Exotic Land Of Indonesia


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Back to old information for our old friends.H/T to you.

Let us look back again at Indonesia, and old work we did before on the country, people and connections there. In a card like game of digging for four  + years that I just call “Texas Hold Em”, information found before is now difficult to find for several reasons so we will repost what we found before here, as well as additional updates.





We will continue in comments.

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  1. Renee says:

    SCENARIO FIVE: Is Obama the grandson of Sukarno?

    The Communist Sukarno was the first democratically-elected president of Indonesia – from 1945 until 1967. The legend about Sukarno’s personal history was that he was born of royalty but his parents had him raised in humble circumstances in order to protect him against harm and allow him ultimately to fulfill his destiny, which was to lead his country. In fact, Obama once said that his father was a “prince.”

    In 1955, Sukarno invited the then-30-year-old Malcolm X to a conference of the non-aligned nations in Bandung, Indonesia. The only people who were invited were non-white, non-Western – specifically anti-Western – world leaders. While Malcolm X was not a world leader, he had clearly distinguished himself in Sukarno’s eyes as the perfect fit for the anti-white, anti-capitalist conference.

    Sukarno had numerous legitimate children but he was also a notorious womanizer and the father of dozens of illegitimate children throughout Indonesia, He loathed America and the CIA operatives who were trying to depose him, and his goal was to strike back. Was it Sukarno who hatched the plot to take over America? Did he then share his idea with Malcolm X because he believed the American Muslim was capable of succeeding?

    Did Sukarno suggest to Malcolm X that he impregnate a number of his daughters and wait to see if a son appeared with the requisite qualities to be the perfect candidate? Did Sukarno then describe the elaborate plot to Malcolm X, telling him that it would take several years – perhaps decades – to put into place?

    The plot would involve lining up any number of “useful idiots” – leftists, Communists, Marxists, et al – all who hated America and wanted to see the country overthrown. Hawaii seemed a perfect place to plant the operatives because it wasn’t yet a state. Sukarno would have urged patience, reminding Malcolm X that within a few years, the island nation would become the 50th member of the United States – and sure enough it happened in 1959!

    Before then, it would be necessary to line up surrogates in the U.S., leftists like Madelyn and Stanley Armour Dunham and their daughter Stanley Ann. Also a Kenyan student named Barack Obama. And a little later an Indonesian student named Lolo Soetoro. They would also need the cooperation of bigwigs like Fidel Castro and the Russians. It’s plausible that Sukarno’s friends also included the Communist Frank Marshall Davis, a man who could make it all happen!

    When the time was right – in 1959– did Malcolm X put Sukarno’s plan into action? Nine months later, a baby boy was born in Kenya of an Indonesian woman from West Papua, Indonesia. She gave birth in Kenya so that the baby would immediately be given the last name of Obama and his mother would be Stanley Ann Dunham – just as outlined in the grand plot. This scenario would put Obama’s birth a year earlier than he claims it is, but then again he wrote on his Facebook page that he was born in 1957!

    Remember Obama’s Kenyan grandmother insisting that she witnessed his birth in Mombassa, Kenya, but she never said who the mother was! Did she conveniently omit mentioning that the young woman was Indonesian?

    If you compare pictures of Sukarno to Obama, you would swear the old man was the young man’s grandfather… right down to the signature bluish hue of the lips that is characteristic of Indonesians.

    All of Obama’s early schooling was in Indonesia. He was reportedly known as the “negroid child from Papua” … he was much taller than the other children. His mouth and nose are identical to Sukarno’s (his grandfather?), and he has Malcolm X’s height, voice, frame, left-handedness, and language gifts. Both Sukarno and Malcolm X were also charismatic and gifted orators.

    But where does the Indonesian Lolo Soetoro come in…you know, the man who Stanley Ann “married” and had a daughter with? As it turns out, Soetoro and Sukarno were known to each other, so maybe the old man selected the young and educated Soetoro to be Obama’s fake surrogate father – a nice Indonesian stand-in for his real father, Malcolm X. No doubt, Soetoro received a nice stipend for his University of Hawaii education and then landed a cushy job at Mobil Oil. Not bad for spending three or four years as Obama’s adoptive father (although Stanley Ann did not “divorce” Lolo until 1980).

    Did Barack meet his grandfather, Sukarno, when he and his mother traveled to Indonesia in 1967? He was six at the time. Sukarno died in 1970. If Sukarno was his grandfather, it makes for a very exotic story… but it also makes Obama completely ineligible to be President of the United States.

    The Conference at Bandung in 1955 preceded the Theresa Hotel meeting of Malcolm X, Castro, Barack Obama Sr., et al. in September 1960 by five years. Sukarno was in New York in September 1960 to attend the General Assembly meeting of the United Nations. “The boy” had already been born – given the fudging of dates that conspirators are so versed in – and the players lined up to guide/steer/brainwash/manipulate him through his growing-up years and straight into the White House.

    What are we to make of Obama’s old friend from high school, Illinois Army National Guard Major L. Tammy Duckworth, telling (The Honolulu Advisor on January 8, 2006, that she was “happy to point out that she and Hawaii-raised Punahou (Indonesia) high school graduate Obama have “a karma’aina connection”? Both of them, she said, were born outside the country – Obama in Indonesia, Duckworth in Thailand. Predictably, Duckworth retracted her statement a few days after the article appeared in print.

    Then again, could Barack’s father have been President Sukarno himself and his mother Stanley Ann Dunham? President Sukarno was in New York in September 1960 and Stanley Ann did not start her classes at the University of Hawaii until the end of September. Did she rendezvous with President Sukarno in New York and was their son conceived in September 1960 and not November 1960 as we have been led to believe?

    Is Obama, therefore, mulatto, as Indonesians are, and was he born in Indonesia, and not Kenya? Obama has said that he idolized his father and that he himself was the son of an Indonesian prince. Obama has also – from a very young age in Indonesia – said that he wanted to be a president, but never said of which country! Like father, like son?

    Am I the only one who cringes when I read that Barack Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope, translates in Indonesian to: Jihad, From Jakarta to the White House? I am certainly not the only one who watched Obama on election night and witnessed his wife appear in a dress of the revolutionary and anarchic colors of red and black, with a gigantic sash in the unmistakable configuration of an X – and his very young daughters also dressed in revolutionary red and black.

    As one writer wrote, “What if the garb worn by the Obama’s was a silent tribute to Barack’s real father, Malcolm X?…the red and black dress and that X that hits you between the eyes…an insult to the senses because the dress is so entirely out of place. It is hard not to shout, ‘America’s next First Family shouldn’t be dressed in these colors of defiance! Where are the various shades of red, white, and blue? Then suddenly it smacks you in the face…that X is for Malcolm…’”

    SCENARIO SIX: Is the CIA behind Obama’s attempted coup d’état?

  2. Renee says:

    1958: The First CIA Attempt
    In spite of occasional flashes of truth in the press, the real U.S. involvement in the 1965 coup is one of the best-kept secrets in Washington. Official statements on the coup and its aftermath are practically nonexistent. Somewhat more is known of the 1958 attempt to overthrow the Sukarno government in which the CIA was involved.

    In their authoritative book about the CIA entitledThe Invisible Government, Washington correspondents Thomas Ross and David Wise related how the U.S. supplied a right-wing rebel force in Indonesia with arms and a small air force of B-26 bombers in an attempt to overthrow Sukarno. The attempt failed, but not before one of the American pilots, Allen Lawrence Pope, was captured by loyalist forces.

    Ross and Wise explain:

    Three weeks before Pope was shot down, Dwight D. Eisenhower had emphatically denied charges that the United States was supporting the rebellion against President Sukarno.

    Allen Lawrence Pope (born 1928 or ’29) is a retired US military and paramilitary aviator. Pope is a native of Miami,[1] Florida and graduate of the University of Florida.[2]

    Pope’s early career was with the United States Air Force, in which he served with distinction flying bombing missions in the Korean War. In 1954 he transferred to the CIA, in which he served with distinction flying transport missions in the First Indochina War. In the Permesta rebellion in Indonesia in 1958, Pope flew bombing missions for the CIA. Indonesian government forces shot down his plane, captured Pope and held him under house arrest for just over four years. In 1960 an Indonesian court condemned him to death but in 1962 President Sukarno released him. Pope returned to the USA and subsequently flew CIA covert missions in other theaters.

    Pope is now retired and lives in the USA. In 2005 France made him a Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur for his service in Indochina.

    Contents [show]
    1 USAF service
    2 Điện Biên Phủ
    3 AUREV service
    4 Capture
    5 Trial, conviction and release
    6 Southern Air Transport
    7 References
    8 Sources
    9 External links

    [edit] USAF serviceAfter university, Pope entered the USAF and served as a first lieutenant in the Korean War. He flew a Douglas B-26 Invader in combat, winning three Air Medals and a Distinguished Flying Cross.[2] After the war the USAF returned Pope to the USA as an air force instructor.[2]

    [edit] Điện Biên PhủIn March 1954 Pope left the USAF and joined a CIA front organisation, Civil Air Transport, flying one of its Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcars to supply French forces besieged in the Battle of Điện Biên Phủ.[2] On March 13 Việt Minh artillery disabled Điện Biên Phủ’s airstrip, so thereafter all supplies to the French garrison had to be dropped from the air.[3] CAT pilots flew hundreds of sorties from Cat Bi to Điện Biên Phủ.[3] On May 6, 1958, the day before the French force surrendered, Pope was co-pilot of the lead aircraft in a group of six C-119s that made the last air drop to the besieged garrison.[3]

    After the end of the First Indochina War that August, Pope remained with CAT making civilian charter flights firstly from Taiwan and then from Saigon.[2]

    On February 24, 2005, France’s ambassador to the USA, Jean-David Levitte, made the then 76 year old Pope and six other CAT pilots Chevaliers de la Légion d’honneur for their service in the Battle of Điện Biên Phủ.[3] In 2005 Pope said of his Vietnam service:

    I’m a communist fighter. I was born and raised to be against the communists.[4]
    [edit] AUREV serviceIn April 1958, CAT recalled Pope from Saigon to Taiwan and sent him to Clark Air Base in the Philippines, where he was assigned a B-26 Invader that had been painted black and had its markings obscured. On April 27, 1958 Pope landed the bomber at Mapanget, a rebel-held Indonesian Air Force base on the Minahassa Peninsula of northern Sulawesi. The rebels were Permesta, led by dissident local army officers opposed to the government of President Sukarno.[5] At Mapanget, Pope joined another CAT pilot and former Air Force officer, William H Beale, Jr, who had been flying a B-26 Invader for Permesta since April 19.[6] The two bombers formed part of Permesta’s Angkatan Udara Revolusioner (“Revolutionary Air Force”) or AUREV.[citation needed]

    Pope flew his first AUREV mission on April 27, attacking the government-held island of Morotai in the hours before a Permesta amphibious force successfully landed and took the island.[7] The CIA instructed CAT pilots to target commercial shipping in order to frighten foreign merchant ships away from Indonesian waters, thereby weakening the Indonesian economy and undermining Sukarno’s government.[8] On April 28, Pope attacked the government-held province of Central Sulawesi. One source asserts that off the port of Donggala he bombed and sank three merchant ships: SS Aquila (Italian), SS Armonia (Greek) and SS Flying Lark (registered in Panama).[8] Pope continued the sortie by attacking Palu, the provincial capital city, destroying 22 vehicles in a truck park.[9]

    Aquila was certainly bombed and sunk by an AUREV aircraft. However, a wreck off Ambon Island, more than 500 miles (800 km) east of Donggala, has now been identified as Aquila.[10] Another source suggests that Aquila was bombed not on 28 April but on 1 or 2 May.[11]

    On April 29, Pope attacked the government-held province of South East Sulawesi. He struck the Indonesian Air Force base at Kendari,[12] the provincial capital, with 500 lb (230 kg) bombs and machine-gun fire.[13] He then strafed an Indonesian Navy patrol boat, KRI Intana, killing five crew and wounding another 23.[13] On April 30, Pope again attacked Palu and Donggala; sinking a ship, destroying a warehouse and demolishing a bridge.[13]

    On May 1, Pope attacked the city of Ambon, the provincial capital of Maluku.[14] His four 500 lb bombs missed his waterfront targets and fell in the sea.[14] He then tried a strafing run but his starboard engine suffered an explosion.[14] Pope aborted the attack and returned to Mapanget.[14]

    It took several days for the B-26 to be given a replacement starboard engine. Pope’s next sortie was on May 7, when he again attacked the government airbase at Ambon.[15] He seriously damaged a Douglas C-47 Skytrain and a North American P-51 Mustang and caused other damage on the airbase.[15] On May 8 he attacked the Palu area in the morning[15] and Ambon in the afternoon.[16] On Ambon he bombed and machine-gunned the government-held Liang airbase in the northeast of the island, damaging the runway and destroying a Consolidated PBY Catalina.[16] He then continued to Ambon city where he attacked an Indonesian Navy gunboat at anchor.[16] His bomb missed but he then attacked with machine-guns, wounding two crew and damaging the gunboat.[16]

    Since May 1, Beale and his B-26 had been resting at Clark Air Base,[14] leaving Pope’s aircraft as AUREV’s only active bomber. On May 9, Beale returned to Mapanget, releasing Pope who then took his turn to fly to Clark for several days’ leave.[16]

    On May 15, Pope attacked a small transport ship, the Naiko, in Ambon Bay.[17] She was merchant ship that the Indonesian Government had pressed into military service, and was bringing a company of Ambonese troops home from East Java.[18] His bomb hit the Naiko’s engine room, killing one crew member and 16 infantrymen[18] and setting the ship on fire.[17] He then attacked Ambon city, aiming for the barracks. His first bomb missed and exploded in a market-place next door.[17] His next landed in the barracks compound but bounced and exploded near an ice factory.[17] He then returned to Mapanget to find that in his absence the Indonesian Air Force had bombed the rebel air base,[17] destroying a CIA/AUREV PBY Catalina[19] and damaging a CIA/AUREV P-51 Mustang.[20]

    The Indonesian government alleged that Pope’s bombing of a marketplace in Ambon city had killed a large number of civilians.[21] This later turned out to be untrue, but in the meantime the US Embassy in Jakarta protested to the United States Department of State which then warned the CIA team in Manado.[22] The CIA tightened its AUREV pilots’ rules of engagement so that they could attack only airfields and boats.[22] They were no longer allowed to attack buildings — not even military ones.[22]

    [edit] CaptureBy mid-May, Indonesian government forces were planning amphibious counter-attacks on the islands of Morotai and Halmahera[23] that Permesta had captured toward the end of April. This involved assembling a naval and transport fleet in Ambon bay, where ships started to arrive from Java on May 16.[23] At 0300 on May 18, Pope took off from Mapanget to attack Ambon again.[22] He first attacked the airfield, destroying the C-47 and P-51 that he had damaged on May 7.[24] A short distance west of Ambon Bay he found the invasion fleet,[24] which included two 7,000 ton merchant ships being used as troop transports.[23] One of the transports, the Sawega, which was trying to take evasive maneuvers as Pope attacked it.[25] His bomb fell in the sea 40 metres (130 ft) short of its target.[26]

    The Indonesian Air Force had one serviceable P-51 Mustang on Ambon, at Liang airbase. When Pope attacked Ambon airfield on May 18, the P-51 at Liang was scrambled to repel him.[24] The P-51 closed on the B-26 just as Pope was attacking the Sawega.[26] The convoy took both aircraft to be AUREV and fired on both of them.[27] The P-51 also hit the B-26 and damaged its starboard wing[26] and the bomber caught fire.[27] Pope and his Permesta radio operator, Jan Harry Rantung, bailed out.[27][28] As they jumped, the B-26 was entering a sharp dive and the slipstream threw Pope against the tail fin, fracturing his right leg. [27] They landed on the coast of Pulau Hatala, a small island west of Ambon, where a small Indonesian Navy landing party from one of the invasion fleet’s minesweepers put ashore and captured them.[28][29]

    Some 20 other AUREV insurgent aircraft were reported to have been seen with Nationalist Chinese markings obscured by hasty coats of paint. Their pilots were Nationalist Chinese and Americans from CAT.[29]

    [edit] Trial, conviction and releaseUS Ambassador Howard Jones portrayed Pope as an American “paid soldier of fortune” and expressed his regret at the involvement of an American.[29] However, Pope was carrying about 30 incriminating documents that added to the embarrassment of the Eisenhower administration in the USA when he was captured.[30]

    Pope admitted only to flying one[31] or two[32] missions, but his flight log (which was among the 30 documents that he was carrying when he was captured) recorded eight[32] and another source states that he flew a total of 12 missions.[33] Pope “spent the early hours of Sunday, May 18, over Ambon City in eastern Indonesia, sinking a navy ship, bombing a market, and destroying a church. The official death toll was six civilians and seventeen military officers”.[34] When Pope was shot down by anti-aircraft fire, he was pursuing a ship carrying one thousand Indonesian troops.[35] “His last bomb missed the troopship by about forty feet, sparing hundreds of lives”.[36]

    After fracturing his right thigh when bailing out,[28] Pope was held not in prison but under house arrest at the small mountain resort of Kaliurang, where his injury was given “excellent medical attention”.[33] He said he felt he was fighting international communism. An Indonesian four-man military court rejected Pope’s plea that he be considered a prisoner of war. On April 29, 1960 it found him guilty of killing 17 members of Indonesia’s armed forces and six civilians[35] and sentenced him to death.[33][37]

    The death sentence was not carried out, and Pope remained under house arrest.[38] In February 1962 US Attorney General Robert Kennedy paid President Sukarno a goodwill visit and pleaded for Pope’s release.[38][39] Sukarno also received a visit from Pope’s wife, mother and sister who all tearfully pleaded for his pardon.[38] On July 2, 1962 Pope was quietly driven to the airport and put on a US plane out of Indonesia.[38] Sukarno himself told Pope:

    I want no propaganda about it. Now go. Lose yourself in the USA secretly. Don’t show yourself publicly. Don’t give out news stories. Don’t issue statements. Just go home, hide yourself, get lost, and we’ll forget the whole thing.[38]
    Pope later said of himself:

    I enjoyed killing Communists… They said Indonesia was a failure[, Al Pope reflected bitterly]. But we knocked the shit out of them. We killed thousands of Communists, even though half of them probably didn’t even know what Communism meant.

  3. Renee says:

    Communsim from day 1
    It is reported that Obama’s grandparents were members of the CPUSA communist party. Also his mother Ann Dunham. Obama’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a big time player in the CPUSA in Chicago before leaving for Hawaii to live. Obama ends up where? Chicago. Obama immediately joined the NEW PARTY when he arrived and they helped him get elected to the Illinois senate.
    Who died and when?…
    Ann Dunham’s father seemingly never died and married another woman. Ann seemingly never died and is alive and well to this day. Did Obama’s grandmother really die recently?
    Keep in mind there were no funerals, just memorial services for each person. Also, there is no record of a Stanley Ann Dunham having been treated and dying in a Cancer Institute in Hawaii that Obama has made claim to. They have no record of her having died or even being there at all.
    What we’re told…
    — November 7, 1995, Stanley Ann (Dunham-Obama) Soetoro allegedly died of “ovarian cancer” at age “56.” Her body was cremated; there was no funeral. Memorial service held in her honor at the University of Hawaii. No info on BHO attending; But “helped scatter her ashes over the Pacific Ocean.”
    Problems with the story…
    — An alias for Stanley Ann Dunham was found as a “relative/associate” of Madelyn L. Dunham, Honolulu, HI: “Kelly A. Dunham.”
    — Dunhams had only one daughter, Stanley Ann. Therefore, Kelly Ann, who does not seem to have any other history, is likely an alias for Stanley Ann.
    An alias search for Stanley Ann at http://www.recordsarea.com shows the following information:
    ** Kelly A. Dunham, associate/relative of Madelyn L. Dunham, Honolulu, HI;

    ** Kelly A. Shippleck (Kelly A. Dunham), Phoenix, AZ [is this a third marriage or an alias for real estate/money laundering?].

    ** Sandra Dunham (Sandra Lee Dunham), OH, FL

    ** Susan N. Dunham, HI, CA. Ste (Stephen) Dunham, Honolulu, HI (Stanley Ann chooses another male name?)

    ** Stephen O. Dunham, Honolulu, HI

    ** Scott A. Dunham, (Stanley Ann chooses a second male name?), HI, WA, OR, TN, VA, IN.
    Each of the aforementioned aliases contains one or more references to the above examples. In cases where the trail seemingly ends, one needs only to cross-reference the “relatives/associates” and the trail continues. Some entries show as many as “99 addresses” in one city and “160 relatives/associates
    ACTIVE social security check on Stanley Ann Dunham
    Her SSN is 535-40-8522 from http://www.Ancestry.com
    A search at http://www.intelius.com using that SS# returns 2 addresses in Honolulu, HI and one address for NY,New York.
    Stanley Ann’s age for this record is shown to be age 66.
    Doing a Whitepages.com search yields the following results:
    Stanley A. Dunham

    320 E. 43rd St.

    NY, NY 10017

    Telephone Number 212-573-5000

    Job Title: Part of the Gender Equality Program

    Co Ford Foundation
    It has been reported that Stanley Ann Dunham was at Ford Foundation during Barack’s Columbia years.
    A reverse phone number search for the Ford Foundation number returns an individual by the name of Scott Terkowitz
    Did Scott Terkowitz take over that phone number and office? It looks like he had a California license and a West Virginia license to practice.
    Virginia Board of Dentistry
    Scott T********, Clifton Forge, VA Profession: Dentist; Lic. No. 043290; Cal. No. 21162 Regents Action Date: January 12, 2004 Action: Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: 24 month suspension, execution of last 21 months of suspension=2 0stayed, probation 2 years.
    Summary: Licensee admitted to the charge of having been found guilty of professional misconduct by the Virginia Board of Dentistry.
    New York State Education Department Office of the Professions
    Summaries of Regents Actions on Professional Misconduct and Discipline January 12, 2004
    A search for the Ford Foundation Address:
    320 E. 43rd St. New York
    There 36 places (mostly medical related) associated with this address. Not uncommon for large office buildings. Each business in the building have their own phone number, as you would expect.
    The phone for the first place (a medical firm) on the list was searched and it returned 24 people having the same and IDENTICAL phone number but with DIFFERENT addresses, even out of state, for that number.
    **The common denominator of these results is each address is a different one for a different PHD Medical Doctor, but with the same phone number
    It is possible this is a national group but very odd having different addresses.
    The Ford Foundation and Stanley Ann’s connection there
    It is reported that Ann Dunham worked for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia for many years.
    Going to the Ford Foundation website, the following information is given:
    The Jakarta office makes grants in Indonesia.

    Ford Foundation

    P.O. Box 2030

    Jakar ta 10020, Indonesia

    Tel. (+62) 21-252-4073

    Fax (+62) 21-252-4078

    The Ford Foundation began working in Indonesia, from an office located in Jakarta, in 1953. Over the years, we have provided more than $450 million in grants in selected fields.
    The great diversity of Indonesia’s people and their culture—in terms of geography, religion, and social differences—is a source of strength and innovation.
    At the same time, the nation’s ethnic and linguistic diversity presents challenges, and certain groups are significantly marginalized in their access to resources or participation in decisions that affect their lives.
    Broad, Evolving Focus
    The grant-making focus of the foundation has evolved over the years in response to the shifting political and economic landscape and the changing needs and priorities of Indonesia’s people and communities.
    Today, we are making major commitments in a range of areas, including local philanthropy; natural resources management, rural livelihoods and community empowerment; sexuality and reproductive health; governance and civil society; media, arts and culture; and formal and alternative education.
    Grants in these areas have been designed to strengthen individual and institutional capabilities, support innovative practices and disseminate information on successful approaches”

  4. Renee says:

    Here is what is on the SS Application:
    Full Name: Kelly Ann Green DOB 11-8-64 Present Age: 8 your sex Female your race White (choices were white, negro, other btw)
    Place of Birth: Kenmore Eire, New York. Mother’s full name at birth: Shirley L. Loughrey
    Fathers Full name: Robert R Green
    Mailing address 814 Pioneer North Tonawanda, NY 14120
    Todays date 2-3-73 and then her signature.

    Certification of Marriage
    Certificate No. 151 1997-011752
    Name of Groom
    James Timothy Dunham
    Date of Birth November 23, 1965 Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
    Usual residence: 956 Honokahua Pl County: Honolulu State or Country: Hawaii
    Fathers Name: John Edward Dunham State or Country of Birth: Illinois

    Mother’s maiden name Geraldine Ann O’neill State or country of birth: Michigan

    Name of Bride: Kelly Lynn Allen
    Date of Birth: October 1, 1968 Place of Birth: Redlands, California
    Usual Residence 956 Honokahua Pl, Honolulu, Hawaii
    Father’s name: Grandison Greer Allen State or country of Birth: USA-unknown
    Mother’s name Kay Joyce Dickerson State or country of Birth: USA-unknown
    Groom’s declared middle name: Timothy Brides declared middle name(s) Allen
    Grooms declared surname: Dunham Bride’s declared surname: Dunham
    Date of Marriage August 15, 1997 Place of ceremony: Waiokeola Congregational Church, Honolulu
    Date filed with local registrar August 19, 1997 Date copy was issued: June 30, 1999

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