliest settlers could be divided into three distinct groups: (1) the families of American Catholics from Maryland and the adjacent portion of Pennsylvania, who settled in the eastern and north-eastern Cambria County, (2) Pennsylvania Germans, from Somerset and the eastern German settlements, who occupied the south of the county, in the neighborhood of Johnstown, and (3) emigrants from Wales.4

William S. Davis, a shipping clerk for a steel mill, was born in May of 1868 in Pennsylvania, and rented a home at 121 Maple Avenue, in Johnstown. Wife Cora, also born in May of 1868 in Pennsylvania, was the mother of five children, all living, at the time of the 1900 U. S. Census. They were Edith, born November, 1883; Florence, born November, 1890; Herbert, born August, 1892; Mary, born April, 1894; and Kenneth, born in November, 1895. William S. and Cora had been married twelve years, which places the year of their marriage as 1888.5 The couple wedded on 6 November of that year in Cambria County. The marriage license shows William S. Davis, a weigh master living in Sheridan, was the son of William P. Davis and wife Hettie L. The bride, Cora B. Hoover, of Coopersdale, was the daughter of Jacob Hoover and wife Cornelia.

Based on the 1900 Census, Cora Hoover’s twelfth birthday fell shortly before the official date of the 1880 federal enumeration. Living in Coopersdale, Cambria County, that year was Jacob Hoover, age fifty-one, a heater in an iron rolling mill, his forty-four year-old wife, Cornelia, and six children: John, age twenty-six, a heater helper in an iron mill; James, who was unable to work due to organic heart disease; Kate, age seventeen and at home; Moyer William, age fourteen, a cart driver; Carra, age twelve, and George, age nine, both at home. Jacob Hoover’s thirty-two year-old sister-in-law, Mary Goudy, also lived with the family. Pennsylvania is given for the birthplace of each resident of the Hoover family.

More on Barry Gordy/ Goody and connections to CBS, Robert and Renee BUELLER* etc…on these posts:

 Another Sheldon/ Jones/ June/ Janz/ John etc..*

Enron and Northern Trust:

Sir Crispin Henry Lamert Davis, OBE (born 19 March 1949, England), is the Chairman and Director of StarBev Netherlands BV. He was previously chairman of the board and the chief executive officer of Reed Elsevier Group PLC, and he is a non-executive director of GlaxoSmithKline PLC. Sir Crispin has also served as the chief executive officer of Aegis Group PLC from 1994 until 1999. He was a board member at Guinness PLC, and the group managing director of United Distillers from 1990 to 1993. For twenty years, he served at Procter and Gamble, in senior positions in the United Kingdom, Germany, and North America.

Davis earned a bachelor’s degree from Oriel College at Oxford University. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2004 for services to the information industry. Davis and his wife, Anne, have three daughters.

He is the brother of former McKinsey & Company managing director Ian Davis

**NOTE** LAMERT** Like Bunny Mellon Lambert/ WARNER


Warner–Lambert was an American pharmaceutical company.

It traced it roots to drug store founded in 1856 in Philadelphia by William R. Warner. Inventing a tablet-coating process gained Warner a place in the Smithsonian Institution.

The second half of the name came from the Lambert Pharmacal Company, the makers of Listerine. The two companies merged in 1955 to form Warner–Lambert.

In 1976, Warner–Lambert took over Parke-Davis, which was founded in Detroit in 1866, by Hervey Parke and George Davis. This was followed by acquisitions of Wilkinson Sword in 1993 and Agouron in 1999.

Warner-Lambert was itself acquired by Pfizer in 2000.

Lowe, Lloyd, Mellon, Warner, GILLette, Edwards, Hunter, Jackie Kennedy etc..

From wiki link above:

United Distillers was a Scottish company formed in 1987 from combining the businesses of Distillers Company and Arthur Bell & Sons, both owned by Guinness. The company owned six Scotch whisky brands, which were relaunched as the Classic Malts range. It also owned the Bernheim distillery (now owned by Heaven Hill) and the Stizel-Weller distillery, both in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States.

In 1997 Guinness merged with Grand Metropolitan to create Diageo, and in 1998 United Distillers was merged with International Distillers & Vintners to create United Distillers & Vintners.

In 2001 the company was renamed Guinness United Distillers & Vintners Scotland, and then renamed once again in 2002 to become Diageo Scotland (registered in Scotland, No. SC000750).

 See also

Guinness/ Rothschild:

Rothschild was born in Paris, the youngest child of Victor Rothschild and his second wife, Teresa Georgina Rothschild (née Mayor). On his father’s side, he descended from the Rothschild family. His maternal grandfather, Robert John Grote Mayor, was the brother of English novelist F. M. Mayor and a greatnephew of philosopher and clergyman John Grote. His maternal grandmother, Katherine Beatrice Meinertzhagen, was the sister of soldier Richard Meinertzhagen and the niece of author Beatrice Webb. He was educated at The Leys School and graduated from City University in 1976, where he read economics, history and archaeology. His initial vocation was in journalism, as a circulation manager of the now defunct literary magazine, The New Review.

In 1987, Rothschild joined the family banking firm, N M Rothschild & Sons. By 1990 he was made chief executive of one of the Rothschild’s weaker assets, Rothschild Asset Management. In 1993, he became Chairman of the firm, helping to steer it onto a more stable path.

He was not heavily interested in banking. One of his favourite pastimes was farming. Rothschild had inherited an arable farm, Rushbrooke, near Bury St. Edmunds where he spent many hours at work. He was also a keen racer of cars, and was known as one of the best amateur racers in the country. His passion started when he acquired a scrambler motorcycle, at age thirteen. In later life, he got into motor racing, and was the winner of the Peter Collins Memorial Trophy Race at Silverstone in 1996. Among his car collection was an AC Cobra Daytona sports car, a 1957 Maserati 250F Formula I, and a 1958 BRM P25 Formula I.

Rothschild was also a trustee of Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild foundation which has supported many projects in Israel.

In 1981, he married Anita Patience Guinness, daughter of the merchant banker James Edward Alexander Rundell Guinness and Pauline Vivien Mander. They had three children:

  • Kate Emma Rothschild Goldsmith (b. 1982) who married Ben Goldsmith, the son of the late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith and Lady Annabel Goldsmith), in 2003 at St. Mary’s Church in Bury St. Edmunds.They have three children: Iris Annabel (b. 2004), Frank James Amschel (b. 2005) and Isaac Benjamin Victor (b. 2008). In 2012, the couple announced they were divorcing after it was alleged Kate had an affair with American rapper Jay Electronica.
  • Alice Miranda Rothschild (b. 1983) is engaged to Zac Goldsmith, British Conservative Party politician, and the brother of her sister Kate’s husband. James Amschel Victor Rothschild (b. 1985).

Rothschild and his wife were also godparents to a daughter of William Waldegrave.

Amschel Rothschild committed suicide in July 1996. He was found hanged at the Hotel Bristol in Paris. The death came hours after a meeting, during which plans were discussed for a massive merger of asset management companies.

Rothschild banking family of England

Ali Khan may refer to:

Birth (1911-06-13)13 June 1911
Death 12 May 1960(1960-05-12) (aged 48)
Birthplace Turin, Italy
Titles His Highness Prince Aly Khan
Spouse(s) Joan Guinness
Rita Hayworth
Father Aga Khan III
Mother Cleope Teresa Magliano
Children Prince Karim
Prince Amyn Muhammad
Princess Yasmin

Nancy Davis Reagan (born Anne Frances Robbins; July 6, 1921) is the widow of the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

More about Alice, Armour, de Janz etc..:

Alice Pleasance Liddell (/ˈlɪdəl/; 4 May 1852 – 16 November 1934), known for most of her adult life by her married name, Alice Hargreaves, inspired the children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, whose protagonist Alice is said to be named after her.

 LITTLE/ Liddell things…,_Brown_and_Company

Spouse(s) Anne Gust


Kellog/ Graham cracker*

Kellogg Brown and Root/ Haliburton:

Lady Diana’s family (Spencer) connects to Harry Ford Sinclair:

More Roses:

Marks and Spencer plc (also known as M&S; colloquially known as Marks and Sparks, Marks’s or, simply, Marks) is a major British retailer headquartered in the City of Westminster, London, with 703 stores in the United Kingdom and 361 stores spread across more than 40 countries. It specialises in the selling of clothing and luxury food products. M&S was founded in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in Leeds.

In 1998, it became the first British retailer to make a pre-tax profit of over £1 billion. though a few years later it plunged into a crisis which lasted for several years. In November 2009, it was announced that Marc Bolland, formerly of Morrisons would take over as chief executive from executive chairman Stuart Rose in early 2010; Rose remained in the role of non-executive chairman until he was replaced by Robert Swannell in January 2011.

Lady Annabel Goldsmith (formerly Birley, née Vane-Tempest-Stewart; born 11 June 1934) is a British socialite and the eponym for a celebrated London nightclub of the late 20th century, Annabel’s. She was first married for two decades to entrepreneur Mark Birley, the creator of Annabel’s, which she helped make a glamorous success as her husband’s inaugural members-only Mayfair club. Known in London as a society hostess, during the 1960s and the 1970s, she gained notoriety in gossip columns for her extramarital affair with Anglo-French financier Sir James Goldsmith, who later became her second husband. A descendant and heiress of the Londonderry family, her primary occupation has been as a mother of six children whose births span 25 years. She is also an author and founder of the Democracy Movement, a Eurosceptic political advocacy group. Her son Zac Goldsmith is the Conservative MP for Richmond Park.

Soundex Code for Khan = K500

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

Naomi Cohen:

Maggi, that chocolate and noodle connection. Cuban style ?

Safra was born Lily Watkins on December 30, 1934, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, daughter of Wolf White Watkins, a British railway engineer who moved to South America and Annita Noudelman de Castro, a Uruguayan of Russian-Jewish ancestry.

Maggi (German pronunciation: [ˈmaɡi]) is a Nestlé brand of instant soups, stocks, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasonings and instant noodles.

The original company came into existence in 1872 in Switzerland, when Julius Maggi took over his father’s mill. He quickly became a pioneer of industrial food production, aiming to improve the nutritional intake of worker families. Maggi was the first to bring protein-rich legume meal to the market, and followed up with a ready-made soup based on legume meal in 1886. In 1897, Julius Maggi founded the company Maggi GmbH in the German town of Singen, where it is still based today.

In parts of China, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Europe, Mexico, Malaysia, Brunei, German-speaking countries, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland and France, “Maggi” is still synonymous with the brand’s “Maggi-Würze” (Maggi seasoning sauce) (in Spain it is sold under name Jugo), a dark, hydrolysed vegetable protein-based sauce which is very similar to East Asian soy sauce, except it does not actually contain soy.[1]

In Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, Maggi seasoning sauce is a popular condiment, and the bottles are familiar sights on restaurant tables.

  Aktiengesellschaft; subsidiary of Nestlé
Industry Food
Founded 1890
Founder(s) Julius Maggi
Headquarters Cham, Switzerland
Key people Alain Pedersen

Cohen/White/ Wolf/ Safra :

Safra was born Lily Watkins on December 30, 1934, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, daughter of Wolf White Watkins, a British railway engineer who moved to South America and Annita Noudelman de Castro, a Uruguayan of Russian-Jewish ancestry. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro. At the age of 17, she married Mario Cohen, an Argentine hosiery magnate. They had three children: Claudio (died in a car crash in Brazil ca. 1989), Eduardo, and Adriana.

Lily and Cohen divorced in the early 1960s. In 1965, she married Romanian immigrant Alfredo “Freddy” Monteverde (formerly Greenberg) leader in the Brazilian household appliance distribution business after establishing the Ponto Frio brand. He and Lily had one child, named Carlos. In 1969, Monteverde died by suicide. According to biographer Isabel Vincent, Monteverde’s will left all his assets to her and, in concert with Monteverde’s former banker, Edmond Safra, she took swift action to cut off the rest of his family.

Lily and Edmond Safra dated for some time, but she married a businessman named Samuel Bendahan in 1972, then divorced him after about a year of marriage.

In 1976, she married Safra, a prominent Brazilian-naturalized Jewish Lebanese banker, and the founder, among other achievements, of Republic National Bank of New York. The couple divided their time between homes in Monaco, Geneva, New York and Villa Leopolda on the French Riviera. In a crime that attracted extensive media interest, Safra was killed in a fire that was determined to be arson. Edmond Safra “apparently felt so safe here that he did not have his bodyguards stay the night when he slept in Monaco”. Ted Maher, a former Green Beret, who was Safra’s bodyguard and nurse, was accused of starting the fire. His lawyer, Michael Griffith, has said that Maher did indeed start the fire in order to gain acceptance from Mr. Safra and that “It was a stupid, most insane thing a human being could do,” says Griffith. “He did not intend to kill Mr. Safra. He just wanted Mr. Safra to appreciate him more. He loved Mr. Safra. This was the best job of his life”. However, controversy still surrounds the case, as after his 8 year imprisonment, Maher has maintained his innocence. Safra left 50% of his assets to several charities, with the remainder divided up between his family members and wife who received $ 800 million.

Her husband:

wiki: Laura Lane Welch Bush (born November 4, 1946) is the wife of the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.’s

*LITTLE* Shabazz* Sanders*


 The original Henry S. Miller Company merged with Grubb & Ellis in 1984. *NOTE*

Pope story here as well:

Sandy things:

More on Simon/ Simeon/ Simone/ Siemens:

And more sweet things:

Back to Disney:

Happy Christmas, New Year and tidings of great joy.

We will start here, as they had an entire Christmas room called Santaland !

Miller & Rhoads – Where Christmas is a Legend”

Miller & Rhoads was a Virginia-based department store chain. Throughout its 105 year life-span, the store played an active role in the Richmond community, along with its friendly cross-street rival Thalhimers.

In 1885, Linton Miller, Webster Rhoads, and Simon Gerhart opened a dry goods store in Richmond, Virginia. The store—Miller, Rhoads, & Gerhart—opened with an initial investment of $3,000. In 1888, Miller, Rhoads, & Gerhart moved to 509 E. Broad Street.

Simon Gerhart relocated to Lynchburg, Virginia in 1890 and opened his own store there. It was at this time that the nameplate of the Richmond store changed to Miller & Rhoads. By 1909, the Richmond Broad Street store covered nearly half a city block, and by 1924, it covered an entire block, stretching from Broad to Grace Street.

During the middle part of the 20th century, the growth of Miller & Rhoads in Richmond was at its peak. The store was home to the ever-popular Tea Room, which featured regular fashion shows, and signature menu items such as the Missouri Club, Brunswick stew, and chocolate silk pie.

As time progressed, Miller & Rhoads began to boast modern conveniences like a 1,000 car parking garage (shared with Thalhimers), air conditioning and escalators. The store also hosted famous writers, art exhibits and other community events that helped add a cosmopolitan flair to the city.

Santaland and the “real” Santa Claus

Every Christmas season, a room on the 7th floor of Miller & Rhoads transformed into a magic wonderland called Santaland. The room was dimly lit, but thousands of tiny, white lights gave the appearance of night stars overhead. Woodland scenes with lifelike, animated animals were strategically placed throughout the room. Fully decorated trees adorned a path leading to the beautiful stage. Onstage were a huge fireplace, a Christmas tree, and a golden chair with a red velvet back and seat where Santa Claus sat.

Miller Brewing Company was founded in 1855 by Frederick Miller when he purchased the small Plank-Road Brewery. The brewery‘s location in the Menomonee Valley in Milwaukee provided easy access to raw materials produced on nearby farms.

On September 19, 1966, the conglomerate W. R. Grace and Company agreed to buy 53% of Miller from Mrs. Lorraine John Mulberger (Frederick Miller’s granddaughter, who objected to alcohol) and her family. On 12 June 1969, Philip Morris (now Altria) bought Miller from W.R. Grace for $130 million, outbidding PepsiCo. On 30 May 2002, Miller was acquired by South African Breweries from Philip Morris for $3.6 billion worth of stock and US$2 billion in debt to form SABMiller, with Philip Morris retaining a 36% ownership share and 24.99% voting rights.

On August 14, 2006, Miller Brewing announced it had completed the purchase of Sparks and Steel Reserve brands from McKenzie River Corporation for $215 million cash. Miller had been producing both products prior to this purchase.

Connection to Kennedy (Kinney) and Marilyn Monroe note* ASHER*

Saks Fifth Avenue is a luxury American specialty store owned and operated by Saks Fifth Avenue Enterprises (SFAE), a subsidiary of Saks Incorporated. It competes in the high-end specialty store market in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, i.e. ‘the 3 B’s’ Bergdorf, Barneys and Bloomingdale’s. Nationally, it competes with these stores as well as luxury retailers Neiman Marcus and Lord and Taylor. The company headquarters and the company-designated flagship store are in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Sir Mark Thatcher
Born (1953-08-15) 15 August 1953 (age 59)
Kensington, London, England
Nationality British
Title Thatcher Baronet
Term Since 26 June 2003
Predecessor Sir Denis Thatcher, 1st Bt
Spouse(s) Diane Burgdorf (m. 1987 – 2005) «start: (1987)–end+1: (2006)»”Marriage: Diane Burgdorf to Mark Thatcher” Location: (linkback://; divorced; 2 children
Sarah Jane (née Clemence), the Hon Lady Thatcher (m. 2008) «start: (2008)»”Marriage: Sarah Jane (née Clemence), the Hon Lady Thatcher to Mark Thatcher” Location: (linkback://
Children Michael Thatcher
Amanda Thatcher
Relatives Sir Denis Thatcher Bt
(father, deceased)
The Baroness Thatcher (mother)
The Hon Carol Thatcher (sister)
Alfred Roberts
(grandfather, deceased)

HOLY F*CK!!!! Obama’s uncle was a Banking Spy & Master …

I was reading an archive of Obama’s uncle Cecil Goeldner’s website from 2000….

This is on another post.

Cecil Goeldner said his Grandma was Emma Canfield


Daisy Danziger, Daisy Soros (name also BLACK)* Golf, etc..

Princess Fadilla of Egypt aka Dominique France Picard, Perrot (Parrot), Smith, Black, Hughes, lagrenne, Chesney, dit la Fortune (Fontaine) etc..

She is survived by a son, Cecil “Max” and Ginger Goeldner of Maumelle; two grandchildren, Layla and Kevin; seven great-grandchildren; three great, great-grandchildren; a sister, Mildred Pickett of Rose Hill, Kansas; and numerous nieces and nephews and extended family.
She was preceded in death by her husband of 45 years, Cecil B. Goeldner; one granddaughter, Donna Goeldner; one sister, Lucille Walton; and 3 brothers, Raymond, Harold, and Charles MacKay.


More on Alexander, Graham, Bell, WEB Dubois, Ruth Beatrice ( Beatrix) Baker, Arthur Middleton Young, Ruth Forbes, etc..

Again from this post regarding Saudi oil connection to Cecil’s son in law:

Deborah is Layla above*

Deborah Goeldner, daughter of Cecil and Virginia. Cecil Goeldner’s grandma was Emma Canfield. Debbie Goeldner married an arab connected to royals there and oil.

Deborah G. Browning married Esam Ghazzawi of Atta -9/11 fame.

Of “The King And I ”

The Kerr-McGee Corporation, founded in 1929, was an energy company involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas. On June 23, 2006, Houston-based Anadarko Petroleum Corporation agreed to acquire Kerr-McGee in an all-cash transaction totaling $16.5 billion plus the assumption of $2.6 billion in debt. Kerr-McGee shareholders voted to approve the offer on August 10, 2006 and Kerr-McGee ceased to exist as an independent entity. As a result of the takeover, all operations (with the exception of Tronox which was spun off as a separate company in 2005) moved out of Oklahoma.


Of “Karen Silkwood” fame.

Deborah Moore is the mother of Tim Geithner.

Moore ?

Cecil John Rhodes PC, DCL (5 July 1853 – 26 March 1902) was an English-born South African businessman, mining magnate, and politician. He was the founder of the diamond company De Beers, which today markets 40% of the world’s rough diamonds and at one time marketed 90%. An ardent believer in British colonialism, he was the founder of the state of Rhodesia, which was named after him. In 1964, Northern Rhodesia became the independent state of Zambia and Southern Rhodesia was thereafter known simply as Rhodesia. In 1980, Rhodesia, which had been de facto independent since 1965, became independent from Britain and was renamed Zimbabwe. South Africa’s Rhodes University is also named after Rhodes. He set up the provisions of the Rhodes Scholarship, which is funded by his estate.

Historian Richard A. McFarlane has called Rhodes “as integral a participant in southern African and British imperial history as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln are in their respective eras in United States history…. Most histories of South Africa covering the last decades of the nineteenth century are contributions to the historiography of Cecil Rhodes.

De Beers are a family of companies that dominate the diamond, diamond mining, diamond hops, diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacturing sectors. De Beers is active in every category of industrial diamond mining: open-pit, underground, large-scale alluvial, coastal and deep sea. Mining takes place in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada.

The company was founded by Cecil Rhodes, who was financed by Alfred Beit and Rothschild. In 1927, Ernest Oppenheimer, a German Jewish immigrant to Britain who had earlier founded mining giant Anglo American plc with American financier J.P. Morgan managed to wrest control of the empire, building and consolidating the company’s global monopoly over the diamond industry until his retirement. During this time, he was involved in a number of controversies, including price fixing, antitrust behaviour and an allegation of not releasing industrial diamonds for the US war effort during World War II.

Beit ?

Married Sammy Davis Jr.

Another Diamond:

Pope leaving ?



Soundex Code for Diehl = D400

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

And last, an old note from long ago:

Here is what is on the SS Application:
Full Name: Kelly Ann Green DOB 11-8-64 Present Age: 8 your sex Female your race White (choices were white, negro, other btw)
Place of Birth: Kenmore Eire, New York. Mother’s full name at birth: Shirley L. Loughrey
Fathers Full name: Robert R Green
Mailing address 814 Pioneer North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Todays date 2-3-73 and then her signature.
Certification of Marriage
Certificate No. 151 1997-011752
Name of Groom
James Timothy Dunham
Date of Birth November 23, 1965 Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Usual residence: 956 Honokahua Pl County: Honolulu State or Country: Hawaii
Fathers Name: John Edward Dunham State or Country of Birth: Illinois
Mother’s maiden name Geraldine Ann O’neill State or country of birth: Michigan
Name of Bride: Kelly Lynn Allen
Date of Birth: October 1, 1968 Place of Birth: Redlands, California
Usual Residence 956 Honokahua Pl, Honolulu, Hawaii
Father’s name: Grandison Greer Allen State or country of Birth: USA-unknown
Mother’s name Kay Joyce Dickerson State or country of Birth: USA-unknown
Groom’s declared middle name: Timothy Brides declared middle name(s) Allen
Grooms declared surname: Dunham Bride’s declared surname: Dunham
Date of Marriage August 15, 1997 Place of ceremony: Waiokeola Congregational Church, Honolulu
Date filed with local registrar August 19, 1997 Date copy was issued: June 30, 1999.
 Zygier- Prisoner x. Also goes by Allen*
Gardner/ Allen/ Gates :
Addams, Lillie, Gates, Starr, Hull House of Chicago:
The house in Hawaii was owned by Orland Scott Leforge and Thelma Jones Leforge Young*

Soundex Code for Gier = G600

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

Soundex Code for Greer = G660

Other surnames sharing this Soundex Code:

Grandpa Walton:

And finally, another chocolate connection or two. August candies.

First, Werthers Carmels/ Storck/August Storck and son Axel Oberwelland / Germany

Then, chocolates for this holiday here:

Ernst August first married, civilly on 28 August 1981 and religiously on 30 August 1981, Chantal Hochuli, heiress to a Swiss chocolate fortune. They had two sons:

Ernst August and Chantal Hochuli divorced on 23 October 1997.

He married secondly, civilly in Monaco on 23 January 1999 Princess Caroline of Monaco, who was pregnant at the time with their daughter:

Since he was born in the male-line of George II of Great Britain he is bound by the Royal Marriages Act 1772. Thus, before his marriage to Princess Caroline, he officially requested permission to marry of Queen Elizabeth II, and on 11 January 1999, the aforementioned sovereign issued an Order in Council, “My Lords, I do hereby declare My Consent to a Contract of Matrimony between His Royal Highness Prince Ernst August Albert of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg and Her Serene Highness Princess Caroline Louise Marguerite of Monaco…” Without the Royal Assent, the marriage would have been void in Britain where his family owns property and his lawful descendants remain in succession to both the British crown and the two suspended peerages. Similarly the Monégasque court officially notified France of Caroline’s marriage to Ernst August and received assurance that there was no objection, in compliance with the (since defunct) Franco-Monegasque Treaty of 1918.

Ruth Forbes, John Kerry and Christine LeGarde of the IMF are part of the Forbes dynasty. See Ruth Forbes, Ruth Hyde Paine and Michael Paine connection to Oswald and Kennedy as well as Arthur YOUNG of Bell Helicopter/ Textron with Royal Little:

*NOTE* SIMOES/ Simons/ Simon/ Siemen etc..

Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz (born October 5, 1938), known as Teresa Heinz, is an American businesswoman and philanthropist, the widow of former U.S. Senator H. John Heinz III (RPennsylvania), and the wife of current U.S. Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator John Kerry (DMassachusetts).

 will continue in comments.

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15 Responses to Prisoner X, Blue Jeans, X, Love Letters In The Sand And Connections

  1. Renee says:

    The dark labyrinth of straw companies in which Ben Zygier worked

    If Ben Zygier-Alon was indeed identified as “one of three Australian-Israeli citizens working for the Mossad under the cover of a European front company that sold electronic equipment to Iran” – as claimed to the Guardian by the Australian journalist, Jason Koutsoukis – that would explain why he blew up when the journalist asked him in early 2010 if he was a Mossad spy.

    It would mean that he was spotted as a member of the anonymous army of tens of thousands of Americans, Israelis, Brits, Dutch, Iranians – and the list goes on and on – employed in running straw companies operated by the world’s spy agencies.

    In the world of commerce, the “straw company” exists to deceive business competitors, uncover their trade secrets and patents, or pretend to be working on one product while working surreptitiously on another. Some American firms run hundreds of straw companies quite openly; others register shelf companies ready for sale or resale for profit.
    In connection to Ben Zygier, straw companies, like “the European front company,” where he was sighted, are an extremely important tool for spy agencies in the performance of three basic undercover functions:

    1. To infiltrate scientific, technological, financial, medical, educational and commercial industries and dig out their secrets. Many big companies work hand in glove with some intelligence service.
    These straw companies are a major source of information. Take, for example, the Washington Postdisclosure of Thursday, February 14, that last year, Iran tried to purchase via Chinese companies 100,000 magnetic rings to be used in the production of 50,000 new, rapid centrifuges.

    To dodge UN sanctions on this product, Iran probably struck a deal with the Chinese company to keep their order secret. But Tehran knew that no Chinese firm manufactures magnetic rings of the type they need on this scale and that the firm would have to cast its nets far and wide to find enough magnetic rings of the requisite quality – and at a low enough price to give them a fat profit on the deal.
    In no time, the search was bound to reach the ears of Washington and Tel Aviv and tell them that Iran is about to substantially increase its stock of high-speed centrifuges for enriching uranium.

    The Washington Post disclosure marked the end of the complicated Chinese-Iranian deal for the acquisition of magnetic rings and the game by which it filtered through straw companies.
    When Tehran approached the Chinese firm a year ago, it touched off a clandestine race involving hundreds if not thousands of secret agents from dozens of countries. Some tried chasing up the magnetic rings to meet the Iranian order; others, to block the sale; and a third group tried palming off on the Chinese firm flawed products that would sabotage the Iranian centrifuges when used.

    The third task would not have been a walkover. Neither the Chinese nor the Iranians are gullible customers. Both are savvy enough to demand samples for stringent testing – first in China, then in Iran.

    Tehran was burnt once by the Stuxnet malworm invasion which messed up the computer systems running the centrifuges and does not mean to be burned again.

    Anyway, the number of companies with the technology for manufacturing magnetic rings with undetectable flaws can be counted on less than five fingers.
    If it can be achieved, the next stage in the game would be to obscure the source – presumably Israel or the US. For this cover-up, many more straw companies would have gone into action – some in corners far from the Middle East, which could be Iceland or Vietnam, or even Timbuktu – nothing is beyond the realm of imagination for the straw company industry that serves world intelligence services.

    This industry has two additional functions:
    1. Some are on the level and designed to generate real profits to bankroll some of the spy agencies’ clandestine operations.

    2. The manpower they employ is a pool for recruiting agents for long, short-term or ad hoc missions.

    Straw companies which fail to perform usually sink without a trace.
    In the murky world of double agents, no one can be sure who is serving whom at any given time. So, too, some straw companies serve many spymasters – whether as their operating method or out of greed. Their real loyalties are carefully muddied over.

    There is no credible information about Ben Zygier Alon’s undercover mission or how he came to land in the high-security Israeli prison cell in which he died two years ago.
    But some of the details percolating through about his exploits as a spy suggest he may have found himself mixed up in this kind of vortex and, instead of jumping out, decided on his own bat to follow through all the way to a certain objective – and got caught. At that point, his fate as a secret agent would have been sealed and the secrets he carried for the government which employed him sacrificed.

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