Bonfire Of The “In A Pocket Pals”

Renee ©2012

Washington was HOT today, you could see tempers flaring. Caught inside professional suits and well groomed attire were some really outraged public servants. Thank God for them. That is, those that were not in CYA mode. Those that want real facts. 

Ambassador Kennedy was saying the same thing over and over and that was the basic “I don’t know” The only other thing I caught from him was his lame attempt to sell others on his years of service which made things worse, as I counted in my head just how much of our money he had been paid, and what a waste it was to me. Just my opinion, but he looks  way over his head. So does Charlene Lamb.

Looks like Lamb is done too, career wise that is. I wonder if she will be up for charges, along with others.

This is idiot theater, or something much worse. Too many “In a pocket pals”, all caught in the middle of something that stinks to high heaven. This is murder, an attempt to hide it and play a shell game, but the cat is out of the bag. Too late this time. Ms Lamb, you should be made to go live in Libya, with zero security. Get a taste of what you did. Personally. The rest of you pocket pals should go too. Interesting to see how that would work out…Blame it on a film ? Cover up false info for 5 days ? Please, spare us….

A thank you to those there today with the right questions from all of America. The shouts, anger, horror and disgust in view. Normal emotions. Anyone that disagrees is either a sick puppy, severely limited or a pocket pal.

How would you like to be in government service in a country across the globe and a hostile place at that and be refused security ?

Think about that a bit. If it were me, I would have split long ago on my own dime and said  “See ya”…  So would most sane people. We have an obligation to those that put themselves out there for the rest of us. Our soldiers, public officials and others. This is disgusting and will not go away. Good public officials will loose trust. This is the wrong direction.

I do not want to see dodge ball, I do not want to hear lip service, lies or “I don’t know” or “that is confidential info” Stop hiding behind lies. Deal with the facts. This is either murder conspiracy or stupid. Either way, America as well as the rest of the world is waiting for the truth, so be done with it. And for all of the anti American sentiment on the hill ? You all should go to Libya to live too, with no security. Take a drink of what you serve up for a change.

This  is a nightmare. Too many dead bodies. Stop it now. Who is responsible for this ? Find out immediately. Put them behind bars.

A few reasons come to mind…’%C3%A9tat


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