Thank You Collin Powell For B.C. Reminder On Inauguration Day

©Renee 2013

Always looking neat, handsome, professional and well informed, Collin Powell has been a part of the military insiders network for a long time. He knows most of the old timer stories and is still cordial and close to our old leaders so when Mr Powell opens up on the birth certificate stories of Obama, I listen well to what he has to say, and I find this statement and it’s timing very interesting.

On inauguration day 2013, Mr Powell comments on the birth certificate ?

And Lame Cherry says people bussed in for the event ? Really ?

Obama says during the day” I want to take a look one more time, I’m not going to see this again”

And during the meal, Mrs Obama looked to be in a mood. I thought she would be very happy and social on this day ?

Amid continuing questions into Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Sandy Hook, Libor Scandal, MF Global and so on, this was quite a strange party package. Again, thank you Mr Powell, it IS time to answer questions and put this to rest. We all agree.

Alma Vivian Powell (née Johnson) (born October 27, 1937 in Birmingham, Alabama) is an African American audiologist and the wife of military and political figure Colin Powell, whom she married on August 25, 1962. She is a graduate of Fisk University.

She is the mother of former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Michael Powell. She also has two daughters, Linda, an actress and Annemarie. Her father and uncle were principals of two of the black high schools in Birmingham; Condoleezza Rice‘s father worked in her uncle’s school as a guidance counselor.

Alma Powell is the co-chair of America’s Promise, an alliance of national organizations dedicated to teaching today’s youth. She has also authored two children’s books, America’s Promise and My Little Red Wagon.

Soundex Code for Collin = C450

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7 Responses to Thank You Collin Powell For B.C. Reminder On Inauguration Day

  1. Kathy says:

    I think he was just using Alinsky tactics again. Ridicule…….the birthers. He is a one worlder.

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