Coincidence, Again…

Renee ©2012

Someone wrote a new post. A really good one.

The interesting thing about this new post is that it almost mirrors my work for four years. It has most of the same info I have but with a few additions. It will be much simpler to post the work here that I do not have then the work that I found as well. I have additional connections or possibilities to add to this work and I will add them here.

It is food for one’s soul when you find a fellow researcher, that has dug around and those pieces match what you think you might have, or have found. Truly food for the soul…

Here is the new post.

We will compare notes and add in with comments.

Again, a very good piece of work. It looks as if this writer has spent the last four years reading alot too. If one is unaware, this work involves thousands hours. I surely can relate. Hat tip.

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