The Bloom Is Off The Bloomberg


Copyright 2012

Mayor Bloomberg, WHAT are you thinking ? Where is your “humane” side ? Hearing about you is like reading a modern version of the fall of the Roman empire. I swear to God. You just cannot make this stuff up. What is wrong here ? Like animals, vultures running for the best meat ? Is this the disgusting thing that you are ? Continuing with a stupid marathon, while this city stinks and floats rats and bacteria ? How lovely. Truly like a freak show. SANDY remember mayor ? Remember ? No party there…

People have no clothes, home, food and water and you ignore that for a marathon that even the runners are dropping out of  to help victims ? You truly are out there. WAY out there… You have no place in your position. You make a mockery out of it. This story is sickening. These people need help.

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