The Teledesic Satellite Adventure And The Pay Club


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In my posts titled Middle East Mystique 1 and 2 I covered this  story several years ago. Those posts were very long, detailed and covered many middle eastern connections to people here as well as around the world.. They covered Saudi royals, their marriages with other royal houses, connections to bin laden, Disney, al-Mansour (Donald Warden) Percy Sutton, other Suttons, as well as other connecting  global players. In other posts we covered Canada, Joseph SUTTON of ENRON,  Francis Xavier Sutton and the FORD Foundation, Northern Trust, Rita and Anton (Tony) Rezko, Muna Khalidi, Rashid her husband and much more.

Since it looks like more people are finally noticing these connections, I will add in this story as well. 

The Teledesic Satellite Venture. It brought some very interesting and wealthy players together. They also happen to be people I have read up alot on in the past. Again, coincidence ?

Teledesic was a company founded in the 1990s to build a commercial broadband satellite constellation for Internet services. Using low-earth orbiting satellites small antennas could be used to provide uplinks of as much as 100 Mbit/second and downlinks of up to 720 Mbit/second. The original 1995 proposal was extremely ambitious, costing over US$9 billion and originally planning 840 active satellites with in-orbit spares at an altitude of 700 km. In 1997 the scheme was scaled back to 288 active satellites at 1400 km and was later scaled back further in complexity and number of satellites as the projected market demand continued to decrease.

The commercial failure of the similar Iridium and Globalstar ventures (composed of 66 and 48 operational satellites, respectively) and other systems, along with bankruptcy protection filings, were primary factors in halting the project, and Teledesic officially suspended its satellite construction work on October 1, 2002.

Teledesic was notable for gaining early funding from Microsoft (investing US$30 million for an 8.5% stake), Craig McCaw, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, and for achieving allocation on the Ka-band frequency spectrum for non-geostationary services. Teledesic’s merger with ICO Global Communications led to McCaw’s companies taking control of ICO, which has successfully launched one test satellite.


McCaw…Parrot..Is this part of that Hughes, Picard, dit la Fortune(Fontaine) family ? Dominique France Picard is also known as Princess Fadilla of Egypt. That family includes Perrot (Parrott), Sutton (See Percy and his brothers), Muna Sutton (second wife of King Hussein of Jordan), Smith, Black etc..


Baker Hostetler/ Irving H. Picard

Irving Picard focuses his practice primarily on representing unsecured and secured creditors, commercial landlords, bankruptcy trustees and other parties in

Family of Barack Obama – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia –

Ruth Ndesandjo. Born Ruth Beatrice Baker, in US c. 1937, to Maurice Joseph Baker and Ida Baker of Newton, Massachusetts. Ruth was a 1954 graduate of

Dominique France Picard aka Princess Fadilla of Egypt from wiki;

Spouse Fuad II of Egypt (m. 1976–1999) – Now divorced
Muhammad Ali, Prince of Said
Princess Fawzia-Latifa
Prince Fakhruddin
House Muhammad Ali Dynasty
Father Robert Loeb
Mother Paule Madeleine Picard
Born (1948-11-23) 23 November 1948 (age 63)


NOTE: Paulie and LOEB*


Gardiner, Percy, Sutton * NOTE*

 Khalid Abdullah Tariq alMansour aka Donald Warden.

HRH Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin AbdulAziz Alsaud

Also note this lost info. I believe we covered all of this during the 08 primaries at another blog.

Let us look at these connections more in comments.

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