Canada 2


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When you think of Canada you think of snow, France, beautiful flowers and shrubs, lovely townships and road signs with the crown of England displayed. Lots to see there as a tourist as well. Downtown Vancouver is like shopping across the pond while back 20 years in time. London, Ontario, just across the border has the friendliest black squirrels you could ever feed.

There are other places we will see as well.

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  1. Renee says:

    Dominique France Picard also known as Princess Fadilla of Egypt. Catherine Black, Smith, Hughes, Perrot (Parrott), Picard etc…family. I will also include old work I found before on them.
    Also more here;

    wiki above;
    Dominique-France Loeb Picard (born 23 November 1948),[1] also called Princess Fadila of Egypt, is the ex-wife of Fuad II, former King of Egypt and the Sudan.

    She was born to a Jewish family in Paris as the daughter of Robert Loeb and his wife Paule Madeleine Picard. When a student of 29 she wrote her doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne on the Psychology of Women in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights.

    At Monaco’s royal palace, she met and began her courtship with HM King Fuad II, whom she married on 16 April 1976 in Monaco. Although she married Fuad II after the loss of his throne, she was still styled Her Majesty Queen Fadila of Egypt by monarchists.
    The marriage ended in divorce in 1996, and since 1999 she is styled Her Royal Highness Princess Fadila of Egypt.

    The marriage was dissolved in 2008 with the style and title removed by Fuad. In 2002, her Paris apartment was taken from her due to her outstanding debts.

    Egyptian Royal Family

    HM The King
    HRH The Prince of the Sa’id
    HRH Princess Fawzia-Latifa
    HRH Prince Fakhruddin


    HI&RH Princess Fawzia


    Extended family members[show]
    HH Prince Abbas Hilmi
    HH Princess Mediha
    Nabila Fatima
    Nabil Daoud
    HH Princess İkbal Hilmi

    They have 3 children:

    HRH Muhammad Ali, Prince of Said (born 5 February 1979)
    HRH Princess Fawzia-Latifa of Egypt (born 12 February 1982)
    HRH Prince Fakhruddin of Egypt (born 25 August 1987)
    Titles from birth Miss Dominique-France Picard
    Her Majesty The Queen of Egypt
    Her Royal Highness Princess Fadila of Egypt
    Ms Fadila France Picard
    References^ Montgomery-Massingberd 1980, p. 37
    ^ “Milestones”. Time. 17 October 1977.,9171,915643,00.html. Retrieved 2010-02-28.
    ^ Montgomery-Massingberd 1980, p. 20
    ^ a b Buyers, Christopher. “The Muhammad ‘Ali Dynasty: Genealogy”. The Royal Ark. Retrieved 2010-02-28.
    ^ Webster, Paul (16 September 2002). “Egypt’s last queen ousted from palatial Parisian apartment”. The Guardian. Retrieved 2010-02-28.
    [edit] BibliographyMontgomery-Massingberd, Hugh, ed. (1980). “The Royal House of Egypt”. Burke’s Royal Families of the World. Volume II: Africa & the Middle East. London: Burke’s Peerage. pp. 20–37. ISBN 978-0-85011-029-6. OCLC 18496936

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